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    A Butler's Life


    Deceiving Spiritual Light

    Deceiving Spiritual Light

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    In Progress A Butler's Life

    Post by Ruvel 26th June 2017, 5:50 pm

    Exam Information:
    Task: Show a single day of Ruvel's life.
    Requirement: Post 4'000 words.
    Other(s) taking part: Frey Rune, Dahau (Godlike Fredrik)
    Notes: Others taking part posts will not go towards the 4'000 word requirement.

    Ruvel's eyes opened quickly as he sat up just as quickly in a cold sweat, his hands going to his mouth as a now muffled scream escaped his lips, tears falling from his eyes as he sat shaking his arms going to hug himself. He wished it wasn't like this but then he was sure that everything was stacked against him this lifetime and he was unsure as to why as he couldn't recall doing anything wrong, well at least not so wrong to deserve everything that had happened to him in his short life. Soon he settled himself and fell backwards looking to the ceiling from the spot on the floor he had decided to take up as his sleeping area. He knew this room had been given to him to do as he wished; well within reason but as he was not accustomed to resting in a bed any longer he was content on the floor sleeping within the rags he came in.

    "I need to learn to stop doing that" he whispered to the darkness his black eyes going to look at the window. He wished it wasn't there but it wasn't his place to shun the kindness the mistress of the guild had shown him; after all she could quite easily have sent him away like so many others had, though it seemed like no-one exactly knew what was going on. What he had figured out was it seemed that she had been searching for her long lost brother and had sent the enigmatic warrior whom Barthenz had seemed to come to respect. As much as some of the contracts struck were out of desperation and need rather than want he was happy that he had the ones he had even if some where more abusive than others. With them he knew that he would never be alone, he would never be pray, he would never be harmed like he once had.

    His eyes scanned the dark room once more not even wanting to hazard a guess at how the ruler of this guild would react to him on the floor, but then the same could be said if he slept on the bed. His eyes then caught something that wasn't there before he fell asleep; moving to his knees he crawled over carefully almost as if he was expecting someone to come in and catch him moving away from where he slept without permission. As soon as he was close he stood looking at it an eyebrow quirking a little unsure how to take what he was seeing "A suit?" he was unsure if this was meant for him and if it was if it was some sort of some sick joke given his past. "I don't have a choice... do I?" once again he spoke to himself, but bit his lip going to the other door "I can't wear such things being dirty, I should wash it would sully the gift..." he stated picking it up from the hanger and moving to the small shower room that was en-suit.

    Undressing he moved into the shower uncaring as the current ice cold water fell on his head and body just enjoying the fact that it was clean and safe for him to wash. As it began to warm up he winced not being use to it so he quickly washed before shutting the water off and began to dry himself off with a towel dressing afterwards. His shirt would, at least for the moment be hanging open as he walked into the bedroom to check if there was any notes as to what he was expected to do. Strangely he found none so decided to do up his shirt before placing on his waistcoat and blazer doing them up as was required his eyes noting a blue piece of fabric that he had previously missed. "This doesn't look like any kind of tie I've seen in the past... it looks like it would make a collar though" he sighed to himself placing it on before his white gloves, the last thing he wanted or needed to do was create a fuss.

    Heading back to his bathroom he tended to his hair getting it into a somewhat acceptable state then picked up his dirty rags and used towels. Walking down the halls seemed a little eerie given the time of the morning so very few where around and those who were seemed to ignore him. Normally this was something he would have no problem with but given that he anted to put the dirty things in for a wash before doing something nice for the mistress of the guild before dealing with other things he had started doing since arriving here. "I really should tell her my name... it's been several days and we haven't spoken." he realised a weak smile appearing on his face, though it would be a micro expression so pretty much everyone would miss it.

    After wandering around for thirty minutes checking every room along the way while getting lost he found the laundry room. "Better late than never..." he said quietly with a sigh 'would have went quicker if those fools helped me, but if things go wrong hopefully it will be their heads and not mine' he thought starting to place the laundry in the required places sorting it out and placing it to begin washing. When he was satisfied he left the room and headed for the kitchen "This place is like a maze" his voice showing a slight undertone of frustration as he continued trying to find the kitchen. He was starting to wish he had asked for a map but then he knew he would have to learn quick because it seemed like no one was going to help him. Finally finding the kitchen he moved in and looked around "What should I make her today?" he pondered given that nobility were usually given a choice and it would be brought to them but he wanted to bring it to her as he went to wake her. "I don't really know what this mistress likes... maybe she'll like..." he trailed off finding a frying pan.

    Moving around he grabbed some flour, eggs, different kinds of fruit, milk, bowls, utensils, plates and cutlery while running the water in the sink so he could wash as he went. Placing the flour, eggs and milk into a bowl he whisked it up till it resembled something of a batter after which he squeezed some fruit and placed a bit of each juice into smaller bowls followed by pieces of the same fruit and some of the batter before putting them into the frying pan and shaping them after gems and mythical animals such as unicorns like the ones he had seen grazing strangely near the creepy guild hall. As each was done he placed them onto the plate cutting up fruit and making a small fruit bowl and a smoothie to go with it. The fruit bowl itself resembled a dragons head that would open and close. He couldn't remember the last time he made something like that but he thought the mistress of the guild could at least appreciate the ascetic of it if nothing else. He started to wash, dry and put away as he no longer needed items and the pancakes were cooking.

    When done he placed the large plate of pancakes, the moving dragon fruit bowl, mixed fruit smoothie and the cutlery onto a tray and walked out of the kitchen after dealing with the frying pan. He walked to a near by passerby "Excuse me sir..." he said calmly, the man continued walking he couldn't help but roll his eyes "I am sure the mistress would prefer her pancakes warm, I will be sure to describe you if I am asked why I was late." he called after him. In that instant he spun on his heel an expression of fear on his face "No.. No need to tell her that." he said "I'll take you personally, how about that? No need to tell the Empress anything" his words kind of stuttered; Ruvel nodded his head in agreement but would still throw him under the cart if he got into trouble he had enough being hurt for several lifetimes.

    The man stopped at the door and Ruvel stopped behind quickly, without a word the man seemed to run for the high hills making Ruvel quirk an eyebrow as he was left holding the tray of food seeing this elder male fleeing as if for his life "uh-hu..." is all he could do before walking into the room quietly closing the door before making his way to the side of her bed placing the tray on the night stand he leaned in and kissed her forehead much like he did for his own twin "It's time to wake my lady, I have brought you breakfast" he explained moving to open the curtains wide allowing the light to beam in before going to pick up the tray awaiting her awakening and sitting up before doing anything else.

    Word Count: 1'530/4'000


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