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    ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Desirée Blooms

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    Star ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Post by Desirée Blooms on Fri 09 Feb 2018, 00:48

    Desirée Blooms

    The sounds of heels hit the stone sidewalks of Crystalli, the streets being illuminated by the presence of two floating orbs of light known as Strawberry and Kiwi in addition to the presence of Desirée Blooms. It was exactly one day and one hour after she had left Black Rose, the sun setting on the horizon of the blue waters of Hargeon as she walked down the streets of the ship with no other than a magical councilman. Her name was Dove, a fitting name for the magic that she used, which was known as bird summoning. It was also fitting with the task she was ordered to fulfill in the name of the Magic Council, to come to the new guild of Crystal Swan and register it as an official legal guild. In addition to inspecting the guild to make sure it met specific requirements, she would give them an official set of stampers and the ability to open Crystalli to the public. It had become apparent that many people had ventured to Hargeon on this night to get a chance to attend the celebration of the opening, as announced on all forms of the Lacrima-Net in addition to posters and announcements in cities all over Fiore. Thousands of people stood in the streets of Hargeon awaiting when the bright blue ribbon tying off the entrance of Crystalli would be cut, in order to board the ship and witness a new legal guild being born. It was a special time for legal mages in Fiore, along with those that wished to become them.

    "And you are positive that this ship along with the entirety of the guild and its concepts only took a week to make? That is simply astounding, how did you do it?" Dove asked Desirée as they walked down the sidewalk away from the Guild Hall, toward the outdoor center plaza where the entrance showed and the celebration would be held. Decorated extremely with bright lights and other colorful accessories plastered all over the brand new buildings, along with long tables covered in different types of food and drinks for those attending to enjoy, the ship looked ready to have an extremely populated event which would be a once in a lifetime experience. "The guild has been in development all my life, actually! However, it has just recently been made into a reality. They say if you set your mind to something, it can be done in the blink of an eye." Desirée told the magical councilman as they walked down the streets, those standing upon the exterior of the city of Hargeon speaking to each-other as they awaited the grand opening. "Well Desirée Blooms, it looks like you have quite a crowd waiting. Crystal Swan is more than qualified to become a legal guild, and I expect it to be extremely successful. Your registration is now complete, now all I have to do is do this and the opening can commence!"

    Dove signed the bottom of the paper that sat above her clip-board and produced a magical-circle below it, resulting in a beautiful parrot to shoot out from it and grab the document from her hands. After it was grabbed, the parrot quickly flew into the distance with it, preparing for a long journey to Era. "Now, here are your custom stampers, courteous of the Magic Council. With the mark on the body comes the ability to teleport to the Guild Hall at will, due to the spell I cast upon them inside of it. Now, can you show me where you would like your guild mark to be placed?" the woman asked Desirée, while Kiwi and Strawberry sat upon each of her shoulders and watched. The demon slayer pulled up her right sleeve, revealing a blank space upon her wrist. "With this, you will become Crystal Swan's Guild Master. Are you ready?" Dove asked her as she nodded, resulting in the summoner of birds pressing the stamper onto her wrist in a calm fashion. With a pop of light and a shimmer of blue and green, she removed the stamper and revealed a beautiful multi-colored mark which resembled a swan with crystal wings. "And here you go! I wish you the best of luck with your guild, Desirée Blooms." She told the new Guild Master, placing the stamper in her hands and opening a magical circle under herself. "Thank you so much! If you would like, you can stay here for the celebration." Desirée told the girl as she smiled, summoning a large swan that was nearly four times the size of her body. "I'm sorry, but I have other things I have to go do tonight. Thank you for the offer though! I am very excited to see where your guild goes." she told her as she pet the swan, causing it to blast into the air with a large stream of light behind it. It was now time for the moment Desirée was waiting for. She slipped the stamper into the pocket of her fancy clothing and proceeded to walk down the streets of the ship into the main plaza, smiling as she walked down the empty aisle toward the large group of people on the outsides of Hargeon; where the half-sunken version of the ship met the edge of the city.

