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    Disapproving diplomacy


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    Disapproving diplomacy Empty Disapproving diplomacy

    Post by Darataka 30th December 2019, 6:12 pm

    The wind was heavy today, a high and whistling cry through the streets that was abnormal since his time arriving here in Oak Town. Dara had lived in the far north so this was of course no true terror to him, but as he leaned up in his hostel bed to hear the shrieking sounds it caused him some slight unease at the idea of walking out into it. It has been nearly a month since his arrival in Oak Town, and the scheme of a mission that he had stumbled upon only folded into itself several times over and over.

    Rubbing his eyes, he looked out the window where his alarm clock continued to howl through the window, knocking the shutters of wood against the wall time and time again until he swung his feet over the bed and walked over to shut them.

    The world beyond the window while windy and loud was barely lit up with the morning sun. His meeting wouldn't be for another six hours or so, which meant he had plenty of time to train his body and prepare his mind.
    He had originally arrived in Oak Town to look for a thief who was believed to be in accordance with many people's bank accounts also dropping of all their jewels. But what it really was so far, was a girl who had been abandon by her family due to her sexual preference and she was indeed the pick pocket, but he had yet to find the source of the lost bank accounts.

    Walking over towards his dresser, he threw on the black robes and white jacket that he had become so symbolized for within the village. Oak Town was small, and his name had become that of a Wizard of Rune Knight, known for helping others and doing small deeds. All the while he had trained his abilities and sense of the civilized life, blending in from the primitive world he had come from.
    He headed out from his small room and into the early morning sun....

    " She failed her vows to her family, and cancelled her wedding." the elderly man said, his hands folded before him...
    The pleasantries had been done over the meal itself with Serona's grand father, the man who had not only cast his grand child aside but also blamed her for his lost of tens of thousands of jewels.
    "And she robbed me multiple times. I will not drop the bounty on her head."

    Darataka sat confidently with his posture straight, reminding himself that he was a diplomat here and not an instigator. " I under stand your frustrations with the lack of tradition sir, but love is not black and white any more. As well I do not think that she is the one who attacked your bank account."

    The elderly man seemed to dislike the words he was presented with, but didn't spit back as he had during their first meeting.
    " And who sir Wizard, do you think it was?"

    He waited a moment to let everything sink in. "The betrothed family."

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