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    Demon's Veil


    Demon's Veil Empty Demon's Veil

    Post by Guest 28th November 2019, 4:50 am

    It had been a lovely morning and the slayer had been having a lot of fun playing kiss chase with a beautiful blue haired girl. The sun was out, the birds were singing and both of them were giggling like crazy. For once, there was no madness in the girl’s eyes and she was just enjoying herself, a feeling that her new friend seems to share, judging from her glowing cheeks. The pair must have been running around for an hour or so by now and yet Cierra was still chugging along, her stamina showing no sign of dropping. With the reflexes of a cat, she’d jump over the fauna and animals that she came up against as she darted through the forest. It was a nice change of pace from the jobs that she’d been doing lately and also helped her to push her concern for her sister Cersei to the back of her mind for the moment.

    Seeing a flash of blue in front of her, Cierra would up her pace a little and follow it, emerging from the edge of the forest and finding herself coming out into a large clearing with some strange markings all over the stony ground. They were unusual looking and the pink haired mage tilted her head to the side as she looked at them. In the centre of the clearing stood the girl, a beaming smile on her face, panting slightly from the chase. With a giggle, the dual slayer would approach and pull the girl into her arms but just as she was about to go a little further, there would be a sudden burst of magical energy in the area around them, causing the blue haired girl to laugh as well, a devious look crossing her features.

    A demonic hand would suddenly erupt from the area below them and grasp the slayer, resulting in her quickly becoming hostile and starting to lash out with her hands and feet, struggling with all her might as the hand began to squeeze. As she fought with the massive limb, her gaze would briefly turn towards the marking and couldn’t help but notice the fact that they were all now glowing, causing her paranoia to blossom in a moment. She’d been deceived and before she could utter a word to her blue haired friend, the demonic hand would suddenly pull her downwards and through the ground, disappearing into the darkness.

    The descent was so swift that she couldn’t really get her bearings at all as to what she was seeing all around her. Glimpses of fire and ash, people being tortured and maimed, as well as beings that couldn’t possibly be human. Just what was this place and who was trying to abduct her? These questions were at the forefront of her mind and after a while, she stopped trying to fight off the hand and simply let it pull her, becoming more curious about the situation. Perhaps this was just another of mum’s tests for her to pass? Another foe for her to defeat and victory be earned. It was a possibility and that thought caused her heart to race. She was always looking for the chance to prove herself and this could be just what she needed.

    Eventually, the hand would reach its destination as it hit solid ground, disappearing into nothing and leaving Cierra in what seemed to be the middle of a battlefield. There were strange beings everywhere and she didn’t need to think for longer than a moment to know what they were, demons from another realm. They looked like something you’d see out of a monster guide and certainly lived up to the name demon. Most of them were absolutely hideous but as she watched what was going on around her, two figures approached and hideous was the last word that she’d use to describe them.

    In fact, one of them was all too familiar to Cierra, given that she’d just spent the last hour chasing her around. Her new blue haired friend.

    “I’m sorry for the deception but I really need your help,” she said with a grin, “My name’s Misaki and we’ve got a bit of a problem down here, you see. We are at a bit of an impasse. Both me and Masaki here want to lead these demon’s into the future but our armies are so evenly matched that we can’t get anywhere. We need someone to tip the scales and that’s why you;re here. I’m sure you’ll pick my side though as I know that you’ll agree with my methods. I want us to use fear and anger in order to force the people of Earthland to trade with us while Masaki wants to be a pussy and take the friendly approach.”

    “I’m not a pussy!” Masaki snapped, a red haired girl who besides the colour of her locks and eyes, looked very similar to Misaki, “I just believe that we’d be better off if we stopped acting like mindless savages and started acting properly. We don’t need to be monsters in order to get the respect from humans, we just have to talk to them like adults and then we’ll be able to trade with them. Team up with me, mage and we can make a change for the good of everyone.”

