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    Troubled Time


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    Troubled Time Empty Troubled Time

    Post by TOGAtogaTOGA 7th January 2020, 11:11 pm

    Talonia, a place where the guildless congregate, a place where those without an affiliation to a greater power will gather, mingle, and take on tasks. In her passing through this place, Iris DuPage admired the sounds of people, the various voices and textures they brought to her brain. With synesthesia, she was getting plenty of sensory overload, but, not to the point she was going to fall over.

    She was red in the face, from the stress of trying to focus on something else. But, her brain worked differently. Cursed with blindness, gifted with synesthesia, she was trying to find a place to sleep for the night, even though it was mid afternoon, she would have to wait until the wee hours of the day when everyone was still sleeping, so she could get out on to the streets and get back to her travels away from home. She had left Silver WOlf's halls to take on work of her own and do some exploring, and, in it, she found herself overwhelmed in multiple locations.

    Today however, she was being corralled without knowing it. People from the thief's guild of enca had come to check up on her debt. And when they got her off in to a four way alley way, she was cornered on all sides, two men from each path were coming down, toward her.

    "Alright kid, we were sent to check in on ya, how goes earning money to pay off the debt? You managing or do we gotta rough you up before we send word back to the boss?"

    "Great, just great, yep, I am on my way to turn in a job and make some money! No need to worry! Please don't take what money I have, I need it for a place to sleep tonight."

    of course, they weren't going to have that, they were going to have to rough her up, they were eager to show her just what happens when you have a debt to the greatest thieves in earthland, or, at least they called themselves that.


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    Kit Kerrington
    Kit Kerrington

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    Troubled Time Empty Re: Troubled Time

    Post by Kit Kerrington 23rd January 2020, 8:43 pm

    Giant will be walking through the streets of the city having just completed a job herself starting to make her way back home to her guilds territory. Retreat for a little busier than she would have liked helping to be able to do this in the mask of mostly in the morning hours how are no such luck where to find her as she walked to the streets.  Janet wasn't interested in starting or causing any trouble at least she was until she walked by alleyway install a group of what looked at these dogs surrounding some girl. Janet would stare down the alleyway for a second giving a deep sorry as normally she wouldn't get involved in these type of things armor the girl didn't seem to be in a good place and Janet wasn't heartless she took a deep breath before turning into the alleyway and started to approach the men. Janet would give a small smile as the men turned to her with a low growl.

     " walk away lady this doesn't concern you" 

    they said that Jen looked at them look at the girl behind them and look at them again.

     " apologies I couldn't help but overhear her dilemma allow me to help pay her debt in return you leave and if I ever see you again I'll make you leak permanently" 

    She would reach into her cloak which was now down showing dragconic features I she didn't feel the need to hide them anymore pulling out what was a Bag of Money.  They didn't hesitate as they stole the bag from her look back and the woman they were cornering before starting to walk away is Janet walked over

     " are you all right…." 

    She said muttering a spell with no full intentions eyes letting them leave just going to check them down later


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