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    Ghost Busters 3: FTRP Edition! (exam)

    Lehanna Seraph
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    Ghost Busters 3: FTRP Edition! (exam) Empty Ghost Busters 3: FTRP Edition! (exam)

    Post by Lehanna Seraph 4th November 2019, 2:06 pm

    Was it even safe for someone like Cersei to go into a church now? Sure, she'd been to some over the course of her life for reasons both big and small, but this time wasn't really one of those "usual" ways. Curiously, she had to go inside for the assignment, so this was a little trickier of a situation than it could have been before hand. The soul of a demon, though in part of actually being half goddess... did they actually cancel one another out? For her sake, she'd have to hope that would be the case and that she wouldn't have any worry about it. Regardless, the task itself seemed to be a bit more silly than it had been a serious task. A ghost whom rang a bell through the town? That in it of itself seemed to be a bit on the silly side of things, however she wasn't really the type to leave that be as it was and just try and focus on the job at hand. It was a job in it of itself just to figure out if this was some sort of prank brought on by the higher ups to test her dedication to the guild or something of that effect. It wouldn't be the first time that she was joked around, but who knew how this would turn out.

    Being that this was a Monday, there wasn't a soul in the cathedral. The priests and nuns whom normally took shifts to sit among the church walls had vacated until their situation could be put to rest. That, she had to assume was her job today. From the moment she stepped inside the church, there was an unsettling feeling among her. Something like she was being watched. It was a really annoying, but paranoid inducing feeling that she had. She started to make her way around the pews in the church, unsure of where honestly she had to go, but if she could check everything corner of the church, it would be a good way to see if maybe something was forgotten before. But at least this way, she had no worry about her having any need to really fight. Instead, she could just sit back and relax and just deal with the diplomacy and investigative course of things. It made things a little easier on her until she could get a full grasp on everything. Things like being able to channel her summons abilities through her, establishing the trust she wanted to now try and do. She still feared them in some ways, but they were at the least in the know that she wasn't aligned with that cat creature that tricked her.

    As the summoner finished her searching of the pews, she paused and let out a sigh. This paranoid feeling of being watched led her to look up into the roof above her. There sat something hiding in the shadows. It was hard to pick out, but as she took a few steps, she spotted a few small flickers of the light and then paused, her arms folded at her chest. "Charlotte... Really? Could you not have just like, I don't know, asked to come? You gotta try and scare me?" A large black widow spider would begin to descend from the roof, slowly coming into the light of the rest of the room while chuckling with some amusement. "You're rather observant, child. But, perhaps going to the actual bell room would help more. It's up here." She noted it to be from where she hung, or rather above that. As she had touched down one leg at a time, the form of the summon changed into that of her more humanoid look. She began to lead her summoner to a staircase and then let her take the lead. That wasn't her scene to do all the work for her. But to lead her in the right direction was enough to keep providing her the entertainment that she so desired.

    As she had gotten up to the top of the stairs, she finally could see the large bell that was normally supposed to ring out. Both girls looked onto the scene in a bit of disbelief. There was a chaotic area and everything in it except for the bell had been trashed. Tables were strewn around the room, flipped over and a couple legs broken or nearly in that fashion. A balcony nearby one of the chairs had a net covered in some strange looking substance on it. Cersei had walked over to a strange stearin that had been laying on the ground and the heat coming off of it was a little bit more than she could have expected it to be. Next to it had been a puddle of what looked to be water, but the color seemed off. As the summon worked around, she had picked up and pointed out a set of footsteps, however Cersei was too wrapped up in the puddle to take notice. She continued to reach for it before a throwing star had landed in the floorboard between her hand and the puddle. The red haired teen jumped back and looked off to the left where a figure had emerged half of themselves from the shadows of the corner. "Do not touch that water, summoner." It warned, the sound of his voice sounding metallic and reverberating from inside a helmet of sorts. "Ah, so the shadow boy comes out of hiding, huh? I'd have thought you got lost going in and out of the void again." The spider queen quipped, her arms folded at her chest while red, glowing eyes peered at her. "That was ONE time... ONE TIME!" The two began an argument, which led the girl to try and look away and avoid the whole situation. When she had, she noticed a figure outside, standing on a gargoyle statue on the church wall. He had been looking inside at the two that he or she could see, and without a word, he launched a whip of the white water towards Charlotte.

    Cersei jumped as fast as she could and took the whips shot, being knocked up into the air and then onto the staircase, where she bounced onto it and then over the railing edge, falling down onto the ground floor with such force that she had gone through the floorboards and into a basement of some sort. The shadow and spider summons looked on as their summoner was just knocked away with such ease and watching her having done that so instinctively, they turned to the aggressor, but... they were gone. No word mentioned, just gone. "I'll go check on her. Prance on down when you can, insect." Before Charlotte could retort, the new summon had sunk into the shadows and was gone from sight. He jumped from some that were abundant in the area that she had fallen into. The entire body of this summon was now on view and a spectre had slowly creeped out from some old, dust covered boxes. He could see the tattoo on her hand and made his way out while the summon checked her vitals. "She still has a pulse. And you are?" His attention turned to the spectre. He jumped a little from the intimidating glare, but ultimately felt a lot safer in some regard to his well being.

    Water suddenly poured into the hole, splashing onto Cersei's face and jerking her awake. Coughing, she sat up and rubbed the water from her eyes while Charlotte hopped down into the hole and stood by the teen. "Char, what the heck!" It was then she saw the ghostly being standing there, half hidden by boxes. "Hey, are you the bell ringer? Were you hiding from that strange guy in the cloak?" She asked, standing up slowly, brushing herself off of dirt. He walked through the boxes and nodded his head, tipping his hat in a respectful manner. "That I am, miss. I take it you also were found? Tell me, is he gone? I will not return if they are still setting traps and ruining my home." He sounded serious, but the spider queen sighed and waved him off. "Yes yes, I removed the traps, fixed your chairs. The church will have to replace anything else though." It was strange for her to be acting so voluntarily.. kind. "I thank you, thank you all! Ah, the next bell must be rung! Please excuse me." With another tip of his hat, he headed to the stairs and made his way to the roof, where the bell rang out through the town once more. As Cersei went to thank the new summon, he'd vanished. Presumably back to the void, she was suddenly hoisted out of the hole by Charlotte and dragged off until she got to her own two feet. "Wh-Where are we going?" She asked, so strangely foreign to being yanked around like this. "Well, to repay me for what I did, you're gonna massage my feet."

    "I-I'm WHAT!?"

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