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    What's A Girl To Do? Hire A Wizard.

    Necromancer Eon
    Necromancer Eon

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    What's A Girl To Do? Hire A Wizard. Empty What's A Girl To Do? Hire A Wizard.

    Post by Necromancer Eon 10th October 2019, 3:45 am

    It was rare for Eon to accept jobs that dealt with people. It wasn’t that he was incompetent and unable to do such jobs, it was that he just refused the social aspects that came with dealing with people. This was different however, It was an easy job, an easy request from three women. The request was simple enough to understand. The women were wronged by this one man for putting his keys in other locks so to speak. So they conspired together to hire a dark mage do their bidding of beating the man and slandering his name. For a job that didn’t involve killing and an easy execution of tasks, Necromancer Eon would take the easy money for that.

    Though some preparations were in order first. Necromancer Eon had spent a good portion of the day gathering materials necessary for the job. The items were mundane in nature, just regalar thick and long sticks, good for beating stuff up, cheap booze, torn up rags or cloth and a lighter to set things in motion. He had also taken the liberty of asking the women, through letters that he burned afterwards, the target’s usual haunts and spots so he could plan better.

    Everything set up for the job, all Eon had to do now was to summon his minions and start the job.


    Chad had been drunkenly walking home from his bar, his face furious and red. Everything had been going well for him until one of his girls had found out about the other women in his life. It would have been easy to handle, just a few sweet words and expensive gifts to woo her and he would have no worries. Instead what she had done was tell the other women in his life what he’d been doing. Now none of his girls wanted anything to do with him and that frustrated him, in more ways than one. He leaned against a wall drunkenly as he thought about the women. “Ahl…” He slurred, pushing off the wall and swaying in place. “Ahl shoh them,,.teash them a leshon good.” He declared and started walking again.

    “Pathetic. Truly pathetic” Was the last thing that Chad heard before feeling a sharp pain on his head and going unconscius.”


    “Hmm…” Necromancer Eon stared at the downed form of his target then back to the lone skeleton that was wielding a stick. Then he turned his head to look at the other two skeletons also wielding sticks and waiting for his orders. “Perhaps three would be too much...oh well, as long as he doesn’t die. Get him but don’t kill.” A command issued to the minions was enough for them to jump the downed man and start beating him silly with their sticks and bones to break his bones.

    “Enough.” The skeletons abruptly stopped, except for one that had abandoned the stick and had proceeded to wrestling the unconscious man and throwing his broken body on the ground. “I said enough.” The skeleton stopped, still lifting the man. “Keep carrying him, we have stuff to do.”

    When morning came, news would spread all over Rose Garden about a man who had in his drunken state somehow done grievous harm to himself while also setting fire to an orphanage.


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