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    Helping the Elderly [Job Request]


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    Helping the Elderly [Job Request] Empty Helping the Elderly [Job Request]

    Post by Taiga 14th December 2019, 8:18 pm

    Taiga stepped out of the local tavern into the early morning sun. He stretched his arms out and let out a big yawn before rubbing his eyes and patting down his bed hair. He had been spending the last few days in Hargeon, mostly to do some light shopping at the stores he couldn't find anywhere else in Fiore. But he was also here to do a few requests too. Taiga had come across one request in particular that indicated that a farmer just outside of town needed some help around his farm. Seeing this, Taiga made it his job for the day and began making his way to the jobs location.

    When he arrived, he saw an elderly man sitting on his front porch, looking out to the fields nearby. "Excuse me sir." Taiga called as he approached. "My name is Taiga and I am here about the request you had put in. I believe you need some farming done?" The man looked to Taiga but didn't get up from his seat on the porch. It was then that Taiga realised the old man had broken his leg and was in a cast. "Ah yes young man. I need to plant some seeds before the end of the weeks because the planting season is almost over. Do you think you could help an old man out?" The man's voice was raspy with age but clear none the less.

    The young mage nodded enthusiasitcally and walked over to a bag of seeds that was sitting against a fence post. He picked the bag up and cradled it in one arm while using his free arm to take seeds out and place them in the ground. It was a relatively large field and knew that it was going to take a majority of his day to do the work, but he could already see dark clouds in the distance which meant rain was on its way. The faster these seeds got planted, the more likely they were going to get fresh rain fall.

    "Excuse me sir!" Taiga called out to the elderly man again as he continued to lay down seeds. "Do you mind me asking how you hurt yourself?" It looked recent and wondered if he had maybe been attacked. "Just an old man being an old fool." He croaked, deciding to finally climb out of his seat and hopped over to the railings of his porch. "I climbed the ladder to the roof because a few shingles had become loose. Once I fixed them and began my climb back down, my foot slipped and I came tumbling down. Broke my ankle and bruised my hip." The old man began rubbing his hip, thinking about what had happened and Taiga couldn't help but feel sorry for the old man. "No offense sir, you are getting older and the work isn't getting and lighter." The young mage paused for a moment and looked back to the old man. "You should probably refrain from doing so much manual labor and start hiring people to do it for you." He began pointing at himself. "There are plenty of people out there who would be willing to help you out, like me. You just have to ask." With that, the old man mumbled something but it wasn't audible for Taiga to hear, likely something of distaste about the "old" remark.

    Have a few more hours, Taiga had finally finished planting all the seeds and just in time too because as he set the bag down, rain began to sprinkle down. He approached the old man, shook his hand and in return the old man handed him a bag of jewels.

    Word Count - 617
    Job Link - Planting The Seeds


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