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    Grand Opening, Grand Closing

    Jennifer Ford
    Jennifer Ford

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    Grand Opening, Grand Closing Empty Grand Opening, Grand Closing

    Post by Jennifer Ford 29th September 2019, 11:28 pm

    The Grande Imperial Talonia Inn was hosting it's Grand Opening, and who else would show up but the richest of the rich, the most celebrated of local celebrities, and the most political of local politicians. In fact, they were some of the very select guests to be offered free rooms, and for what? For imposing their will on others? This would not, could not stand, and Jen would make sure that it did not. There was no reason behind it other than greed and capitalism, and Jen was going to shake those who enforced or allowed them to their very core. The trick was the implementation. Simply waltzing in and killing everyone wouldn't send enough of a message. No, she needed to make examples of them, prove that their own greed was what had led them to their deaths. For this, she needed to do a good bit of planning.

    To start things off, Jen looked up the LacBook profiles of the most affluent of the guests. There were five who immediately stood out. The first was a local streamer who was known for promoting politicians. The second was the mayor of Talonia. Next up was one of the gladiators. Jen's fourth choice was a dancer who owned her own studio. Last, but not least, was a local news anchor. These five would be her examples to the world that greed did not pay. After all, it was leading these people to their deaths at the hands of a known killer. Jen already had issues with the council, due to her working with a friend to tear down a certain castle where the affluent liked to hide away. This job would be no different, except that she wouldn't have much help, not that she needed any. She had grown quite a bit since then.

    Jen knew that this was the way things had to be. It was something that she found unsportsmanlike, but it had to be done. Jen preferred to hunt her prey, but that wasn't always viable. Sometimes sacrifices had to be made for the greater good. Sometimes things couldn't be done in a likeable way, if progress was to be made. It seemed to be the way of the world that some things had to happen a certain way. Jen had learned this lesson the hard way. Similarly, some things were irrevocable, irreversible, and inevitable. The world worked in mysterious ways that we're at times beyond question. In any event, Jen went about planning how each of the five selected persons of interest would pass. They would be dealt with individually in order. The news anchor, and their camera crew would be forced to report it all live.

    When Jen put her plan into action, she acted swiftly, making sure that there were no mistakes. Upon entering the building, she endured that nobody would leave, by having her demonic helpers block the exits. Getting the helpless sheep to cooperate was a simple matter. She even advised them to trigger the alarms. Jen wanted as much coverage as she could get. After all, what good would this be if nobody saw it? As soon as they reached the penthouse, Jen found five chairs, and urged her five selected targets to sit before she bound them. After doing so, she told the camera crew to set up, so that the event could be properly televised. Once they told her she was live, Jen started speaking.

    "People of Fiore, good afternoon. This transmission is being brought to you by those of us who see the injustice hidden in plain sight. We see these bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers, advocates, and celebrities for who they really are. I'm here today to show you just how far down the rabbit hole these things go. Why, look at who we have here."

    The cameras panned over to the row of chairs, showing the terrified faces of the affluent figures that Jen had selected for the main event.

    "Now, let's face facts. If progress is to be made, these creatures of greed must be purged from the world. Some of you might be wondering why I'm doing this, that's an easy question for me to answer. You see, I've seen a side of the legal system that punishes those that it should be protecting, just because of their heritage, or because of the heritage of those they fall in love with. I have seen this, and been repulsed by it, and I am urging all of you to wake up. Wake up and realize that these people here are the ones that the laws truly serve. But, I've gone on long enough about all of that. You see, I'm actually going to give back some measure of power. These five have each been found guilty of the crimes of greed, avarice, and indifference. The power that I am giving you, the public, is to choose how they each die."

    As if on cue, camera 1 zoomed in on the streamer.

    "This person is an avid streamer, and advocate of the legal system. They have amassed quite a considerable amount of wealth, even for a streamer. In fact, it has been discovered that all of their advocacy has been paid for by the government. Now, for this person, we have a few options. Option number one is that I slit their throat. Option two is that I push them out the window. Option three, and my personal favorite, I do both, using a wad of bills as a gag. Your votes will be tallied over the course of the next hour."

    The camera remained trained on the streamer for the entire hour, as the votes were tallied. She cried the entire time, begging Jen not to kill her, saying she would do anything, and in any other situation, Jen might have entertained the thought, but this wasn't just any situation.

