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    Party Planning!


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    Party Planning!  Empty Party Planning!

    Post by Bianca 18th June 2019, 12:02 pm

    Bianca didn't usually like doing jobs, but this seemed to be a small task with a big reward. Holding the flyer in her hands she could see "PARTY PLANNER NEEDED! 5,000J REWARD!" And that sparked a fire in her, she could see it in her future... a shopping spree! But she also knew that getting through this job, with all the children, was gonna be a lot of work so she looked to her best friend. Shuffling through her purse she pulled out a flask and took a swig. "I'm ready!" Bianca shouted as she headed out the door. People looked at her as if she was crazy but really she was determined and on a buzz.

    The streets of magnolia were busy as always and Bianca desperately needed to get there in time. It was one of the jobs very few requirements but... that was not going to happen. Along the way, Bianca stopped for coffee, met a few cute guys, got bored of them, went shopping. The usual. About an hour or so after the party started Bianca arrived. Immediately the contractor who requested help ran to her, costume in hand, "The entertainment backed out in the last second! We need your help." Before Bianca could even answer the costume was literally thrown at her. It smelt strange, like sweat, and it was rather cartoonish. Really Bianca didn't want to wear it all but she did want that money...

    Shrugging she slipped the weird mouse costume over her clothes and almost gagged. It smelt like bourbon and funk but as she walked onto the stage of the party the children loved her! They were very happy which in turn made her happy but unfortunately, things took a drastic turn. A child was digging in her purse and had found her special flask. Bianca shrieked, scurrying over to grab it from him before his curiosity got the best of him. That was exactly when her temporary manager saw her with it and she was forced to explain. "I wouldn't drink around children, well I mean I did before I got here but that was hours ago." Bianca rambled on and on but it didn't really help her situation at all. In fact, it only made it worse.

    "Since you think entertainment is so unbearable, you can go be on the cleanup crew." The manager spat, ordering her to take off the costume and shoving a broom into her hands. Bianca walked around and picked up trash, swept up dirt, scraped gum from under tables, washed off dirty tables, and more before the job at hand was finally done. The party had been over for an hour or so and Bianca took a break. Being a party planner was a lot of work and she was glad that she had chosen to be a mage instead, not that the occupation was ever actually in the running. Overall she did enjoy it though, children were always fun. The manager, however, was a real ball buster and it came as a shock to Bianca that she even got the reward given how she was late and supposedly drinking on the job but in that costume... who wouldn't?

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