    The sound of cheering filled the streets of Hargeon and Crystalli upon the sight of Desirée, her microphone being adjusted on her face to where it would sit right in-front of her mouth. As the sun finally set and the sky was dark, the lights upon the ship illuminated greatly along with the presence of Desirée. The wind sat perfectly, right in-between pure stillness and a cool breeze. "Hello everyone, thank you so much for coming here today! Now, let's do what all of you have been waiting for!" Desirée announced over her microphone as the cheering got more and more vibrant, her sleeves rolled up as she advanced toward the entrance. Lowering to the ground and placing her hand upon it, a small portal of rainbows opening while she lowered her hand into it. Upon removing her hand, she held a large pair of scissors which appeared to be made of crystals and fragments of light, shining greatly as she held them against her shoulder with both of her hands. Touching the light-blue ribbon with her hand, all she could do was smile and radiate more and more around the crowd; she was so excited she could cry, it was something she never knew she would be able to fulfill. It was a dream come true.

    "On behalf of Fiore and the legal mages that travel throughout it..." she began to say as she opened the large scissors and held them split over the large strand of ribbons, her blonde hair which faded into a light pink flowing around her shoulders while a small crown-shaped headband sat upon the top of her head. "Crystal Swan!" she exclaimed as she cut the ribbon, causing the scissors to burst into light as it fell. From the rooftops of Crystalli fired fireworks upon fireworks, along with a large and unique one from the center. In the sky reigned extreme amounts of bright colors, including a giant firework in which formed the mark of Crystal Swan. The cheering echoed through the alleyways and plaza as those standing in the streets of Hargeon flooded onto the ship and began to socialize; the celebration had started. Crystal Swan was officially announced and opened to the public, and with that, the dreams of Desirée Blooms came true. If anyone were to wish to join the guild they could at this point, and it would be beautiful. However, this party was for everyone in Fiore; it was the grand opening of a new guild, located no other than the ship that the guild called its home.
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    Star Re: ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Post by ivyleaf33 on Fri 09 Feb 2018, 01:56

    Sorano carefully brushed her bangs out of her eyes as she stood there at the edge of the crowd at the opening of Crystal Swan. Another new legal guild, huh? From what she heard, it was made up in part by old members of Golden Phoenix, a great selection of pretty powerful mages that would allow the new guild to easily hold its own among the more established ones that existed already. Huh… All the attention would definitely be over this was for the next few days. Even now, she could see lacrima camera crews, hefting the milky orbs into the air to get a better shot at the proceedings. A new, strong legal guild was something all the legal mages of Fiore would celebrate, of course. The country was well-known for its powerful magehood, and they were proud of it. The guild master, from what Sorano could see, was pretty young. Probably late teens or early twenties from the look of it, but she seemed strong enough to lead the guild successfully.

    As the Fairy watched on, the young master cut the thread, and fireworks burst into the air from the nearby rooftops, brightening the night sky with flowers of light. A night of celebration this was, one that Sorano, as a guild master couldn’t possibly miss. Adjusting her cloak with the guild crest printed in gold on the back, the girl moved into the crowd, feeling the energy from the celebration’s participants rushing through her body. It was rare for someone so aloof as herself to be able to connect with such a feeling, but this came pretty close to doing so.

    She followed the stream of people onto the ship, looking around appreciatively at the lovely design. These days, there was no way their own small office-building of a guild hall could hold so many people – it wasn’t like it was really necessary though, the guild itself residing in the City of Festivals. She’d just check out the guild, look at what they were doing, and possibly form business relationships or get herself acquainted with people with whom she could later discuss relations with. Nodding slightly at her own plan, she waved over at Hoshi who had trailed behind in the crowd, and the two pressed on in.





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    Star Re: ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Post by Sol on Fri 09 Feb 2018, 20:17

    Sol could only blink while he is in the crowd as he stood in his custom uniform that Sophitia had made him, he was far more comfy in his uniform now compared to what he used to wear.the dragon king had Accompanied Ruvel to this event and Sol knew he had to be on his best behavior since he was a representative for the company . “ so the little one made a guild huh interesting, the question is do they want to trade” he mumbled as he watched the woman Desiree Bloom cut the ribbon to open the guild to all of them and start the event.

