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    Cold Night's End (Introduction)


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    Cold Night's End (Introduction) Empty Cold Night's End (Introduction)

    Post by valkierie 10th January 2020, 9:55 pm

    The cold was almost too much to bear for her, but she pressed on, hoping for some refuge from the blowing snow and ice. The young wizard's black and silver coat danced about in the wind, blowing open to reveal more of her skin. So cold, it feels like I'm being ripped to shreds. Hopefully the guild hall is around here somewhere, she thought to herself in desperation. The darkness around her was consuming, but it didn't bother her. She was used to the dark, and even thrived in it. Reaching the crest of the tall mountain, she saw a glowing light not too far off in the distance. Finally. Her black army boots, which went up to her knees, were full of snow. She thought they might offer her slender legs some protection from the elements, but oh how wrong she was. Approaching the guild hall, a surge of energy manifested itself in her soul. Finally, she would be able to make something of herself. Finally, she would be able to realize her deepest yearnings and fight alongside other wizards who shared her same ideals. Opening the guild hall doors, she appreciated the warmth the room offered her. I'm here.

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