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    Keep your eyes out.


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    Keep your eyes out. Empty Keep your eyes out.

    Post by Darataka 3rd December 2019, 9:17 pm

    Volume Two;Oak Town, Chapter One-  Keep your eyes out.

    He had forgotten how much he loved to travel....

    Well, he had only ever done it once and it was almost a month ago but still that one memory was strong within him. It had been nearly two full days of travel since leaving Era, and Dara had been walking solo through the world the entire time and man there was no more free feeling!
    Over the last four weeks he had been growing used to the life outside of his small bubble that he had grown up within, and now had been forced to leave behind. At first everything had been so strange and foreign , he stuck out like a sore thumb and had trouble fitting in. Hell, even just sleeping felt weird being in anything but freezing temperatures...And then came to home sickness....
    Accepting the death of his family, friends and mentor had been hard even just during the walk to Era. But the following days had been even harder as he was more alone within the center of the worlds biggest city, than he ever had been in a tiny mountain village with a population of twenty.

    But here traveling? He didn't need company or have to talk to anyone! The dirt beneath his feet was his best friend and the open sky his .... Well other friend!
    Reaching into his robes, he took out a small scroll that had been written with his assignment on it.
    "Blah blah blah, sneaky creepy guy, blah blah blah, find and report." he said skimming it over while walking, the breeze ruffling through his snow colored hair. "Easy enough!" He cheered and tucked the scroll back away, just in time as well because Oak Town was growing on the horizon! With the sight of the old historic town in sight, Darataka took off into a run with a full grin on his face as the dirt kicked up clouds behind him.

    Mythal had sort of been watching after him in a round about way since adopting the Ice Wizard into the Rune Knights, and had sent Dara away on his first assignment to be stationed in Oak Town for a few weeks!

    Fast forward for the sake of brevity, and the Frost Fang clansman was leaning within the town square against a state, arms folded and the hood of his bark colored cloak up covering most of his features. His emerald colored eyes scanned the bustling center for signs of a dark clothed man moving too close to people, or possibly monitoring them....
    "Hmm, that must be my guy..."

    A man that fit the description continually bumped into people and then put his hands into his pockets...Some type of thief no doubt, a tragedy that Dara had been hit with when first arriving in civilized people territory. The man in the dark clothes then started wandering into a dark alley....

    So obviously Darataka followed, making sure to keep his pacing just far enough back to not be recognized.... Time to catch this culprit....

    515 words


    Keep your eyes out. Darataka2
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