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    Post by Raven 16th March 2016, 11:42 pm

    Lucie • Fairy Tail • D Rank

    "Such a foolish thing, don'tcha think? A piece of paper to pass from territory to territory? Ha! What a joke... and yet we still have to do it. Quite a pain, eh? Not like you have anything to say about it or anything, hm?"

    .... no comment.

    "Heh, yep, as I thought. So, whatever. Here we go again."

    It was not like she had known anything different. The voice had been with her since day one, and as irritating as its opinions could get, there was nothing to do about it. The idea of even doing anything about it would never occur to her. What had happened? It was almost like she had been literally plucked from an incomprehensible darkness and suddenly, there she was. It was hardly something to be understood, but what did she know? Learning to move with and cope with the strange world around her that could only be known as 'life'... how did one manage? She continued to take it one step at a time, and sometimes the voice would guide her, but at other times, she just wished it would sit in silence for once. Like her.

    She was silent. That was not her name, but it could have been. Yet for some reason, the voice left her name alone. She was Lucie! Plain and simple, with no other names or identities to speak of other than the one she had already come to know. The voice was Ren, and he was there since the beginning. Something told her that he was foreign, and not supposed to linger, wherever he was, near her. But again, she was quiet. She had tried to communicate a few times, and once in a while, she was successful. However, mustering the will to speak was never really on her mind, and when it was, it was still a complicated task. Thus, she avoided speaking, even when she absolutely had to. It was of no use, and just not something she could deal with as easily as people made it out to be. Even her thoughts were often quiet, or so loud but contained that even Ren could not hear or know them.

    And that was fine with her. Taking a few more steps, Lucie approached the line. It was backed up and it would be a while until they reached the front of the line and the desk to receive their passport. Not making a sound or gesture, the girl took her place in line and folded her hands, waiting patiently for the time to pass.

    "Ah, really now!? How annoying... just move to the front."

    Another command and order? Tedious, and this time, she did not want to follow it. Lucie had no problem with waiting in line for her passport. Ren, however, seemed to have another plan in mind.

    "Come now, don't be so stubborn, sheesh..."

    Again, Lucie refused to move. She remained still and silent with a placid, calm expression on her face. After several seconds of that, however, and not even yet seeing the line to move, Lucie felt herself take many steps to get out of line, as her feet began taking her to the front.
    No... not now.

    "Seems I have to do everything, don't I?"

    The alabaster-haired girl's crimson eyes instantly grew to one of worry, and before long, they were no longer purely crimson. Her left eye became a bright, pale, silvery blue and on her lips, a small grin managed to crack from the placidity. She continued to move to the front, and upon cutting in line, was instantly confronted by a large, burly man. Predictable. As he yelled at her and scolded her on cutting, Lucie summoned a medium-sized orb of dark aura, Entropic Impetu, a unique factor of her magic. Firing it at the man while the crowd instantly began dispersing, the girl turned to the desk manager with a soft smile. Trembling, the administrator handed her a passport, no questions asked.

    "See how easy it is?" Ren said aloud in Lucie's body, managing to overcome the physical body's stubborness when it came to speech and use of the voice. As soon as the passport was in hand, the child went onto use her flying capabilities- unique and very useful. The guards or police would not see her, or find her. She was flying, and would be long gone.


    "You what, Lucie? Have something to say?" Ren asked, relinquishing control of Lucie's actions. He did not possess her like one would see in any cliche setting- he simply controlled her actions by manipulating her spirit and projecting his own voice through her stolen body. As expected, the girl did not answer, leaving Ren only to snicker softly. "Keep this in mind... life is easy, when you can play the game right."

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