    “Yeah right,” Misaki quipped, “My friend here doesn’t give a shit about being good, she’s a sex obsessed lesbian who’s been chasing me around for the last hour. Like she’d ever team up with…”

    “I expect something in return,”
    Cierra cut in at that point, not at all interested in Masaki’s philosophy and looking directly at Misaki, “I don’t do anything for free and you owe me already, bluebird. You’re right, I really couldn’t care less about peaceful trades so I’ll help you guys out but only if we get to finish what we started later.”

    Misaki started to giggle at that point, “Oh, I’m sure we can work something out. Just find me after the battle, OK?”

    “Savages,” Masaki huffed, before walking away in order to instruct her troops.

    “You have a deal then, Misaki,” Cierra answered with a grin, “Let’s do this.”

    Chuckling, the pair would then walk off together in order to prepare for the battle.

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    Post by Guest 29th November 2019, 7:42 am

    It was a pretty bizarre situation to be fair but Cierra was able to see past that and just focus on what she was supposed to be doing. Misaki gave her troops a little pep talk while the slayer just hung around in the background, her arms folded, just wanting to get into the action. She’d never cared much for plans anyway and had always believed that battle was more about reflexes and instinct than it was about schemes. The winning side was the one who wanted it the most and that was how it should be. There was no place for weaklings and that thought was always going through her head during combat.

    Thankfully, the pre battle stuff didn’t take too long and the two armies were soon battling with each other, demonic creatures clashing with each other using fists, weapons and magical spells. The rocky battlefield was soon a mass of carnage and Cierra didn’t hang around, sprinting into the middle of things without thinking about it too much. She dodged, weaved and dived out of the way of a couple of magical  attacks that came her way and each evasion caused the adrenaline to pump a little faster through her veins. How she loved to be in the middle of a good old death match although it did feel a little weird to be a god taking part in an otherwise demon only battle.

    A rag wearing creature would come towards her, wielding nothing but a rusty old sword and the slayer quickly moved in to engage it. The creature was clumsy and pretty useless with the weapon, making it very easy for Cierra to simply dodge and counter. She just waited for an opening and caught him in the stomach with her knee, before cracking him in the side of the head with a punch. The blade tumbled from his hand and the dual slayer simply picked up the blade and impaled him through the chest with it, causing him to shriek with pain. With a grin, she’d pull it back out, before swinging it towards his midsection and almost cutting him in two with it. With a sickening gurgle, he fell to the floor and became motionless after a few seconds.

    Instinctively, she’d look up to see another demon of the same type coming towards her and still grinning, Cierra would just hurl the sword towards him, catching the creature in the stomach with it and causing it to fall backwards. They were very weak creatures and obviously just the line and file. Shrugging, she’d sprint over to the suffering demon, pick up his own falling blade and impale him through the torso with it as well, causing a second burst of blood to erupt from his body. Pulling both blades out she would place one on each side of his head and then bring them together, decapitating the weak fool.

    Giggling, she’d keep a blade in each hand and quickly dash onwards, twirling her new weapons around as she ran. She wasn’t an expert with swords but knew enough to hold her own and it wasn’t as if she had to be a master to kill these things. The scent of blood was beginning to have its effect on her and her eyes began to dilate as usual as time wore on. The sounds of war and the beating of her own heart pushed her on while the madness inside her was already making her become almost feral with blood lust.

    Unfortunately for the third rag wearing demon who was next poor fool to block her path, it meant that he stood even less of a chance against her. Darting towards him, she would block his wild swing with her right blade, before unleashing a barrage of sword blows towards him, absolutely shredding his body with cuts and slashes. There was no chance that he was going to survive and his body was maimed beyond recognition by the time his lifeless corpse hit the floor, while Cierra was absolutely caked in blood, much to her pleasure. Chuckling, she’d then throw the pair of blades away and continued on her path forward, seeking the red haired demon who led the opposing army. The slayer wanted to fight Masaki herself and put her in her place for daring to look down upon her. The snobbish little demon was going to regret doing that, deeply.

