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    The White Queen

    The White Queen

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    Stone Them All Empty Stone Them All

    Post by Saraphina 28th July 2019, 11:14 pm

    Stone Them All,
    This was probably one of the weirdest requests she had seen put up on her job board… Someone wanted her to ‘mess up’ a pet store? Maybe she could go on and get herself something for Týr while she was there. A few toys or something. Maybe some free foods. The white haired queen, guild master of one of the newest up and coming guilds, stood in her castle and read over the paper quietly. “Your majesty?” A black haired female servant questions as she stands behind her. Saraphina turned to look to the girl, who had bowed once she turned. “Is something the matter your majesty?” “No, I’m just looking this over for right now. Leave me be for a moment…” She seriously looks down at the paper in her hands, wondering if she should accept it again. She had heard the door close as Nadaline left her alone, like she requested. Now she could think in peace. This pet store was apparently showing off that they were followers of a religion that disbelieved hers though... That wasn’t acceptable. She would have to pay this ‘Paw Pals’ a visit now.

    The white queen of Errings Rising was standing in the street in one of her white dresses as she observes the store from a distance. All the religious stuff there not about her gods… It was a disgrace. This client had wanted her to ruin the shop because the staff thought that they weren’t capable enough to have one of their pets. Her mind instantly thought that the reason why was because of the stores religious views. Why else would they reject someone? She scoffs as she makes her way towards the store. She wanted to play a bit… The store owners religion liked throwing rocks at others not their religion… Why doesn’t she just do the same to them and their store? That sounded like a lovely thing to do. Yes, it was perfect. A grin forms on her lips as she walked into the store casually. Her crown was on her head as she smirked to herself. It looked rather empty in this rather massive store. It was probably that banquet for the older staff members that left it pretty bare with a skeleton crew.

    A single janitor, a cashier, and a few customers were in the store. Boring. Very boring. She went to look around quietly, seeing if there was anything in here that she could get Týr or not before she continued out with the job at hand. She noticed an ‘exotic pets’ section, and giggles to herself. Perfect. There had to be something there she could get her hands on. She walked around the store just a few steps, before she spies a sign that pissed her off. It was one of those signs that said that the god loved her deeply. She makes a snarling face at the poster. Honestly finding it to be rather terrible. A grin was on her face as she suddenly mumbled, "Thrud," and had her sword stabbed through the poster. "Odin does love all his children. And so do the Valkyries, Loki, Freyja..." She cackles as she glanced over towards one of the people that was in the store. They looked at her as if she was crazy. But honestly, she didn't care. This place just made her mad looking around not even a minute after entering. They were one of the customers, and we're pulling up something out of their pocket. A snicker came from Saraphina as she pointed her hand towards the person. "Jord." A rock cam flying through a window and directly hit the object that the person was trying to take out. It fell on the floor next to the rock. An ilac.

    She begin laughing as she moved the rock and let it smash the phone before she quickly darted forward and stabbed the person with her sword. "Oh. I was supposed to only use rocks today…" She begun giggling more as she made Thrud disappear and had both her hands free. "Your god has committed crimes against me. This store also is a major offense. I'm going to show you all what has been undone to my fellow kin." She giggles rather maniacally. The other customers in the store were seeming like they were starting to shake in slight fear of her. This pleased the queen. She grinned, showing her sharp teeth to them all now. A kid cried somewhere after seeing her teeth. Oh well. She wanted them all to fear her. Maybe she could play a bit. She threw her hand out and rocks came crashing more through the windows and doors. Now her fun really could begin. The kid screamed more as a rock smacked into his mother and quickly knocked him onto a bolder to carry him around the shop. The janitor started to come at her from the back of the shop, and she just giggled as she skips a bit around.

    “Princes’ of Silver~! Princes’ of Gold! My prince will be sweet, and he will be bold!” She squeals as she started throwing more rocks around the building. The rocks were all floating and destroying things while the animals were going completely nuts in the pet store. One of the hook like rocks ran after the janitor and managed to hook onto the keys, yanking them off of him as he ran at Saraphina, his broom raised. She looked to him and frowns as she flicked a rock at him. “You are not worth my time, peasant.” She says as the rock smacked into the janitors head and knock him into a shelf. He was unconscious for now. At least he wasn’t bothering her. “These poor, sweet animals.... They need to be set free.” She giggles as she had the keys in her hand now. She was still controlling the rocks, and they were all flying around and smacking into the customers to rattle them all up. She was enjoying it. These screams for help from their god that wasn’t going to save them. It brought joy to her. At least hers would come to her aid.