    As he moved onto the ship he could only grin a bit since now that he was a godslayer his motion sickness was completely gone and it was something that made him feel rather well. Seeing some champagne for guests Sol took one and he gently looked around. He noticed that their were people looking at him some were wary since they most likely knew who he was but many of them were simply curious since he was extremely tall almost 7 feet. After a moment and a sip of champagne Sol would sigh”I hope this goes well” he said more to himself then to anyone else.


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    Star Re: ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Post by Fluffy on Sat 10 Feb 2018, 00:01

    Note: I would heavily prefer anyone that does not have an IC reason/ability to see Ghost's be unable to see Nyx as she is a semi-weakened ghost making no effort to be visible. Anyone unable to see her can still readily interact with her via approaching Lux first.

    No One Outside Of Character's Within Savage Skull except Chaoris and Izayuki should know she is from Savage Skull, nor know she is their guild master, it is not common IC knowledge. Very few characters should have any reason to suspect she's in a dark guild as her guild mark is not visible.

    Nyx really wasn't sure if she should be attending this, it was always a beautiful thing when a new guild was able to spread its wings and push from the cocoon of the past as a gorgeous butterfly. Yet, she remembered the Guild that had fallen to nothing more than an underwater ruin and the barren destroyed mountain where Pheonix's once flourished protecting that once scared comforting city. During the time she had debated attending the founding or not, it was almost as if she could feel the hot burning blood of those fiercely protective firebirds drowning down her own mouth, even though she had not been the one to commit those actions. Today, many former Pheonix's would be joining up with the newest guild coming into existence. Could she really attend this event without accidentally confessing that everything that happened was her fault in the end and groveling in apology not caring if they killed her or not? How was she supposed to stand in the same room with people's whose lives had been ruined because she had not been able to let go of hate? Of course, that was the reason she had to attend like nothing happened, not only because almost no one else knew who she was or that she was ever involved, but because she had to learn to let go before her volatile existence birthed another Fluffy, she never wanted to see that bitch again.

    So the ghost chose to come today. "Remember Lux, you're especially important today, not everyone will be able to see me, I am after-all not fully recovered yet and thus not fully able to materialize expect in a limited capacity." the female spoke to the living flame floating in his lamp beside her, a large pad of paper in one black limb, the other one wrapped around some pen or such, so he could write what she said. Even if someone couldn't see her? They could see Lux and interact with her through the lamp contained living flame. The schoolgirl uniform-clad ghost filed in with everyone else, glancing around and spotting Desiree, having to reassure herself that there was no way any of them knew her connection, if they had seen her it had only been the blink of an eye at the end of everything screaming as she finally broke from the void right before Fluffy died and a ghostly light engulfed the area for a split second. Ever since that date? Her Guild had not been seen much lately, because she had spirited them away to the Between where she had been staying recovering from the energy it took her suffocated spirit to not only move people but make a replica of their territory within it.

    "Very impressive, you did very well on your guild, congratulations on Crystal Swan. ~N & Lux" the first thing she had Lux do was write down that message, set the pad down and tear off the message so he could offer the thick piece of paper to Desiree Blooms, the guild master of the new guild. Once he completed that task, Lux was swift to grab up his pad and fly back over to where his ghostly source stood, her pale transparent hand patting the top of his lamp cap. "Good Job Lux." it seemed her plan would work, and anyone who couldn't communicate with her could do so through her companion who was always capable of seeing her, hearing her, so long as she lived because he was part of her flames. Having confirmed her theory, the ghost glanced around at the rest of the room. This could end up being a good night.


