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    Janet Cinderfeild
    Janet Cinderfeild

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     Diplomacy? Empty Diplomacy?

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild on 15th November 2020, 8:24 pm

    Janet would be flying on her white Frost Dragon named Frost, one of her most loyal dragons but temperamental dragons to say the least through the mountains. She got the tip one that she's been waiting for for a long time a rumor that she wanted to explore, where the dark guild known as Erring Rising. Elysium was growing, her Guild was growing and it was time for her to start branching out and making peace with the other guilds for now that she knew about additionally she had other things in the works that she needed help with that she need to get done that would involve them in the near future so perhaps an alliance would be out of the question or set up for their downfall if they take a stab at them. She hoped it wouldn't come to that she really did want to make friends with these people their goals aligned for now they both wanted to see the current world crumble the laws broken in society around them fall so for now perhaps they can find a mutual interest in each other. Who Dragon would soar through the mountains looking through them until they finally found what appeared to be a Guild Hall. The calling it a guildhall was quite generous it was more like a fortress up in the mountains at the top of it where the temperature was so unbearable Janet what's having a hard time to some lesser degree the only reason she made it this far so far is because of her white dragon that didn't mind the temperature at all in fact was more comfortable up here it was just Dragon keeping her as well as she is right now along with her magic she had on her. Should order Frost the land near the edge not wanting to make it seem like a dragon was going to assault the guildhall she will continue the rest of the way on foot scratching her beak smiling telling her that if any trouble were to arise that she was to give a loud roar so she would know and stay vigilant as they were now officially in unknown territory. Janet would walk up to the Fortress looking up at it with her eyes her tail dragging in the Snow leaving a small trailer when she walked as she appeared at the big double doors looking up at him with a warm smile on her face her excitement making her forget all about the cold and the unbearable environment she was in them so her body would remind her of that later. To reach up with a dragon call knocking at the door waiting for an answer figuring just walking in will not be the right course of action as she hoped the Guildmistress was there and her trip wasn't wasted.



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