    A rock had gone behind the checkout counter where she had spotted the cashier counting the jewels in the register when she first came in. As soon as the rock went spinning around in there, a scream was heard and a button was pressed, sounding an alarm. Saraphina sighed. That wasn’t fun… The girl got up from behind the counter, managing to dodge her rocks and grabbed hold of the cash register as she ran towards the front door, or what was left of it. Saraphina grinned again. “Wrong choice, sweetie. You shouldn’t of come to work today.” She giggles as she whistled. She didn’t need to whistle, but it was just for effect. A rock came right towards the cashier and smacked the register, effectively shoving it back into the gut of the cashier. The rock came back around and over the cash register and flew right into the face of the cashier, smashing them into the ground. The ground was actually starting to look a bit red from the customers that were so unfortunate to be in here. That alarm was starting to get annoying. She had to release the animals in their cages… Wreck more of the shop… Maybe give notice that she was there… She had so much to do on this job! Now she was glad she took it. And the fact that the pet shop insulted her gods too? Bonus.

    Suddenly, Saraphina was starting to hear gunshots coming from the entrance, which hit the shelf near her. “Halt!” A females’ voice says to her. “That was a warning shot. The next one will go into you.” She was holding a gun and was prepared to shoot another. Saraphina turned to show her guild mark, and raised an eyebrow. “And you are?” She says as she rests her elbow on the shelf next to her, her other hand going on her hip. The rocks were still floating around the store, not really doing much besides terrorizing the customers still. It was getting boring. She should just end them now. The woman kept a stern face as she glared at her. “I am Amiral Lindsey. Cease this rukus and give yourself up now, you might be treated fairly in a trial.” A snicker came across the white queen's lips. “‘Might be treated fairly?’ I highly doubt it. Guess you don’t know my name. I am Queen Saraphine Rose Zima. Queen of Errings Rising. And a beloved blessed one of Odin. No one tells me what to do. So now, you, this store, and the god that the pathetic owner worships so much? You’re all being destroyed with rocks. Since you love stoning my kin.” She giggles rather excitedly. Her eyes were wide as she claps her hands together.

    Rocks started to smack together, causing people* who were chased around to be caught between them. Red was going everywhere. The rocks were even getting in the way of the bullets, and Saraphina was just giggling madly as she brought the keys to the cages, she begun unlocking them as the rocks blocked her from being shot at. A bullet went flying passed one of the rocks, and managed to graze her arm, ripping her dress as well. Saraphina looked at the tear, and heard silence as the rocks froze in the air. They had already killed everyone within the store, minus the Amiral… She had stopped shooting for a moment as the rocks stopped. Slowly the rocks blocking her moved to the side, showing that cages were open, but the animals weren’t coming out of their cages just yet, mainly because the admiral was shooting in their direction before. Saraphina’s purplish pink eyes were glaring towards the woman as she frowns. “You ruined my dress…” She says in a low monotonous voice. “What?” “You. Ruined. My. Dress! Saraphina screeches as she throws her arms out towards the woman, laughing like a madwoman as she quite literally had the rocks aim at her like she was a light and they were bugs. They were going in and out of smacking her to bits. And the next thing she knew… the Admiral was laying on the ground now groaning, same as the janitor.

    She scoffs as she goes back to unlocking the cages in the store calmly. As soon as they were all opened, her rocks came over to help the animals higher up, down. A smile was on her lips as she watched the animals get excited to play around and be free! Now she needed to finish up. She used her rocks to smash the heads of both the janitor and the Rune Knight. She then looks around. Something needed to be done. She drags all the bodies and makes a nice circle with the bodies before she starts to move the womans body. She grabbed her limp hand and cut it with a rock before she started to draw Errings Rising’s guild symbol, then decided to add the sweet little mark of a crown sitting on a corner of it. Show them that they were attacked by the White Queen of Errings Rising. Soon her name would be out there. The world would know to fear her. All in due time. She looked up and blinked. There was the perfect gift for Týr. A large pillow with a steak on it. She squealed and quickly ran to grab the pillow, and happily walked out of the store like she hadn’t just massacred the whole inside of it. Týr would definitely love to have this oversized pillow for himself. As she was walking, she heard a noise though. It sounded like footsteps rushing towards the location. She looked down to her dress, still upset that the sleeve was torn, and frowns to herself. It was stained red. She needed to get home. Nadaline needed to fix her dress. And even though she could take care of any rune knights coming her way, she wasn’t in the mood anymore to play with them.**
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