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    The Queen, The Butler, and The Prince (job w/ Birch)


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    The Queen, The Butler, and The Prince (job w/ Birch) Empty The Queen, The Butler, and The Prince (job w/ Birch)

    Post by Saraphina on 7th October 2019, 7:46 pm

    The White Queen
    The queen was sipping her tea once again in the dining hall as she sat at the table quietly. She was waiting to hear from Bertrand. He was supposed to bring her some news about a foreign prince. He was supposed to come to Crocus. What for? She didn't care. But he was a prince. One of two things could arise. One, he was her prince charming. Or two, he was here for no good, like implementing laws or order. Couldn't have that going on, now could we? Bertrand had just come back as she was grumbling nonsense to herself. "Your majesty," He greeted her before he told her about what he had found through his connections. There was apparently a little thing going on though… Apparently the mayor of Crocus was going to set up a little competition to make this prince feel welcomed? Was this prince searching for a potential wife? Would they be trying to make political connections? It didn’t matter… she would go to find out herself.

    She was skipping down the hall in one of her newer outfits with Nadaline and Bertrand behind her. It was a goldish dress with a pleated skirt and a black underbust that further pushed up her chest. On her hands were black gloves with a furry lining similar to that around the collar of the dress. In her hair was a golden headband with a golden lotus flower on the side of it. Not wearing white all the time was actually quite fun. It was a surprise to her. She makes her way around the castle and stops by one of the rooms that the soldiers had claimed for an indoor workout room. She didn’t mind, so long as she had her ballroom, dining hall, kitchen, dungeon and her own bedroom, all the other rooms were free game for everyone else. She peered inside the room to see if there was anyone of interest in there to see if they’d like to join her on this little snooping operation.

    “Birch~!” She giggles as she opens the door wide and walks in with a bouncy step inside. She honestly hadn’t paid much mind to the fact that there were people working out in here, or the fact that some were shirtless at first. She paused as she wasn’t used to seeing something like this. Nadaline cleared her throat, trying to get Saraphina to get back on track, but she too was a little flustered about the shirtless people around, even if it wasn’t many. Bertrand was a bit impatient and didn’t want his queen to start forgetting what they were doing here. “Master Birch, Her Highness is going to be going to Crocus to see about a competition for a prince from Giltena. Would you care to join her in seeing the cause of this?” He was only acting a bit more proper because of his sister being there, otherwise he wouldn’t of been so formal. Nadaline liked calling the guild members ‘Master’ and ‘Lady’ around the castle, and of course, calling Saraphina ‘Her Highness’ or ‘Her Majesty’.

    Saraphina looked back to Bertrand and puffed her cheeks up a little. She wanted to be the one to ask him. She then turned back to Birch and crossed her arms under her chest. “Care to join me in the competition and see what this prince wants with Fiore? They want magical entertainers according to Bertrand and you seem like you’re more… talented in things like that.” She had slowly uncrossed her arms and was now twiddling with a lock of her hair as she blinked rapidly to Birch. She wanted him to accept, and hoped he would accept too… Nadaline and Bertrand weren’t too helpful in helping her decide what she’d do at this competition if she were to go, and she didn’t want to be alone at it either.

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