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    Full Circle (Part 1)


    Full Circle (Part 1) Empty Full Circle (Part 1)

    Post by Guest 28th August 2019, 2:54 pm

    It had all come full circle and as Thyra approached the camp, she knew precisely what would be in store for her. The memories of the last time she’d been here filled her mind, memories of anger, hatred and sorrow. This had been where her life had been turned upside down and only now did she feel ready to face her past. How long had it been since she last faced her former love? She didn’t know but it felt like it had only been days, as that’s how quickly time had seemed to pass for her. There was a time where her heart would have leapt to have seen the visage of the beautiful brunette but not that thought only caused the anger and sense of treachery to build even further. Today it would all come to an end and she’d finally achieve closure, of a wound that had been open for far too long.

    There was no point being subtle as she already assumed that her presence would have been felt already and before she’d even caught sight of one of the slavers, a figure appeared in front of her. A tall, green eyed woman, with long brown hair running down her back. The main difference being now that rather than a smile on her face, there was now only a look of pure hatred and disgust. The feeling was mutual and as the two mages approached each other, the tension only grew further until it reached a fever pitch, as they stopped mere inches from each other.

    “So, you finally had the guts to return here, my dear?” Lyandra would snap coldly, “You should have stayed away and hid in Fiore, where you would’ve been safe from my retribution.”

    “I came here to put a stop to your abuse and end your slavery ring, as a member of the Sabertooth guild,” Thyra answered, raising her right hand, her guild symbol easy to see. “I’m going to free all of the slaves that have been forced to suffer under your cruel methods and take you back to Fiore to pay for your crimes. The sultans might not give a damn about your business but the Magic Council will. Now, hand yourself in to me or I’ll take you back by force. There’s no other way out for you, Lyandra.”

    “You honestly think that you have the strength to do that?” the green eyed woman chuckled, “I remember not so long ago where the simplest blast of my lightning would have you twitching on the floor. You may have finally discovered your magical potential but you don’t have the power to..”

    Before she could say another world, she was forced to jump backwards as Thyra attacked, wielding a flaming hammer in her right hand. In her left, was a blade of pure lightning that crackled with electricity every so often. There would be no fooling around here and as the green haired mage began to swing her weapons, the thought of speech was wiped from the brunette’s mind. Thyra attacked with a brutally offensive style, swinging both blade and hammer with a strength and dexterity that had been honed with hours of practice and precision. A combination of godly weapons that worked together in perfect tandem.

    Angrily, Lyandra summoned a bolt of lightning which she hurled towards Thyra. However, the golden eyed mage would raise her blade to the sky before slamming it down in response, unleashing a powerful lightning slash which tore through her ex lovers attack and hit her directly. Screeching, she’d be briefly stunned by the attack, giving Thyra the chance to move in close and deliver a powerful strike with the hammer, causing her foe to fly off of her feet and crash to the floor. Continuing her combination, the Sabertooth mage would then twirl the hammer around her head, before slamming it into the ground, causing a pillar of magma to appear from below her foe and burn her, dealing heavy damage.

    Pausing her assault, Thyra would then move forward towards her enemy, pulling out a pair of magical cuffs. “Have you had enough, Lyandra? I want to take you in alive, you know. I’m not the same girl as I once was. I’m no longer your little puppet who you could fondle and cuddle. I’ve realised the truth and that I was only ever just a plaything to you, despite what you claimed. All of your mind games were for naught. You broke my heart, more than once and yet I’ve managed to grow from it all, as much as it hurts.”

    “You have no right to say that to me,” Lyandra hissed, struggling to move, “After all I did for you, a knife in the back was the only reward I got. I took you out of the camp and treated you like an equal, you were my partner, my lo…..”

    “DON’T SAY THAT WORD TO ME!” Thyra erupted, her composure slipping for a moment, “I don’t want to hear any more of your lies. You’re beaten, just admit it.”

    “Tch, you’re still naive and that’s why you’ll never win,” Lyandra snapped, “You may have become stronger but you’re still a brainless fool who runs head first into any situation. Savour your victory because it’s the only one you’ll have, until next time, my dead.”

    Before Thyra could move another muscle, Lyandra would suddenly disappear into nothing, leaving a furious mage behind. With a clenched fist, the green haired girl would briefly gaze up at the sun, before turning towards the camp. She may not have succeeded in capturing Lyandra but the golden haired girl had won an important battle nonetheless. She could fight on level terms with her but it would require more training, more power and more experience. However, there was something that she could still do and with both weapons in hand, she began to walk towards the horrible place, ready to free as many slaves as possible.

    She’d had the last laugh today and that was enough.

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