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    Beasts amongst Pumpkins [Event]


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    Beasts amongst Pumpkins [Event] Empty Beasts amongst Pumpkins [Event]

    Post by Barnabus 23rd November 2019, 8:39 am

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    Peculiar it was. The task these walled parchment was suggesting, to go and pgather some produce for the sake of entertainment. These so called Pumpkins. A means to provide an entertaining party. Odd but intriguing, it had certainly caught the demon lords interest. Beside him Vixen would peer over his shoulder, curious as to what it was her master was perusing. "Something wrong My Lord?" She would ask in her usual civil manner. Barnabus grinned, glancing over at his demonic servant, "Quite the contrary Vixen, I'd like to check out this human custom. See what it is about these 'Pumpkins' that makes them so vital. Come, let us partake."

    After asking directions from a few locals, they managed to find their way to a pumpkin patch. Looking around the field, Barnabus found himself quickly deflated. "Is this all, not very stirring to look at. Perhaps they are exquisite in flavour, Vixen, taste one!" He ordered, taking advantage of her obsequious nature. As expected she would kneel down amongst the pumpkins, find one and sink her teeth into it. Her reaction quickly told Barnabus what he needed to know, she shook her head in an indication of her judgment. Although, he had to wonder if she was the best individual to take an opinion from after all her favorite delicacy was a freshly severed heart.

    Barnabus sighed, dejected by the lack of entertainment this little adventure had brought. "Well, perhaps taking some to the humans with help explain their importance, come Vixen, let us harvest." He instructed, although as he and his servant set about the pumpkin picking. He would stop, "Vixen, I do believe we have company." He remarked casually, glancing up to the darkened skies, Vixen would follow his gaze. Eying the gaggle of crows, "Demons bound by seasons, how quaint, would you like me to take care of them My Lord?" Barnabus chuckled, shaking its head.

    "No, it's quite alright. I haven't had a chance to stretch my legs properly since I've been here. I'd like to test the limiter, please continue the work whilst I handle the vermin." Vixen obedient went back to collecting the pumpkins as Barnabus kept his attention on the bird above. The swarm would thicken, and in the meantime, Barnabus would begin to change. The whites of his sclera would turn red, whilst his irises green. His eyes would lengthen to that of an elf-like size, his cheeks and forehead would suddenly become engraved with tattoo-like magics as though drawn on by an invisible brush. He smirked, his previous straight, human-like teeth, now baring fangs. It felt good to be in this form, to be himself, his true self. Not Barnabus, but Icarus.

    The birds would attack and at that moment, demonic energy began to swirl around Icarus. It's kinetic force building up within a matter of seconds and hitting the oncoming creatures at full force. The power behind the tornado, ripping them apart instantly. After a moment the tornado would die down, and Icarus would look around, taking in the damage around him. Fortunately, Vixen had the sense to gather all the pumpkins out of the way, so that he would damage them. She knew full well the destructive nature of her master's power, even with a limiter on it.

    Icarus waited, he knew that this was not all to come, all too familiar with the way such beasts worked. Why wouldn't he be, he ruled over such monsters. It was for this reason, he was not surprised when the remaining flesh of the dead birds began to move on their out. Flying towards a specific source, mushing together to form a new form, strong than the individual demonic counterparts. The bird beast was hideous, he had to admit but messily arranged. It was more gruesome than awe-inspiring, although inducing fear was clearly this demons motive. Unfortunately for the demon, it hadn't realized who it had come face to face with.

    The bird beast leaped, charging toward him with intent to kill. But Icarus didn't move, the bird beast would as a result run face-first into a wall. The demonic power he wielded having formed a solid barrier in front of him. Barnabus offered the demon a toothy smile, before raising his right arm, he would flex his fingers and black flames would appear in his hands. Flexing them again once more, the flames would be sent flying towards the bird, lightning it up. The ball of death fire continued to shoot towards the creature until nothing was left by a pile of ash and seared feathers. Clapping his still burning hands together, he glanced over at Vixen, "How are we faring Vixen?"

