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    Polar Bond


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    Polar Bond Empty Polar Bond

    Post by Saraphina on 17th August 2019, 9:08 pm

    Magic Name: Polar Bond
    Magic Type: Bond - Solitary
    Bond: Týr
    Description: Polar Bond is the perfect melding of a ferocious wintery bear and a queen from an icy regions. This magic is the embodiment of an icy pairing as it is filled with nothing but frost, snow, or ice, the spells that revolve around a polar bear and a mage of Iceberg decent. The two combine their strongest assets together to unleash their power upon the world and fight alongside one another.

    Saraphina and Týr work either in tandem, or simultaneously, to let out their attacks. Týr mainly mainly uses mobility and defensive abilities with a few attacks in there, but overall Saraphina attacks more overall.

    Unique Abilities:
    ~ D - Polar Connection: As Saraphina and Týr are both from cold areas, they have a connection that resonates well between them, buffing both of their strengths by their passive ranks buff whenever they are in burst rank range of one another. (60% at S rank within a 100 meters of one another.)
    ~ B - Polar Growl: Once per thread, Týr is able to let up a growl that will increase both his and Saraphina’s spell damage by their max rank buff for five posts. (70% at S rank)
    ~ S - Cold touch: As Saraphina and Týr are close enough to touch one another, they are able to slightly heal one another for half their rank damage for a single post at least twice per thread. (60 HP at S rank)

    Spells: As a starter character at D rank, you start off with 3 regular D rank spells and one D+ rank advanced spell.


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