    She’d soon come across a much more dangerous looking demon, wearing chain mail and unleashing a powerful blast of fire that killed a fair few demons with its power. The event caused Cierra to pause her charge and instead plow forward towards him instead. The figure sensed her coming and swung a much sharper blade in her direction, which Cierra only just managed to dodge, rolling underneath his blade and getting back up to her feet. He was a morose looking demon and there was no expression on his face at all. Instead he would raise a hand to the sky and cause a deluge of black ice to start peppering the area. Wincing as it struck her, Cierra would lunge forwards and unleash a roundhouse kick, her leg charging with lightning. The demon brought his blade around causing a bizarre kind of lock between the two forces. The struggle would last a few seconds before they came apart, with neither taking any real damage.

    Surprised, the mage would then grin and channel lightning into both her hands and feet, amplifying her strength and speed, before coming forward to engage in close combat with the soldier. Her strikes were powerful enough to block his blade and her strength would soon start to overwhelm her foe. Her blows would soon start to batter his armour and once she landed one blow, others would soon follow. A mighty combination would cause the demon’s blade to be sent flying from his hand and as he desperately pushed her away with his hands, Cierra would surround herself with lightning and erupt backwards towards him, catching him hard in the body and forcing them both backwards. Stunned by her tackle, he was unable to do anything and the mage would begin to unleash an onslaught of blows to the head and upper body, his feeble armour unable to save him and soon enough, he would join his fellow demons and fall to her strength.

    Standing up and rotating her shoulder a couple of times, the mage would suddenly detect a far more ominous presence and glancing down for a moment, she noticed that the ground was beginning to shake.

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    Post by Guest 29th November 2019, 11:49 am

    The cause of the tremors was soon known to her as an enormous chariot came hurtling towards her, pulled by a black flaming horse. It thundered towards her and the girl had to quickly tap into her magic in order to escape, turning into a pool of blood and evading the powerful beast. The animal snorted in frustration and went straight over her and as she reformed, she noticed the rider on the back of the vehicle. A well armoured soldier who was built like a brick house although she doubted that he’d be all the speedy given the weight of that gear. The horse was to be dealt with first though, a feat which was easier said than done. It seemed to blaze with fire and even though it might have missed its charge, it had an extra little surprise for her, unleashing a powerful fire ball in her direction as its ride brought it around. The mage didn’t want to take it head on and instead leapt out of its path, turning her gaze towards the ball as it struck a group of battling demons, turning them all to ash in an instant. Clearly this foe was something else.

    With a command from its owner, the horse would move around in a wide circle and charge towards Cierra again. Summoning her blood claws and body, the mage would wait until the last possible moment, before jumping over the creature and landing on its back, much to the surprise of both beast and rider. With a giggle the slayer would hold tight and wrap her legs around the animal, as she started to slash and stab with her claws, causing flaming blood to burst from the horse as it whinnied and bucked with pain. It did everything it could to get her off but the slayer was stuck to it like a leech, slicing open the creature all over its flanks and neck. The rider began cursing and insulting her but that made little difference and with a cackle, Cierra would turn her around and fire a roar of blood towards the him, striking the heavily armoured warrior and knocking him off of the chariot. With a yell, he’e tumble to the ground and as the slayer quickly shifted her position on the horse, she would cut it free from the remains of the vehicle and then force it onwards towards its owner.

    Angrily, the soldier was forced into action and since he was too slow to evade the charging horse, he reluctantly had to swing his massive sword towards it instead, cutting off one of its limbs and forcing Cierra to quickly have to jump off, not wanting to get caught underneath it. Rolling with grace, she’d end up back onto her feet and launched herself towards the soldier, catching with a powerful claw strike to his armoured body. The figure took it well but he was incredibly slow with his attacks and the girl was soon ducking underneath his blows and countering easily. Her claws were making mincemeat of his gear and he was soon panting with exhaustion. A powerful double stab to his sides would be the decisive strike and he would tumble to the ground where a pair of slashes across his throat would do the job,

    They were a lot better than the previous enemies but not enough to handle her and so she continued her trek across the battlefield, having a feeling that her primary target was near. There were fewer demons fighting now and the conflict seemed to be coming to an end, which could only mean that the twins would soon be drawn out to fight themselves. A grin would cross her features at the thought and as time passed, she soon came across a familiar red haired figure waiting for her.


