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    Kidnapping a noble man

    Orokana Yuhi
    Orokana Yuhi

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    Completed Kidnapping a noble man

    Post by Orokana Yuhi 1st July 2019, 8:45 am

    Orokana was walking down a street in a city he has never been to before. Yawning, as much as a lich could, down the street he aimlessly walked. The city was pretty lively as people came and went going about their business, probably home or to dinner as the night was slowly approaching this city. He had no clue of where he was going but he knew he was going to need to find something to do for a job. He needed money in order to fund his unholy escapades. Which he thought looking for the scummiest part of town and finding some... welcoming fellows might be what he would need to find a job, or rob them at least. As he made his way down the seemingly endless streets he finally found his goal. Everywhere he looked all he saw was sin and people doing indecent things. Prostitution, selling drugs, just things like that. He walked down as his red mask hid his face from prying eyes and his gloves held his hands close to cover them, people kinda staring at him, but not long to annoy him, not yet anyways. He looked around to find himself into a bar, not a good looking bar but it was what he wanted. He opened the doors slowly to enter the bar and looked at all the patrons in its walls. They looked back to him as his masks blue eyes scan the room. He saw a couple of... indecent fellows in the corner of the bar hunched together talking about something, one of them staring at Orokana. If he could he would smirk under his mask upon seeing this as a good chance to make some money. He slowly made his way to the gentlemen in the corner and sat down next to one of them in a free spot in their booth. They all looked at him as Orokana couldnt even help but smile at them. He gestured a small bow and then said in a hushed tone. "hello gentlemen, I see here you are planing something. not that hard to tell since you all look shady like this, but let me cut to the chase, I want in, and before you ask what I can do, I am a VERY skilled magician and no matter what you young men are thinking about doing, I can do this job much easier and faster. So cut me in and make this go flawlessly and faster then what ever you can do." His tone was full of cockiness but all truthful. He didnt feel anything special about them in terms of magical power. Which would mean he held most of the cards here since what person that is about to do something illegal wouldnt want it to go smoothly as possible. One of the men, a taller guy but missing all his hair on his head looked at Orokana intensely and then asked him one question. "How do I know what you say is true?" Orokana would let out a laugh and then looked at him "If I wasnt as good as I say I am, do you think I would pull up here uninvited? I rather not do this but I have no problem putting some of your men into the graves to prove a point~" He chuckled at them as his mask just stared back at the hairless man.

    Orokana chuckled as he walked down the street of where all the nobles live, the houses large and have an amazing lawn with many flowers and other things as well. If he remembered right the noble was a middle age man that owes some gang around here money but hasnt paid them back yet, the noble was named Jack Leblanc. Orokana didnt care about anything else really as they pointlessly talked about his estate and what he will be taught after he kidnaps the noble. But he figured now was a good time to start his plan. Orokana removed the gloves and mask that hid his unholy form. His white bones now free to the cold night air, and his glowing red eyes looking around to try and see if anything might be odd around him. He let out a small laugh as he raised his hand and summoned his three skeletons, two of them are his skeleton warriors armed with rusted swords and shields, and one skeleton archer that had an almost broken bow and a couple of rusted arrows. He looked at the skeletons and ordered them to rush into the estate and kill anyone that isnt the nobleman. The skeletons made some chatters like they were agreeing to his orders then rushed off ahead of him. Orokana slowly walked after them, knowing his summons where more then a match to any normal man that might be in the area. He hummed an old tune that reminded him from when he was alive over a hundred years ago. Hearing yelling and screaming as he opened the gates into the nobleman's lawn and slowly made his way to the front doors that laid wide open, welcoming him inside of its walls. He looked around as he saw his skeletons quickly kill the servants and guards. Their weapons unable to do any real damage to his summons. Which made his laugh as he closed the doors to the manor. He hummed again as he felt happy slowly walking up the stairs and turning down a hall to try and find the nobleman. His skeletons destroying all life in the place, and the manor itself being ransacked. Slowly Orokana found a set of large doors, thinking it would lead into the mans room he opened the door and saw the man in his bed, looking at him horrifically scared by seeing the tall lich staring at him. Orokanas eyes glowed with excitement as he slowly walked towards the man, his footsteps almost silent as he raised his bone finger to his own mouth and made a noise, telling the man to be quiet or else.

    Orokana walked out of the city slowly as his skeletons held the man, the skeletons dressed as servants with their faces covered. holding the man like he was passed out drunk. Orokana looking back at them now and again as he was hidden in his mask and gloves. Asking them if the man was ok, making it sound like he would be getting the man home. He chuckled under his breath as his plan was prefect and no bumps stopped it at all. He slowly made his way with his summons and the passed out man to the meet up point outside the city. The gang he meet at the bar looking at him as he slowly walked to them. Orokana outstretched his arms and then gestured for the skeletons to walk to the men. Still hidden the skeletons handed over the man and Orokana looked at them. "Now about my payment..." He asked as the men looked at each other and laughed a bit. Explaining to him how they werent going to pay him. Orokana sighed deeply and raised his hand as his summons faded back into the ground and Orokana summoning his skeleton knight. A tall thing wearing black armor and holing a large great sword bigger then most of the men. Orokana slowly took off his mask and his red eyes glowed intensely showing them just how annoyed he was. All the men looked scared and looked at their boss as Orokana told them if they didnt give him the money, all of them will be Orokanas new servants in death. The boss just looked at the skeletal knight and took a bag from his side. Throwing it to Orokana as he caught it and looked in the bag to make sure he wasnt being cheated. He chuckles once he counted all the money he got. He looked up at the hairless man and put on his mask again and whispered just loud enough for the man to hear. "If you ever try and cheat me again, there will be no threats, only the sound of your flesh being cut and the slapping noise of limbs hitting the ground. Your blood painting my beloved undead in your sweet nectar... do I make myself clear?" He just stared at the hairless man as he nodded slowly. Trying to look calm as his face was wet with sweat. Orokana laughed loudly as he nodded and started to walk away with his knight of bones behind him. Waving at the men as he started to make his way to another town aimlessly walking into the night. The heavy foot steps of the knight echoing was the men looked at each other just evading pissing off a man of death himself. Orokana felt happy with his work as he felt richer from his little fun and made the skeletal knight fade into the ground as he didnt need him anymore.

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    Kidnapping a noble man OroSig_80

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