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    Star Re: ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Post by weretiger5411 on Sat 10 Feb 2018, 03:42

    Feel free to PM me if I did a mess up with my posts here. Also my character is not part of the guild yet for this thread.
    The night had already begun, and the guests seemed to be in good spirits! A few however on the outskirts of the main crowd were speaking about a odd man seen, someone dressed in a fashion as if part of a cult. Course the gossip died as quickly as they were brought up, and discussions moved on to more happier topics about the future. However they were not wrong as said figure was indeed present at the party. It's just that Zecarayus wanted to stay away from the bulk of the crowd since he usually brought a few curious glances to say the least.

    He had planned to come here ever since a few days ago when he had seen the recruitment flyer for the Crystal Swan guild. What caught his attention was one of the goals of the guild. "They should be there for each-other to the best of their ability, assisting each-other as they assist those around them as well." That one had caught him off guard as it was possibly the first time he had seen a legal guild express that. To help there own guild members so they can better help others was a blessed idea. The question though in what way. Because the sentence was vague to him, and he automatically assumed it would be like Fairy Tail. And he remembered how that blind loyalty was taken advantage of and nearly doomed the guild, and how it nearly killed him. He dashed the assumption away though, realizing that kind of mentality couldn't had been repeated with another guild. Could it? He then decided that he had to know more about the guild and the details of that goal in particular. And by reading the whole flier he eventually planned to be at the opening.

    And now here he was, walking around the main bulk of people, looking at the whole city on water. It struck him odd that there would be a separate city near Hargeon, but this was his first time in Hargeon, so perhaps this was always here. After a few minutes of walking around he came to the conclusion that while the city on water was nice, he didn't learn anything in addition about the guild's goals. So he braced himself, and walked back toward the bulk of the group. He had his hands behind his back when they were not needed to tap a person to ask them to move for him, but found with relief that he didn't need to do this at all. He was definitely getting looks now and curious glances from those near him when he walked by, but as long as he didn't make them uncomfortable he could bear it.

    His walking around in search of more information led him to what looked to be a building with open doors and bright lights. Once inside, he went near the wall as he stayed away from the large focus of people near the center as he scanned the room for someone who looked like they were part of this new guild. However he forgot about his original goal as red flags popped in his head at a sight. Near the back of the wall adjacent to where he was, he could see a ghost looking about the room. He didn't see her originally due to how see through she was, but now it drew immediate concern. A ghost here could mean issues, and one so calm made him think of a will-o'-the-wisp or poltergeist, waiting to lure one of these people to a unfortunate fate of drowning outside or worse. He then decided the best course of action was to get closer and try to make a decision there, as to hopefully prevent anything disastrous. So he began to move in a arc toward the wall to where the ghost was at, keeping distance but putting himself in a position to where he could get more of a clear look. He then realized the other entity with the ghost.

    A small lamp with what looked to be a blue flame burning in its holder and eyes. This could had made him more sure of his will-o'-the-wisp theory except he saw the guests reactions. They merely looked with curious glances, a little talk amongst one another, then moved on as they continued their mingling. Zecarayus had to pause to think more about this, looking outside a window near him. After debating with himself for a minute he decided the best course was to still go to the two. If friendly, he can have his curiosity sated on what the lamp was suppose to be and the ghosts business, at worst he would at least be able to act somehow if things went awry. So he now walked directly to the duo, he appeared to be looking straight ahead and keeping a casual stride as if the two barely caught his attention. Though truth be told he was getting more and more nervous, he was really hoping the two weren't malevolent for the party's sake. He forced it back as he now was within talking distance and made himself known to the two. "Excuse me" he would first say to the two, all thought his head was angled toward the lamp instead of the ghost, as if he didn't notice the ghost was there. "I apologize if I come across as rude, but I haven't seen something like you before. What or who are you?" he would ask, he did his best to make his tone pleasant, but his nervousness prevented him from hiding the slight echo in his voice as spirits sometimes had when they spoke.


