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    Kidnapping the noble


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    Kidnapping the noble Empty Kidnapping the noble

    Post by Nadarr 11th March 2022, 12:39 pm

    Odelia stood a bit of a distance in front of a nobles home whom she had to kidnap. She didn't know why bit she really didn't care why she just knew she just had to bring the noble to another nearby mansion she was told to do what ever she had to do to get this job done. She took a deep breath as she focused her breathing as she saw him returning home from something she took a breath "Breathing Technique of Inner Strength" She said as she started to approach smiling her smile as she became visible the five people looked confused as an older butler walked over. "Miss this is private property you can't be here." He spoke as Odeila giggled. "I am sorry I have business with your master~" she said sweetly. The old man didn't have time to speak again as Odelia's blade went through his chest killing ing him instantly as looks of horror was on everyone's face. As she pulled out looking one of the guards yelled. "Get the master inside I'll deal with him go!" Odeila watched as one guard and a maid ran inside. "Oh my there running away…this won't do at all" She said in a sweet tone.

    Odilia with stare at the guard with the store and shield in front of her smiling still. She would tilt her head focusing on maintaining her technique. "I don't suppose you'll be a dear and just let me through." She said with a sweet tone. He looked at her with a growl in his tone. "As long as I am alive you won't get past." He said as he rushed her. "Oh my, very well then." She said readying her self as he swung his blade she would parry it with her sword jumping back as he tried to shield bash her. She took a breath as she jumped back launching herself forward as he raised his sheild to block her strike. As he blocked she smiled. "My…you are quite capable…" she said sweetly as he thrusted out throwing her back as she smiled. He said nothing as she focused on her breathing "Breathing Technique Wind Strikes." She said as he rushed her she side stepped seeing her new Speed took him off guard. Seeing an opening she smiled. "First Form: Lunar Dance~" She said doing a full spin the sharpness of her blade expending around her as he looked wided eyed having taken saver damage finding himself unable to move. She smiled as he hit the ground on his back and smiled. "I am sorry about this." She said stabbing down on his neck killing him instantly. She looked to the house and proceeded inside.

    As she ran in she saw her Target and his guard at the top of the stairs. She looked up as they saw her quickening there pace. She went to pursue when out of the corner of her eye she say a blur as the maid appeared to deliver a swift few kicks. As she blocked the kicks the maid kicked of her blade flying backwards as she she did she threw three kunai knives at her with great precision. As she blocked each one Odeila could tell this woman was very skilled and if she didn't have her speed guard up she would block the knives, she barely blocked them the first time. Before she had time to think the maid had two knives in her hand as she came at her with a flurry of swift strikes. Odeila was being pushed back dodging and blocking the maids strikes focusing on defiance trying to find an opening to strike back. As she moved she to a breath and let her shoulder get started. As she did she grunted but swung upper ward having her opening as she rotated her blade slashing upper the middle of her body to her shoulder killing her instantly. She looked up the stairs focusing her breathing. Using her Breathing Technique of the Moons to focus her bodies healing . As her wound would slowly clot and head she ran up the stairs into the hallway.

    At the end of the hallway stood his personal guard in a fighting stance. Odeila smiled at him flicking the blood off her blade onto the wall. "Enough blood has been shed just let me have your boss please, I promise not to harm him." She said looking him over. "Not possible, I am already shamed I won't be anymore." He said in a guarded stance. "Very Well then if that is your choice I do apologize." She said getting in a stance. "Second Form: Lunar Wave" She said as her blade gleamed with the light of the moon. As she rushed forward aiming for a decapitating the man she had a look of genuine surprise as he caught her strongest blade swing with his bade hand only digging in a little bit. He took his other hand paling her in the gut sending her skidding back g in the hallway panting slightly looking at him get ready to charge her. She took a deep breath. It would tax her body but she felt a drawn out fight with him would be one she would lose. "Secret Form of The Moon Clan: Lunar Eclipse" She said as the man went one the offensive. She would meet him halfway and they flew by each other Odeila stood for a moment panting and shivering slightly as her heard a gush of blood and thud behind her. She didn't look back as she open the door seeing a old man shaking pointing g a gun at her.

    Even with her reduced speed now she sprang across the room slicing the gun in two before a shot was fired and used the back of her blade to strike him knocking him out cold. She would pick him up walking g out past all the bodies she had created. This was certainly on of the harder tasks she had to accomplish…but it was done. She would tie him up and drop him off at the mansion. No words were exchanged as she left him with the men and she left feeling uneasy needing to think about her skills and talents. She may need to train more to keep up with the big leagues she strove towards.

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