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    A Knight to Remember

    Odhran Aegisbane
    Odhran Aegisbane

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    A Knight to Remember Empty A Knight to Remember

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane 12th December 2019, 11:56 am

    Elysium had word of an artifact the rune knights were going to escort over to the capital for safe keeping. With so few members, it came up to Odhran to take care of this mission. None of the faceless, nameless rabble were up to such an important task, and the aces and guildmaster saw this is as a good moment for the God of the Celestial Spirit Realm to prove himself. Of course he would be up to the task, and so he made way towards Oak Town, where the knights were beginning to station themselves outside the library to begin packing the strange artifact. Odhran saw little use in waiting for them to leave the town. Rather, as soon as they had loaded the artifact into their caravan, Odhran was standing before them, waiting. Arnaluuk and Scorpio had been stationed in positions to ambush the foes.

    "Stand aside, civilian. This is important Rune Knight business. We will not hesitate to use force to apprehend you."

    Odhran merely smiled. "So it seems as the information was correct. You do have something important in that little caravan of yours. Let me be frank. That artifact is too grand and worthy for your peasantly hands. I am Odhran Aegisbane, the God of the Celestial Spirit Realm, and I am but one of the harbingers of this new world that is approaching. While I admittedly do not have a full knowledge of what fell power that artifact you possess...uh... possesses...I do know for certain that your unworthy hands are not fit for something that will send us forth into a new world! This current world is weak and pathetic, and is not even nearly fit for the wondrous glories of Elysium! Now, unless you wish for there to be trouble, I would ask that you hand over the artifact kindly into my possession, lest I wipe you from this earth before our new world - our perfect world - is formed!"

    The captain of their guard looked around at his soldiers for a moment, before looking around at the squadron of soldiers that had surrounded Odhran himself. "I am afraid that we cannot allow that, and any member of a dark guild is warrant to immediate incarceration. Men! Arrest the man!"

    Odhran lowered his head in shame. "I had hoped you would be more reasonable. Oh well, I suppose needs must. Arnaluuk! Scorpio! Now!"

    Odhran summoned forth Lupa to assist him in combat as the soldiers converged on the Keybearer. Arnaluuk and Scorpio began firing forth their own bolts of magic, peppering the soldiers who were surrounding the artifact. Odhran himself called forth the spear of Gaebolg in his right arm while wings sprouted forth from his back. The spears of the Rune Knights feebly attempted to pierce the Dark Wizard, who simply flew out of the way. After a second of barking from the captain, the Knights switched their spears and swords in favor of crossbows. They attempted to fire shots at any of their opponents, whether it were the flying targets of Odhran and Lupa or the rooftop snipers of Scorpio and Arnaluuk. The captain barked something into a lacrima before he himself took a shot towards Odhran with a pistol. Odhran easily dodged out of the way, rising high into the sky.

    "The world I long for is unfit for such heathens, heretics, and sinners such as yourself! In my mercy, I granted you an opportunity to escape with your lives. I granted you the opportunity for forgiveness, and yet you denied it. It truly is shameful, I must say. I had hopes that at least one of your would bear the werewithal to abandon your measly, pathetic lives and instead embark towards reverence to me and bowing to the new world I deem to create! Alas, it seems as though you are all yet unworthy! Behold the power of a God! Fear my Might! Bolt of the Demiurge!"

    Odhran lifted his right arm into the air, the tip his bladed hand sparking with electricity. He pointed it downwards, a giant laser firing forth from the tip of his hand. It exploded, sending Rune Knights haphazardly flying. Odhran dove down earthwards, Gaebolg prepared to strike. He skewered three of the knights in the air like a kebab before launching them off once more. The captain hopelessly fired another pistol shot at Odhran, who merely raised his left hand to form a net to capture the bullet. The captain's eyes opened wide as Lupa slashed him down to the ground with a fire-imbued paw. Odhran fluttered his own way down to the caravan, seeing the locked box that contained the artifact. He grabbed it and prepared to make his way back towards Elysium. However, he was confronted by a group of four elite-looking soldiers wearing uniforms very unlike the rest of the guards.

    "You have already seen the devastation I have wrought upon your comrades, and yet you dare to oppose me yet again? I would much rather prefer that my task be completed here so I do not waste any more of my energy in striking down such insolent fools as yourself, but if you insist upon seeking the wrath of a God, I shall gladly oblige. I suppose it would be fair for each of us to engage in one-on-one combat. Scorpio! Arnaluuk!" The Zodiac and the Frozen Sea Spirit leaped down from their perches, weapons drawn. Odhran slowly set the box down as he transformed his arm once more into Gaebolg. "Who dares to confront a God? Select your opponent!"

    The four Knights looked at each other before appointing a green-haired, spear-wielding woman to fight against Odhran. She charged at the God, who called forth a spike from his torso to shoot out towards the woman. She dodged out of the way nimbly, only barely able to parry away the returning strike of Gaebolg, sending her tumbling in the air before landing on her feet. She attempted to charge once more, but Odhran had found himself sick of this easy battle. He called for the very earth to open, tripping the woman up. She hopelessly looked up at Odhran, who extended the reach of his arm to impale the woman, sending her to the afterlife. Odhran yawned and picked up the box once more, calling Lupa, Arnaluuk, and Scorpio into the Celestial Spirit Realm with the box so he could reacquire it after he made his daring and dramatic escape.

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