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    Star Re: ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Post by Lester Drynedi on Sat 10 Feb 2018, 09:09

    Lester Drynedi ❀ Crystal Swan

    The leaves had traveled less that they would, as the guild after this would part ways with the earth which tied many down. Whilst soon enough the winds would carry them, petals of the ship would leave a trail of glory and wonder. The guild would become known for its innovative minds, how it would create new arts which would go on to inspire the entirety of the world to grow up to the sun as if it were a tendril of Ivy. Odd indeed the worlds around them seeming to change so fast this was long past the days of simplicity, each moment in time blooming into a wonderful memory which he would keep forever protected by the steel like bark of his mind. Tonight as well, that which gave life to his plants had started to sink although not fully closing the shadows had started to run long as if darkness had pooled up from the ground beneath them. Gone, a blonde cluster of pollen dancing across reach scale of music it was something intriguing that floated around her, yet she would return as he knew that everyone was in need of their guild mark, for their current gathering of unofficial guildmates seemed a collective hive mind all in agreement when it came to yearning for the guildmark to fuse them all together. Docked, in a way his gaze raked together much information whilst time passed until Ms. Blooms returned. Although in the comforts of a plant laden greenhouse hints of entertainment and sounds of wonder soon swirled around him. Crowded, on the banks the shore in their safe little huddles where everyone would be safe, clusters of wildflowers would see more adventure in their meager lifespan than many of those whom had started to mingle around waiting for a seed of interest to take root in their lives. Humans who lived in the tomorrow, saving every penny incase of tomorrow and living for tomorrow. No he knew that after this brief intermission which would last only a single night he could return to delicate intricacies which remained unsolved. A murmur from below, bathed in watermelon view he caught the bobbing head of Desirée below. Face softened muscles relaxed as the ground stabilized beneath him for only a moment, cleaned that morning the stone floors made little sound against his sandals. A wind looked like it would be scraping all dust and grit away outside, clearing the ship ahead of any newcomers, perhaps it would be best to drape oneself with something to ward off the frost, as an early spring flower would often die in the first frost.

    Light emanating from the courtyards below drew him to where the reception had been divided, each shard of light reflected back off his white coat, getting absorbed by the skin suit which he could feel separated smooth skin from the harsh outer world. Hired hands acted as a colony of ants, tidying up the array of food spread across tables in advance as Desirée ascended to where all the public's eyes rested. Whilst he knew within moments a flood oh mages would swamp the necks in energy and colour the youth plucked up a flute of champagne. Unlike the others who had begun to merge into a tide of algae overtaking their ship which just prior had been peaceful, Lester had not attempted to crowed their now official Guild Leader, having no need to, as the guildmark could be improved upon him at any time in the future, the flower would live no longer if he got it sooner or later. Above, shards of colour and light striking out the sky which had since darkened,
    watchful, should one dare ruin the potted flora which decorated the area his soft blossom eyes had swept across the faces whom entered the area. Whilst some would become guildmates, former guildmates, many more were those whom he had not come across at all. A couple seemed enthusiastic about the guild, murmurs of joining rising from the rabble who had invested their area, a species that took over indeed that was true. Although the soft smile still reached his eyes, for many species of interest could be lurking beneath the canopy. Two seemed entangled in delicate conversations, their petals leaning to each other despite one of them having the form looking unalike a human. Whilst two others, one seemed pleasant enough from a moment's grace he could spare he seemed enchanted by the ship yet a power could be felt. Tree like, towering above his own average height it seemed that the expression and movement of the chest has discomfort, boredom or anxiety. His own head shook softly, the distinctions between the three were still vague to him.

    The roots of plants grew deep to provide a stable base to the structure, perhaps it was no evening to go causing discomfort between guilds. Indeed it would be best to be unobstructing towards those whom seemed to hold high amounts of strength Waiters of sorts had streamed into the horde, whilst some had glasses, flutes and shots of alcoholic substances his own champagne still remained, "Quite a fine mustache you have there." A compliment to the waiter who seemed to be expertly balancing a platter of bread slices piled high with greenery and seafoods, gathering one it laid to rest upon his napkin covered hand, no need to starve was there. The handlebar mustache on the waiter spoke volumes yet the heavenly scent arising from his sacrifices would have been worth more to gods than any virgin.