    "I have thus far gather twenty Pumpkins My Lord, shall I continue?" She called to him from a distance, standing next to a huge mound. "Hmm, there was no specification on how many were required, but if there is anything I've learned about humans. It's that more is better, keep at it for now." He would tell her, turning to look at their newest 'threat'. "What is this doll? Is this truly the face you choose to terrify humans with, no wonder you do so poorly!" He remarked, sending more flames at the strawed creature. This one was a little more nimble than it's predecessor, and took a little more focus on the demon lords part to catch. The scarecrow even managed to slash at Icarus's barrier, albeit with little effect. As such giving him the chance to set the beast alight, following his numerous orbs of black flame with an explosive release of his own demonic energy the monster quickly crumbled into nothing.

    "And now... for the finale." Icarus purred excited, waiting eagerly as the final opponent approached. He could sense that this was the last of them. This demon haggle wasn't exactly an impressive one, designed more for nit-picking weak and unsuspecting humans. They weren't the smartest demons either, obsessed with fear and the hunt, too stupid to understand the basic necessities of survival. As the last monster approached, Icarus was amused to see that it sported a pumpkin for a head. "See this Vixen, even this beastie has taken on this fruit for a face. There must be some significance to it!" He chirped triumphantly, as though having discovered gold.

    As the monster set to work trying to kill Icarus, the same dance that had ensued with the prior beast would begin again. The creature made a valiant effort, even managing to tear through his barrier with its claws. Which albeit annoying, told Icarus that his limited was more capped than he anticipated. Not that he could openly complain, it was after all a condition of his existence here. I'll have to find a way to increase the capacity of power I can bring to this world, if I'm too last, I need to strengthen this limiter. He thought idly as more of his orbs of fire would slam into the body of the demon. All the while, the area surrounding Icarus would begin to rot and decay, the remaining pumpkins and untouched vines withering under the demon lords aura. It was a means to weaken the demon, also it wasn't something he could really help, it just tended to happen when he returned to his demon form. Getting bored, Icarus sighed, "I suppose I should stop toying with you, the longer I play here, the longer I have to wait to learn the significance of Pumpkins to the humans. Unless your willing to tell me?"

    The creature didn't answer, just laughed in that stupid creepy way designed to be creepy, it was probably too stupid to answer him anyway. "Alright then, I regret to inform you ...er..." He glanced at Vixen, who immediately answered his unspoken question. "He calls himself the Pumpkin King, My Lord." She told him, she had a better knowledge of the lesser demons and the aliases they went by. Icarus rolled his eyes, muttering under her breathe, "Of course he does..." He turned his gaze back to the self-proclaimed 'Pumpkin King', and continued to address him. "I regret to inform you... Pumpkin King, that I am Lord Icarus, ruler of the ninth realm of hell and you will not be making a meal of me today. As such, unto you I hereby decree; Punishment, Despair, and Execution." With each order, magic would pool out from the demon lord, the area around him would shift, transforming to replicate the plains of the underworld. Several orbs of green light would appear in the air around him before flying towards the pumpkin demon before finally an explosion erupted outwards from where Barnabus was standing. Engulfing the entire area surrounding him, including the Pumpkin King, who at this point would be utterly destroyed under the force of the magic.

    As the dust settled, the fog dispersed and Icarus looked around, only to spot Vixen and her mound of pumpkins over a hundred meters away. Everything between them had been completely decimated, leaving all but a wasteland. "Overkill?" He asked in an uncertain tone, "Perhaps My Lord." She answered earnestly, before setting about stacking her unbelievable piled of fifty pumpkins. Icarus looked around once more, before shrugging nonchalantly. "Ahh well, I'd say that's enough of that. Come, let's go find a human, then we can learn the importance of the Pumpkin!"

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