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    Planning a Party [Arcadia's Ace Exam]


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    Planning a Party [Arcadia's Ace Exam] Empty Planning a Party [Arcadia's Ace Exam]

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 6th November 2018, 9:01 am

    The woman glanced around in horror, gasping in a manner that showed she was very obviously out of breath. A pile of folders and papers clutched haphazardly within her arms nearly scattered into the ground, and she let out a frustrated sigh, grasping and lunging until she got things into slightly more controlled state once more. Nothing was going right today – absolutely nothing, and she had had enough. What else was she expected to do? Was this kind of action even allowed in her contract? Hell no, she was being forced to work overtime, and her boss wasn’t even acknowledging it. In a frustrated yell, the woman continued to stalk her way up the street, high heels clicking angrily against the concrete as she tried to quickly think of a way to fix the problem that she was now unfortunately saddled with. Because of course it was now that her boss decided it was time to throw a great dinner event for all the major corporation heads in the area!! In a split second decision, the secretary made a random choice to turn down the closest street, only to find that the only notable building was the red brick guild hall of Fairy Tail. Ugh, wrong place again?

    With a scowl on her face, the girl made a move to leave the area before a sudden burst of light came into her eyes. Instantly, she turned around, pulling open the heavy doors and bursting into the clean, cozy lobby of the guild hall. Making straight over for the reception desk, the obviously exhausted woman desperately slammed the files onto the table. The floating orbs that operated the front desk stirred to life, and instantly shuffled around the screens so a clear message asking what she needed appeared on them. “Hey, I need to hire someone to plan and throw a party. Someone who’s good at it, who can do stuff for a formal dinner party, really high class.” The words tumbled out in a cascade, but the fairies seemed to catch all of it, transferring the request into a more readable format and adding it to the job board. “How long is it going to take to find somebody?”

    The desperate question burst out from the secretary’s mouth, and the orbs of light seemed to pause briefly, before indicating on the screens that they did not know. Well, that was great. She had absolutely no time to waste. The party was to be thrown tonight, and there was no time for it. “Never mind, never mind, I gotta find someone faster than that…” Biting a worn nail, the woman scanned the hall, before her eyes landed upon a small-looking blonde girl. She knew age didn’t matter that much in the magic industry – just look at all the children that seemed to dominate the magical world that were always appearing in Sorcerers Magazine. This one would do.

    “Oi, you,” the woman gasped, slamming a hand onto Arcadia’s shoulder, “You mind taking a job right now, or you know anyone willing to? I need to hire someone to plan and throw a fancy corporate party, I’m willing to pay whatever you want. Please, I’m seriously desperate here, okay? I just need someone capable enough to pull this up, I literally do not care who.” The papers with the details and requests would be thrown onto the bar next to the girl, the secretary so stressed by now she had little care for how crazed she appeared.

    Exam Requirements:
    Your task is to plan and throw a party for the top corporate heads of Magnolia within 12 hours! This includes hiring catering, sending out invitations, deciding on themes, decorations, and entertainment, etc - and, of course, entertaining the guests once they arrive! The minimum word count is 2.5k, but feel free to go over xD.

    Keep in mind that it's through this exam that I'll see whether your character IC is suited for the particular role of Executive Manager, so I'm looking for organization and planning skills, as well as the ability to take the initiative :)


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    Planning a Party [Arcadia's Ace Exam] Empty Re: Planning a Party [Arcadia's Ace Exam]

    Post by SeaGlass on 7th November 2018, 6:05 pm

    Sipping from her watermelon-strawberry slushy, Arcadia sifted through and added a few editing notes on her latest project. A little documentary she was working on with one of her newest guildmates. She heard the doors open, followed by the harried steps of the woman in high heels. She glanced over her shoulder, catching sight of the poor stressed out secretary. Normally, she'd head over, and see if the woman needed help.

    This secretary looked to be in quite the hurry, and probably not in the mood to hear the Arcadia's story of how she really wasn't just five years old, and could be of help. Then again some people rather have the help of a five year old than a mage who cannot figure out her own magical predicament. Then again, all of that didn't matter., by fate or choice this woman had come to Fairy Tail, and looked in need  of help more than almost anyone Arcadia had seen come through those doors. She took one big swig of her slushie, and started to slip down off her stool at the bar to go see what she could do to help the stressed secretary out.

    Seeing the woman find the fairies at the reception desk though,  Arcadia decided the situation must be under control after all. She could finish up her notes, and go see what sort of job the woman had the fairies post up on the job board. The young slayer took another sip of her watermelon-strawberry slushie, and turned back the notes on her iLac. Hearing the woman's high heels come up to the bar, the slayer set her iLac on the bar. She turned her faerie green gaze and a warm smile up to greet the woman.

    She felt a hand fall on her shoulder, and the woman straight out offered her the job before she could even get a simple hello out. This poor woman must really need help more than Arcadia had originally thought. Arcadia's faerie green gaze fell down on the papers landing on the bar. So she needed a fancy party put together? That sounded simple enough. Arcadia smiled back to the woman, ”No problem. We'll get that done.”