    "Believe me, if it were up to me, I'd chain you up, and simply change the format of your stream, but it's not up to me. So, since that's out of the way, let's take a look at our poll. Oh, well, looks like we nearly had a tie there. But, apparently our third option won out. It really is a shame to kill someone with such a fine figure, but the people have spoken."

    Without another word, Jen stuffed some 100 jewel notes into the woman's mouth before facing her towards the window to find a news helicopter staring her in the face. Smirking for them, she quickly sliced the woman's neck with her claw, before kicking her, and her chair through the window. After a few moments she heard a sickening smack, which told her that the ground had finished what she started. Facing back towards the camera crew, Jen smiled wildly.

    "I'd be lying if I said that wasn't cathartic. It felt good to rid the world of such filth. Of course, I would like to have a moment of silence for her. I would like to, but business is business, and this is business. So, here's the deal. As much as I enjoy killing these folks, I only have five of them, but I have plenty of hotel staff and various other guests. So, while votes are being tallied on our next guest, I'll be getting rid of them. What's their crime, you ask? Why, enabling the rich and powerful, of course. As for our second guest, that's right folks, it's none other than the very Mayor of Talonia. Let's face it, election season may be starting early after this. Just think of all the injustice this one person has caused, at least locally. I mean, do you really want them to stay in office? Just think of all the good it would do to get rid of them. Now, for this one, you have two options. Option A: I smash his head in. Option B: I toss him out the window while he's still breathing."

    As the camera zeroed in on the mayor, the screams of various hotel staff, and service members could be heard. Jen had to entertain herself, after all, and an hour have her a good deal of time to kill. It wasn't as if she could let any of them live regardless of how the day went. When Jen walked back into the view of the camera, she checked the poll.

    "Oh, looks like your constituents don't like you very much, Mr. Mayor. They've chosen the more grisly option almost unanimously. Seems you've made quite a few enemies over the course of your career."

    Jen smirked once more as she faced the mayor towards the window, brought her hands together over her head, and repeatedly bludgeoned his head until it caved in, before kicking him out the window with his chair still bound to him.

    "I hope we all feel a lot better after that. Don't worry though, it isn't over just yet. After all, we still have three guests left. Guest number three is one of the top gladiators in the arena. His options are a little different. Option one is Trial by Combat. Option two, is suffocation, and option three is getting kicked out a window. So, let's make it happen, folks. Oh, before I forget, he's also been known to show support for the now-ex-mayor. Ta-ta!"

    More screams, grisly sounds, and cries for help were heard over the course of the next hour. When Jen returned to check the poll, she smiled once again.

    "Well, well, Mr. Gladiator. Seems like the people want to see you show off your talents, so let's see them."

    Jen untied the gladiator before tossing him a blade. He swung it at his earliest convenience, nearly clipping Jen with it. Unfortunately, all it took from Jen was one swift kick to send him crashing back into his chair, and out the window. These hostages were dropping like flies, it seemed.

    "Well, folks, that was rather anti-climactic, and I apologise for that. Unfortunately, it was bound to happen eventually. After all, I wasn't exactly planning on letting him live anyway. Still, it is rather interesting that you lot seem to pick the most interesting options. So, here's what I will do for you. This next set of options is for all the chips. Option one, I kill these two before sending them out the window. Option two, I don't."

    Once again, screams could be heard off screen, amongst other noises. To cap this off, at some point, one of the cameras tipped over, as if it had been knocked down during some sort of struggle. It was unclear really, at least until Jen's bloody form stepped back into view at the end of the hour, and she set the camera upright.

    "Okay, looks like they die before their ride. Well, at least one of these animals knew what it felt like to fall from on high. Alright, let's wrap this up, shall we?"

    Jen faced the duo towards the window before slitting their throats in unison, then kicking them out in turn. As they fell to the ground, Jen turned back to the camera.

    "See, the lesson here is that greed doesn't pay. And these laws that we are supposed to follow only support that greed. If you want to be free, truly free, then you need only reach out, to the right people of course, and let us know what the problem is in your community. Oh, and if you feel like doing something about it yourself..."

    Jen leaned in towards the camera, being sure to display her guild mark.

    "...then you know where to find us. We'll be waiting. As much fun as this has been, I need to get back, and make my report. This is Jen Ford, signing off."

    As Jen left, she made sure to switch off the cameras. She made haste in returning to the guild, it was difficult to get out of Talonia, but she had dealt with worse before. Upon arriving at the guild, Jen made sure to submit her report, sparing no detail.

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