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    Star Re: ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Post by Ruvel on Mon 12 Feb 2018, 19:37

    News of the a new guild opening had even reached as far as Tolgalen, this had been truly wonderful news and the youth could understand why their was a celebration being planned as this wasn't something that came around very often. He seen it as quite fitting as there had been rumours of a new dark guild forming that had a thirst for battle and blood but that was something he had to go to Era for while he was on the mainland in his adoptive brother's stead. "I guess since I am having to go and deal with a magic council summons I could go to the celebration and congratulate the new guild master; perhaps there is even possibility for a new trading alliance between us." he spoke more to himself that any other as he headed to Alisha to gain the normal link that kept him in contact with Cirven when he was away from the safety of the guilds territory.

    Once the link had been in place he then remembered that since his last trip to Era he hadn't really been feeling or doing to well so thought that he may as well take someone with him to be safer than sorry, the problem was Cirven was away dealing with something personal and he couldn't ask Johann as someone had to remain because they had a very important client coming to do business. 'Who would be a fitting?' he thought to himself and then he seen one of the newer recruits to the guild in the form of Sol "If I believed in the divine I would swear they where mocking me with this one." he sighed before heading over and informing the taller male about the guild that was being opened and that he would like he elder male to accompany him. At least this way Cirven's current over protective nature would be covered.

    He went around his routine until it got closer to the time, knowing that sea ships would be slower and less reliant he had decided to take the companies airship and had given Sol the notification to meet him there. He still hated the fake freedoms a ship gave but at the same time he had found ways to somewhat cope and was getting better at dealing with it. Getting on the ship allowing Sol the cabin use he went to a section that he felt comfortable in allowing the journey to take place uneventfully. Within a few hours they where at the location of the new guild hall's grand opening a smile on his face as he saw what he could only describe as a beautiful blonde headed teen giving a speech before cutting the ribbon to declare the guild officially open. His eyes now went to Sol "I know I shouldn't have to say this Mr. Terumi but on your best behaviour please, I would hate to have the trading company start on the wrong foot with the new guild." he cautioned the other knowing of his past, he truly hoped that the others former guild didn't show up of this could become complicated very quickly.


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    Star Re: ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Post by Gisen Ceostra on Mon 12 Feb 2018, 23:28


    It was surprising that despite the time spent away from Hargeon that the feeling of calmness would wash over the bunny girl. More specifically the rear of people had been rather quiet, which just made the business of today much easier to deal with in general. Still, the sight of strangers made her darker toned skin crawl. She feared stranger people, but the outnumbered citizens that Lamia Scale came to know made things a little less mentally hectic. Though she didn’t have to worry about a problem such as that since her position watching the event was far up on a flat top roof close enough to see and hear the things going on. There was only one issue with the whole ordeal of being in town; her face was pouting. Constantly, like a bratty child almost, a sigh of annoyance left the mouth of her companion, whom took her spirit form and sat beside her. ”Still can’t believe you told me I can’t wear my Bunny outfit...” She muttered, huffing as she watched on. ”You’re still on that? I told you today was business related. How professional would you have been had you walked up in that slutty outfit introducing yourself?” Her point was solid... to everyone else but Gisen. ”Fiiiiiine.”

    Continuing to watch the whole ceremony from above, she seemed to enjoy the events going on. Everything was rather enjoyable and everyone seemed to get along well with one another so far. It made her wish that she could easily do this with new people, but there was just that deep seeded fear people that she wondered if she could ever truly cure herself of. Of course, she could use the crutch of a carrot to get into the whole thing easily, but that wasn’t any way for her to have to do constantly to simply walk up and say hi to a person forever. Keeping into that thought, her ears started to droop a little, even enough to lose focus of where she was at having her mind drift off to her childhood again. The sudden cheering of people made her snap back, jumping lightly as the Sylph stared at her the entire time, silently gazing at her demeanor. She didn’t know what it was that made her that way, but she never questioned why because of just how large a degree the fear seemed to be.