    The pale blonde slayer looked back down at the papers, taking a closer look at some of the details. She startled at the time and date set for the party to begin, and she double checked the time on her iLac. A few more complications than she had imagined, but in the couple days she had spent being the body double for local theater star, Lina Reese,  she had gotten a taste of whirlwind event planning. Arcadia was thinking that Lina's publicist, Kath, would be a good place to find connections she'd need. Kath did nothing but planning for Lina, and was sure to know people who threw red carpet galas.

    From her little posse of non-wizard friends, the Magnolia Seis, Arcadia knew Sakura's uncle was one of the better known chefs in Magnolia, so even with the 12 hours this was looking doable. Trouble was, she was pretty sure none of the people Kath knew would probably cost extra to help out on such short notice. Arcadia offered the woman another smile, ”I got this! I know people who know people. But, uhhh...  those people will probably cost more because of the short notice. So... 200,000 Jewel should cover it. And the time also limits choice of venue, so let's just hold it here at our guild hall. If you've got an iLac, just leave me your number so I can update you or just let you know when things are about ready.”

    Taking up her own little blue iLac, Arcadia took down the poor woman's contact information,  and smiled, ”That'll do it. I'll  give you a couple updates and also let you know when things are set. I'm Arcadia Fairechilde by the way, and don't worry.” The young slayer saw the time on her iLac lock screen, ”I better get started. Seeya soon!”

    With that, Arcadia showed the woman out, and went back to bar. She finished off her slushie, and ordered a new juice mix. ”That 200,00 should help cover any extra pay for you all. I'd really appreciate f you all could help set up and work the party. Looks like all the party goers are going to be the corporate big wigs of Magnolia. I hear they're big tippers, and any tips they leave you get to keep.”  

    Arcadia was happy to clear the first little hurdle, recruiting manpower to get the guild hall ready, work the party and hopefully help with clean up. Gathering up the papers, she took her juice, the papers and her iLac off to a table where she could spread them all out. On the way to finding a table, she stopped by the reception desk. Little Arcadia had a little talk with the fairies to have them send notice of the gala for Magnolia corporate big wigs the guild hall would be hosting that evening to Master Sorano and all three aces.  She wanted to make sure no surprises of other guild business accidentally spilling over to interrupt the party.

    Once she had the papers spread out over her chosen table, she opened up an app she had found for writing things up. It was capable of making tables, checking her spelling, and a full suit of other things Arcadia hadn't fully explored yet. So far she had used it to take and make production notes, make outlines for future projects and start one script. Starting a blank new document, Arcadia began to transcribe all the pertinent information from the papers the woman had provided her.

    An hour and half, and four watermelon-strawberry slushies later, Arcadia had everything transcribed onto a document on her iLac, an itemized checklist of everything she'd need to get or to do to pull this party off on time. She also had a guest list on her phone, complete with all their iLac numbers. That was something she was thankful to discover, though hardly surprising that a guest list full of corporate elite would all have the latest in communications. Invitations would be a breeze.

    For the three or four on the list hat didn't have a number, Arcadia had something special in mind. She had a handful of prototype blank flying pamphlets in a box in her room. Arcadia knew their homing and flight magic, while not perfected, would work well enough to find and reach any address within Magnolia.

    First few things on her checklist were people she needed to text or call. Arcadia ordered a box of grape juice. Even she could only go for so many watermelon-strawberry mixes in a row. Wanting some art to go on those blank pamphlets, she texted up Layla and Sophie of her Magnolia Seis friends.

    Arcadia: hey girls. need your help. got a big job for Fairy Tail  planning a big important party. need your skillz to make some artsy invitations. could you bring your art stuffs  to the guild hall and pick up the box of flying pamphlets from my room Fairy Hills on the way. its under my bed.

    Sophie: hey ice gurl. Sure thing we be there.

    Layla: count on us

    The young, pale blonde slayer quickly switched back to the still open list document to highlight, and select the strikethrough option. Continuing with the invitations, she was set to text Kei, also of the Magnolia Seis about the invites she planed to send via iLac.  

    Arcadia: 'sup? could u do me a favor? need u to set up a special page 4 me. no time 2 do it myself.

    Kei: k send me deets?

    Arcadia went on to describe in full detail the theme she had decided on for the party, while she was transcribing the papers. With the fairies around the guild hall, she inspired to create a Fairy Wonderland, more like the legends. Not the most imaginative theme, but the little slayer didn't have time to brain storm something better. Once she was certain Kei understood the style of  of artwork to use on the invitation page, Arcadia moved on down her list. Next was to text Sakura.

    Arcadia: Hihi! Could I get your uncle's number? Have big party at Fairy Tail that needs catering like tonight!

    Sakura: no probs! Heere ya go. 555-5**-****

    Arcadia kept up a little chatter with her friends to satisfy their curiosities about the party, but she didn't let it slow her down. The little slayer moved right on to calling up Sakura's uncle at his sushi restaurant, and after explained exactly who the party was for and the theme for the party was 'Fairy Wonderland', Sakura's uncle agreed to cater, knowing he could charge a premium.

    Sipping at her juice, she moved right along. Arcadia opened up her contact list, quickly bringing up Kath's number. Tapping the number, she put her iLac up to her ear, waiting for Kath to answer.

