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    Seafaring License

    Cerise Arledge
    Cerise Arledge

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    Seafaring License  Empty Seafaring License

    Post by Cerise Arledge 7th October 2019, 7:24 pm

    Job: To Earthland and Beyond!

    Rose Garden was beautiful. To Cerise this wasn't an opinion, it was a fact. Her home village while nice(at least in her opinion), could not hold a candle to the sheer brilliance of this place. The city seemed to practically radiate with magic, every small detail had some semblance of brilliance to it. Food, lights, transportation, nothing was spared from the intricacies of magic, and Cerise relished in it. On any normal occasion, she would be trying to explore every nook and cranny that this city had to offer, but much to her dismay she was actually here for buisness. While there was many a thing to do in the proclaimed 'Wonderland of Magic' ever since the borders were opened, the obtaining of passports became among the most popular for mages of any and all ranking.

    Cerise was no stranger to her fear of the water, as it was something that she had confronted time and time again across her lifetime. However, in her mind, this fear was offset by her love of adventure and exploration, creating a sort of neutral ground. She knew that for future jobs and missions she would need to have a passport, and even though that meant she would have to eventually get onto a boat, it was well worth it if it would contribute to future success.

    Upon arriving at the port where the tickets were being given out, she couldn't help but feel rather small. Not only were all the lines extremely long, but everyone in said lines seemed to be dressed rather nicely, or at least compared to her. She was dressed rather casually, with a black teeshirt and jeans accompanied by her signature scarlet cloak, the hood loosely hanging off of the back. Perhaps it was due to the frayed ends of the cloak, or the faded colors of the hand-me-downs she was wearing, but she could almost feel the stares from some of the better-dressed people in some of the lines. Most mages had at least some form of monetary background before starting off so they could look the part, while all Cerise had was the clothes on her back.

    That would change soon though, she was a mage now and once she got onto her feet she wouldn't ever have to feel like this again. It was odd, the stares would put most people down-but for Cerise all it did was motivate her with thoughts of the future. This passport deal was just one step along her journey, and she would be dammed if she got held back by rich spoonfed mages.

    With that thought on her mind, she did the only logical thing she could think of to speed the whole process up...cause a commotion. Maneuvering herself so that she was next to a pair of mages who were staring. She spotted a rather expensive looking ring in one of their pockets and immediately had an idea pop into her mind. It was fast, a quick and practiced tactic that she had done so many times she barley had to be looking to perform it. She stole the ring from the first mage and planted it into the seconds pocket.

    "Sir, that man next to you just stole your ring!" Cerise said with a fake voice, purposely raising the pitch of her voice to sound more convincing. As expected the mage reacted immediately, demanding the other mage empty his pockets extremely angry to find his jewelry in the victim's pockets. Within seconds portions of the crowd shuffled over to see what was going on, giving Cerise ample time to slip through and fill out the necessary forms to grab her passport. As she walked away she couldn't help but smile, happy that her skills were as strong as ever.

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