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    The Golden Key Pisces


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    The Golden Key Pisces Empty The Golden Key Pisces

    Post by Ghost on 10th July 2019, 10:11 am

    Ghost stood tall as he was walking by the river of time. He stood no more than his 6 feet self would allow. Staring on at the time flowing he would ball his fight up. As goosebumps came all around him. He was as scared as he has ever been. For within his hand he held the power of a Zodiac spirit. Without this very spirit, Ghost would have been killed centuries ago. As snow would begin to fall Ghost would stick out his tongue. Something his big brother showed him how to do. Odd was it not for a human child to be adopted by a Zodiac spirit. But as odd as it may seem. Ghost was in fact raised by the said spirit.

    Thinking to himself as he looked up into the snowy clouds. The day his family left him was one of the most important moments in his life. But to think they never truly left him. But simply he was forced to forget them. His hands still shaking from fear of seeing them again. The day he saw them killed was no illusion. But their key he found it again such a blissful day this was to him. As tears continue to fall down his face. He would close his eyes. Soon he would start to think about how it all started he would think about the day he first met them. That day he met them was right by the river of time.

    Flash Back...Ghost Age 4

    Ghost was crying by the river as the snow came down on him. He was cold he was lonely and most importantly he was scared. Banged up from a spiritual beast who had wiped out his clan. Somehow some way he was still here. Being a timekeeper Ghost blood was hot on the market as anyone who wanted to dip in time. Could just add his blood to the mix. But that was easier said than done and that is why hunter goes after kid timekeepers. Because of their inexperience in using their magic.

    Ghost hands could barely move as in the distance he would here a loud stomping sound. Slowly but surely the trees in the distance were being pushed aside. The look on Kid Ghost face would soon turn to pure fear. He would then slowly stand up as he started to run away. The said creature in question stood at least 40 feet tall. His wingspread about 20 feet long and his horns stood 10 feet long. The red skin on this demon spirit was something right out of a scary movie. As Kid Ghost was running its yellow eyes would glare at Kid Ghost back. "There you are foolish human. Your magical blood is needed COOMMEE TO MEEE!!!."Truly this beast was a nightmare to deal with.

    Kid Ghost would soon start to run into the woods to get away. Already banged up he was limping to get away. Soon the demon beast would start to flap his wings. The might of his wings were so great that the very wing he left off started to knock down the trees in his way. As Kid Ghost tried to get away he would fall over. To hurt to go on to scare to try and go on. The demon beast would give off a laugher. As his eyes would glow red as he was getting ready to fire off a heat beam at Kid Ghost.

    Just then a large boulder was dropped on the demon beast head. As the heat beam was let off it would fall straight down to the ground. As did the demon beast who tried its best to get up. But the force of gravity was just too much for it. Kid Ghost looked up to see Pisces. The son was standing in front of him. Holding out his hand towards him. Lil bro Ghost lets get out of here." The make who was known as Saint would pick him up as Kid Ghost fainted. Meanwhile, the female who was the mother and strongest of the two was named Sage and she had the demon beast pinned down.

    Ghost would close his eyes as he watched her battle the beast. A few days would go by as Kid Ghost finally woke up. To his surprise, Saint was right there with a smile on his face. "Hey mom he up Ghost has woken up." Sage would nod her head as she smiled at him. With joy in her voice, she would say to him"I'm glad to see you are up baby boy. You had us worried for a moment." Ghost looked at the Zodiac spirit that was Pisces but as he looked around the room. He did not see his mother."Ummm, excuse me lady Safe and Sir Saint where is my mother?" Soon Saint would get off the bed as he lowered his head. Sage did not have a good look on her head either. With a sad look on her face, she would walk up to him and give him a hug.

    "Say baby boy one day you will meet her again. But hey until then we will stick by your side no matter what because we are Ohana and Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind."Kid Ghost looked at her with a smile and completed the phase with her" or forgotten". She would hug him tightly as a tear came down his cheek.

    3 years would go by as Pisces took Kid Ghost in as their own. With Saint acting as his brother and Sage as his mother. Everything was going to be alright, but a certain demon beast was not done yet. Sage was teaching Kid Ghost how to use water and gravity magic. He was learning but not fast enough. Sage looked on at Kid Ghost as she knew their time was running out. But seeing Kid Ghost smile always made her smile as well. Nightfall would come as Pisces discuss what they were going to do next. Sage said that they were going to form a contract with Kid Ghost the first thing in the morning. Seeing as he has grown stronger over time.

    However, as the moon was starting to leave the night sky a roar could be heard. This put Pisces on high alert as it was none other than the demon beast. "Damn it he broke out of my gravity aqua seal this is bad. On top of that, we are starting to fade from this world. Saint wake Ghost we must do the contract now. Saint looked on as he ran into the room to wake Ghost up. As Sage went to go fight the demon beast. Saint explained to Ghost best he could as Ghost smile and replied with Ohana. Saint saw this and nearly cried as he summoned the papers. By now Sage was on the losing end until Kid Ghost golden key came about.

    With that Sage full power came back. But not as much as she would have liked. She would turn into her sea serpent form. As she charged at the beast. Saint looked back at Ghost as he gave him a hug. "See you soon baby brother" Soon he would run out of the house and transformed into his sea serpent form as well. Rushing to his mother aid Pisces was dead set on protecting Kid Ghost. The struggle was extremely bad for them as Kid Ghost had not enough magic put them at full power. At last, they opted for the last thing they could do. Just as Kid Ghost would run outside of the house. He would see then fighting looking on to see Pisces. Was starting to glow up. That was activating their magic spell Aqua Gravity Destruction.

    Kid Ghost confused at what was going on as the spell set off Pisces was starting to disappear. Kid Ghost watched on in horror as his Ohana was leaving him once again. Sage looked to him now in her human form. She would run to give him a hug. "Smile because of you we defeated a demon beast." Kid Ghost could not even get a word out he was so sad as Saint came to him. "Yeah you have are key we just need time to recover you know. But get this your memory of us will fade until it's time for us to meet again ok baby brother." Sage kisses him on the cheek as Pisces faded away in order to heal their wounds. Kid Ghost was crying as He closed his eyes.

    Present day...

    Ghost would open his eyes as he held up the golden key of Pisces."All this time I thought I was along but now I am not because I remember. GATE OF THE PAIRED FISH COME FORTH PISCES!!!" He would yell that with pride as the paired fish gate opened up. Out cameltoe mother and son duo. Ghost had a tear run down his face. As Sage wiped it off of him. "Cheer up we are together again ok baby boy." Saint smiled as he looked at him. "It's a good thing too baby brother because you know who is back." Ghost smiled at them both. "I'm ready believe you me it won't be like last time. Because this time, we will fight him as a family." Soon in the distance a loud roar could be heard. The trio would make their way towards the demon beast to end this fight once and for all.

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