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    A Licensed Necessity

    Thane Starstrider
    Thane Starstrider

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    A Licensed Necessity Empty A Licensed Necessity

    Post by Thane Starstrider 19th December 2019, 1:11 pm


    Snow covered most of the land and the temperatures kept on dropping. Thane was looking for a bit of a breather from the big city of Crocus, eventually finding himself in Motor City. Was that right? He wasn't sure. But he would find out.

    The smell of fumes and oil hit him hard, as he entered the city. The snow contrasted with the dark buildings and gritty-looking inhabitants. They didn't seem hostile, just a bit tough, with that hard to approach aura to them. The man crossed his arms on his chest as he scoured the city. He made sure to keep to the side, as there were many different vehicles rushing by. Seeing people use that type of transportation so much, though... It sparked an idea. Surely such a vehicle could help Thane out with travelling around? He imagined that he could save some serious time if he could get his hands on something like that.

    His eyes then turned from the road, to the buildings that lined the streets. Until one caught his interest. There was a large display glass and behind it were some great looking vehicles. One of them seemed like it was built for carrying one person, two at best. Perfect. With quick steps, Thane made his way into the store. It was much warmer on the inside, which he appreciated. It didn't seem like there was anybody present, but Thane was there to just scope things out. He made his way to the beauty he had seen from the outside.

    The vehicle was rather large, almost as if it was made for Thane's height. However, before he could get any closer, a voice rang from behind him. "Hey. You have a good taste." Thane turned around and saw the man who spoke up. The man was short and stout, but there was something in his eyes that made Thane feel like the man knew these machines about as good as the back of his hand. "Hello. I saw it from the outside and it caught my eye." The man smiled and came closer. "She's a beauty. One of my greatest pieces." Thane nodded. He definitely agreed. "Though I must say. You don't seem like you're from around here." The man noted as he looked Thane over. "Do you have a driving license?" The salesman asked, taking Thane by surprise. A driving license? "I don't think I do. I assume it is necessary? The man laughed and shook his head. "Of course. The license is a proof that you know how to operate cars, motorcycles like this one here and other vehicles." It made sense that Thane would need one and he was still surprised. An unexpected hurdle in front of him. "I see. Can I rectify that?" Thane would ask, earning a chuckle from the salesman. "Of course. There is a place that has lessons on driving and then a driving test to see if you're eligible for a license." The man pointed down the street. "Thank you. I'll be back." He didn't know how long it would take to get a license, but he would give it a go.

    After he signed up at the driving license center by filling out some forms, he was off to a lecture. It didn't take much time, making Thane feel slightly confused. He imagined that a course for a driving license would take a while, possibly days, weeks. In any case, he wasn't going to argue. Once the lecture was over, Thane was told to wait for his instructor. He passed the time by reading over some of the leaflets with tips for driving.

    The instructor arrived, a man clad in a thick winter jacket, with the most tired look Thane had ever seen. The man motioned towards the nearest car. "Come on, get in." The tone of his voice well reflected the look on his face, but Thane obeyed and got into the car. The instructor sat in the passenger seat and turned on the radio, as he went over where Thane was supposed to drive. "Of course, I will keep you updated so you stay on path." Thane nodded and started the engine.

    The drive went well, except for the parts when the instructor kept trying to initiate a conversation, but Thane only offered short answers that didn't allow for much asking afterwards. The radio was a little bit on the louder side, but if the instructor needed it to get through the exercise, so Thane didn't raise his displeasure. The instructor seemed to have been keeping a tally on the cats he had seen during the drive, making sure to point them out for Thane. The ones he could see were cute, indeed, but the Au Ra kept his eyes on the road and the prize that awaited him in the vehicle store.

    Thane parked the car at the driving license center and both him and the instructor got off. "Good driving." The instructor yawned as he signed a paper and handed it to Thane. "That's a proof you've passed the driving test. Hand it in at the counter and you will receive your license." The instructor blandly said and shuffled off. Thane wasn't sure what to make of that person and whether or not he enjoyed his life decisions, but he hoped that something exciting would happen in his life.

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