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    Demon's Veil Empty Re: Demon's Veil

    Post by Guest 29th November 2019, 12:34 pm

    “Hmph, figured you’d reach me sooner or later, savage,” the red haired girl spat, a frown crossing her features, “I guess that means that I’m going to have to finish you off myself. Don’t worry though, I only fight one verses one so don’t worry about getting swarmed.”

    “Your funeral,” Cierra answered with a giggle, “You don’t have much of a chance either way so who cares if your playthings get involved or not?”

    “I’m not going to stand here and waste time talking to you, so let’s get this out of the way,” snapped the red headed girl.”

    Without another word, Masaki would turn to water and quickly dash towards the dual slayer, forcing Cierra to react quickly and charge herself with energy, before dashing at Masaki in return. The two powerful forces would crash into each other although naturally the thunder god ended up victorious, as her lightning would easily react to the water and give Masaki a horrible shock, causing her to screech and shriek. Taking the advantage, Cierra would swing her leg around and deliver a powerful roundhouse lightning kick, before briefly inhaling and unleashing an almighty roar from both of her slayer magic types, combining blood and lightning together to launch the red haired woman back and slamming her to the ground.

    The girl wasn’t so easily beaten though and stood up, before raising a hand and unleashing a wave of water that would hurtle towards the slayer. With a grin, Cierra would unleash a blood equivalent, again causing the two attacks to clash. However, the pink haired slayer didn’t watch to see the result and instead raised a hand to the sky, resulting in a bolt of lightning to strike her and turn her into her lightning cat form. Unfortunately, Masaki’s wave was stronger and smashed into her, carrying her backwards and smashing up against the remains of a tree. Smirking, the demon would come forward and launch a projectile of unholy energy towards the slayer, who was unable to get out of the way and could only brace, taking the hit and falling backwards again.

    In control for the moment, Masaki would make a gesture with her hand and pull Cierra towards her telepathically but as she did so, the dual slayer would recover enough to hurl a lightning javelin at the redhead, catching her in the shoulder. With a shout, Masaki would lose control of the spell and allow the pink haired slayer enough time to create a whip of lightning, which she then cracked towards Masaki, ripping across her front and briefly stunning her. Taking her chance, Cierra would then claps her hands together, causing a bolt of lightning to strike the water mage and then followed that up with another crack from the whip. She’d then open her mouth and unleash a horrible blood roar, which not only struck her foe but also infected Masaki with blood poisoning and began striking at her from the inside.

    Moving forwards, Cierra would then launch a fist shaped projective of blood towards her foe, knocking the demon off balance and crashing to the ground. That could only mean one thing and the thunder slayer quickly moved in for the finish, pouncing in her foe and starting to slash and hammer away, with the girl unable to defend herself after a while, her defence withering away. The fight was over.

    Chuckling with glee, Cierra would clamber off of her foe and clap her hands in happiness. Once again she’d completed her mission and hopefully she was one step closer to fulfilling her potential.

    “Well done Cierra!” a voice from behind her happily said and Cierra turned around to see Misaki watching her, a beaming smile on her face. “The day is ours and I can now start planning towards the future of my clan. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us and we’ll always be in your debt. I suppose all that’s left for me to do is to send your home.”

    “What about my reward?” the slayer interrupted, hands on hips, a grin splashed across her face, “I’m not going anywhere until I get what you promised me.”

    With that, she’d take a few steps forward and pull the blue haired girl in for a kiss, which was quickly returned in kind. The battle of the demon sisters might have been over but there was a lot of fun left to be had.

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