    It did seem that once the opening had started, someone approached her to probably greet themselves. Was that the right time? Social que’s and times were nowhere near her expertise, so this was just something more along the lines of guess and hope... or just observe and copy. ”So.. do we go down now, Silvia?” Gisen asked, looking to the Sylph who looked down and then back to the bunny girl, nodding. ”Are you sure you want to go? We can wait until when the crowd clears some.” With a small, quiet nod in reply, the four legged spirit stood up and then looked around. ”Umm.. how are you getting down from here?” She asked, looking around for something to help them down. The bunny girl chuckled and then swung her body around, hopping off of the roof and falling down, landing on her feet and then standing up while brushing her clothes off from having laid on her stomach the entire time. ”Wait! Why didn’t you just use the stairs?” Her paw pointed right next to where she stood, pointing to a metal staircase that would have led her down to the ground. ”I dunno. Force of habit?” She questioned, shrugging. ”Who’s freaking force of habit is to jump off of a two story building... whatever.”

    Walking through the dispersing crowd, Gisen has figured she could keep most attention focused around the faces she remembered, that way the fear of a strange new face wouldn’t deter her from the mission she set out for. With the Sylph now taking her humanoid like appearance, she kept to Gisen’s left side like a guide if she’d have a sudden jolt of fear. ”Now remember, be professional. No mention of carrots, got it?” Silvia asked, stopping her a little ways away while whispering toward her. Nodding, they began to walk forward until they stepped before the newly announced guild master and the girl whom approached her first. ”H-Hi. I’m Gisen Ceostra, Guild master from Lamia Scale. Can I interest you in a carrot?” Silvia instantly facepalmed at the question, sighing. ”I thought we agreed not to do that!?” The Sylph yelled, not too loud to attract a crowd. ”I panicked! I’m not good with people, you know this... it’s the best alternative though and you know it...” She replied, her eyes looking away before putting the attention back to the other girl. ”Since the offer is out there... I can make it taste like anything in existence, so if you’ve got a really big craving for a food, I can uh.. help sati.. umm.. sat..” ”Satisfy.” ”Y-Yeah, that... So w-what do you ladies say?” She’d offer, looking over to the other girl present as not to be rude, though she gripped lightly onto Silvia’s arm out of the nervousness she started to feel.



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    Star Re: ☆ GRAND OPENING ☆ open to all ;; including non-cs members ☆

    Post by Musicalbunny on Fri 16 Feb 2018, 02:22

    Beauty Is In The Heart
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    Rina was excited to see the first big event she had ever seen. She was very happy to be somewhere that was exciting and pumped up. There was a lot of cheer everywhere as everyone was waiting for the Guild Master. She was wearing a beautiful dress made of flowers that she created herself. Along with this, she wore a flower crown made of many multi-colored flowers. She tried to look the best she could today. Rina couldn't even breathe because she never ever experienced something as big as this. She wished her family could see this and was sad that she couldn't have taken them out of the little alleyway they called home. It was saddening but nothing could bring Rina and her woohs down. She also realized many big name people were here such as the Guild Masters of Lamia Scale and Fairytail. She was looking for the little Guild Master but she was nowhere to be seen so Rina shrugged it off. There were tons of people there and many Rina didn't recognize but she wanted to start to know them. Before she could talk to anyone though the Guild Master of this new legal guild came out. Rina was sure the Guild Master was happy with her work in creating this beautiful home for great guild friends. She talked for a bit and sooner or later she cute the ribbon and everyone cheered with a loud boom. Fireworks started to shoot out everywhere as the whole crowd became wild. Rina was so thrilled to do this huge thing that she shouted so hard...after everyone stopped cheering. Rina looked seriously embarrassed as multiple people stared at her. Once the awkward silence stopped Cheering was heard from again and Rina smiles with great relief and said to herself "Well then...that was awkward." Rina wasn't ready to meet too many people yet so she went to the back of the area and took out her lavender bow. She shot multiple arrows into the air aiming for fireworks. As it reached it the arrow exploded and rained down flowers upon the crowd and Rina left satisfied with her doing. She couldn't wait to go home and tell her parents about this


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