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    Seeding the Land


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    Seeding the Land Empty Seeding the Land

    Post by Seenter 14th November 2019, 4:00 pm

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    The sun was warm on Chris’s face as he stepped from the portal into the port city of Hargeon. The salty sea air felt cool on his face, as he gazed out from the peer onto the endless sea before him. He had chosen this spot because he knew that this one peer was rented by his family who governed their own island beyond the horizon. They made several treks to the ‘main land’ in order to trade supplies that they couldn’t manage on the decent sized island, and he had come with them on several trips.

    Thinking about his family soured his once bright mood, and Chris turned from the majestic scene with a scowl. Several of the dock workers had stopped and looked on in surprise at seeing someone stepping from a portal, but after a moment they went back to their work. He didn’t give them any mind as he almost stormed off the peer. Right now he just needed to get away from the sea.

    It took him several streets before Chris had put enough distance between him and his memory before he finally began to relax again. The bright sunny day helped, as the warmth seeped into his skin after being in the frigid land where the guild called home. Taking another deep breath he calmed his mind as he headed for the gates leading out of the city. He was here on a job, and that’s what he should focus on.

    It wasn’t long before Chris found himself on the dirt road leading to the farming community outside the city. The sun was even brighter outside the city, with tall trees that grew up alongside the road leading to the rest of Fiore. Birds called from the trees, and small animals darted from sight when they detected the human. Not many large beasts’ approach large inhabitants of people unless there was a reason, so smaller creatures were a bit safer nearer the cities and towns.

    As he walked Chris pulled out the paper he made that gave him the information he needed for the job. This was the first job he had taken himself; without being pushed into it by someone else. True it was a small job that required little in the way of action, but that was good. He felt like he should take things slow and work his way up the ranks at his own pace.

    He found the farm in short order, and approached the farmer sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch. The older man looked up at Chris with a look of worn defeat. ”Can I help you young man?”

    Chris rolled up his sleeve so he could show the guild tattoo on his shoulder and gave the man a smile. ”I’m here for the job request to help plant your field.” The man’s eyes lit up at that, and tried to jump to his feet.

    A loud crack could be heard, and the man let out a whimper of pain as he sat back down. Through pained breaths he spoke. ”Thank the gods you’re here. I didn’t expect you to be here so soon. Was afraid I’d have to try and work in this heat getting the field ready.”

    Motioning Chris to help the man stood up with the added aid and hobbled around to the back of the house. Before them stood a decent sized field that was already plowed and ready for planting. The man motioned to the field. ”I managed to get the field plowed before my darn back gave out. Couldn’t get to the planting afterwards.” He motioned to a large bag of seeds next to the fields. ”Need to get those planted before the season gets too late. Doctor said I should stay off my feet for at least a week, but by then it would be too late. If you can get that taken care of I’d be most appreciative.”

    After receiving the instructions Chris went over and grabbed a cup that was sitting by the bag. Taking a big scoop he began the process of sprinkling the seeds inside the furrows that were dug into the earth. Once he had finished seeding the field he proceeded to cover up the seeds in a thin layer of dirt after asking the farmer how deep the seeds needed to be. Finally he watered the entire field for the farmer.

    Inspecting the work the farmer gave a nod of approval. ”You did good work. I was worried you’d mess it up. Mages tend to ignore the mundane work, but you did alright. I can ask my neighbor to water until my injury is healed.”

    The farmer then pulled out the payment from his pocket and handed it to Chris. With a nod and a wave goodbye; the young pocketed the jewels and headed back to the city. He wanted to open up a portal and get back to the guild for a well-deserved meal.

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