    Kath: “Hello, Ms Fairchilde,  I didn't expect to hear from you again so soon.”

    Arcadia set her juice box down, excited to have caught Kath in just a couple rings. ”I know I only got to serve as Lina's body double for a couple days, but Fairy Tail has been hired to throw gala for most of the corporate big wigs of Magnolia tonight. I was hoping I could use some of your contacts, like with the Magnolia Theatre Company or if you knew any local bands available on such short notice. The clients have assured me price is no object, so we all cold stand to make some jewel. And I hope Lina is feeling better? That was horrible how she got so sick on her honeymoon and had to cut her trip short. I'd be happy to fill in as her double again, if she ever wants to try another secret trip.”

    Kath: “We'll keep that in mind, Ms. Fairchilde, though she'll probably be taking a public honeymoon when they try again .As for your request, I'd be happy to help. What do you need from the Magnolia Theatre Company?”

    Little Arcadia nodded as if Kath could see her, ”The theme is going to be Fairy Wonderland. I was thinking the set pieces, costumes and props I saw from ' Summer's Dream.' And maybe like ten lighting lacrima and mirror ball lacrima. They're not using them now, so I was hoping they'd loan them to Fairy Tail for one night.”

    Kath: “That may be quite expensive, but if what you say about your client, it should not be a problem. And I'm sorry, but any musical talent I know s already booked for the night. The Theatre Company does have a music recording lacrima they'd probably lend you along with the set décor. You use it karaoke or dancing or one of your wizards to play dj.”

    The little blonde slayer was disappointed to hear she couldn't get any bands, but that musical lacrima sounded promising. ”Thanks, Kath. You don't how much this means.”

    Kath: “You can thank me with my usual fee.”

    Arcadia nodded in thought, ”Of course. If you could have them send everything over as soon as possible, I'd appreciate it. Text me when they're on their way if you can.”

    Kath: “Will do. Don't be a stranger, Ms. Fairchilde. Talk to you later.”

    The young mage smiled to herself, ”I'll be sure to come visit soon. Seeya!”

    After she hung up and checked off calling Kath, Arcadia decided it would be a good time to inform the staff of the costume they'd be wearing to fit in with the theme of 'Fairy Wonderland'.

    There was some resistance among a couple staff members whose self image might clash with a fairy costume. Most were convinced by the little demonstration Arcadia gave with misty illusion spell of what the guild hall would look like for the party. The promise of a small extra bonus of jewel solved didn't hurt either.  

    Heading back over to her work table, Arcadia texted Kath a list of exactly which set pieces, costumes and props she'd be needing from the Magnolia Theatre Company, and added a little note to see of Lina Reese's bodyguard wizard was available to cast his body change magic.

    Arcadia was thinking, she could avoid being stuck in the party crowd and solve her need for someone to sing or dj by doing that part herself. She'd been thinking of putting on an open mic night ever since the idea of a guild music festival came up a slumber party with Nessa. She hoped Lina's bodyguard would be available, unlike her own disguise magic, his would make her voice sound normal again too. Arcadia was pretty sure her normal singing voice would sound more professional for a gala than the little kid voice she had now.  

    As luck would have it, Kath confirmed the bodyguard would be available for a half an hour later this afternoon, but it wouldn't be cheap. Arcadia already knew that much, nothing about this extravaganza was.

    Only a few minutes later Sophie arrived with Layla carrying the box of prototype flying pamphlets from Arcadia's room. Arcadia smiled brightly, arms expressively thrown up in the air. "Sophie! Layla! Alright! I'll show ya where we can set up to make the invitations. We only need to make 4 of them, the rest will go out in iLac texts with a link to an invite page Kei is putting together. I hope it wan't too hard to find the box in my room."

    Arcadia showed her friends to the next table over from the one she had already claimed as a work table. Sophie, who was carrying bot her own and Layla's art supplies, set everything down on the table. Layla set the box of prototype blank pamphlets down beside the art supplies.  

    Sophie: "Hey Arcadia! Yeah, finding the box was no problem, except Layla oh so helpful in volunteering to carry it over. Pfft. Like carrying a box that weighs practically nothing is such a great sacrifice, so I havta carry everything else."

    Layla: "And thanks Sophie, for letting me carry the one light thing! You're a doll! But anyway, hi Arcadia! Happy to help, but what do you need us for if we're only doing four of the invitations?"

    The little pale blonde slayer smiled, "I need your help because you're both way better artists than me, and everything about this party from the invites to the food and decorations needs to be the best! That's you!"

    Both Sophie and Layla smiled, and began to unpack their supplies. While friends got set up, Arcadia went over some of the details she had transcribed into her iLac, and sent off a quick update to the secretary who brought her all this a couple hours ago

    Arcadia got her friends a box of their favorite juice each, orange for Layla and blackberry for Sophie. Returning to the table, she handed off the drinks to her friends, and began unpacking four pamphlets. Two went to Sophia, and two more went to Layla. She explained a little more detail about the 'Fairy Wonderland' theme she was going for.  Flowers, bugs, rainbows, and other sparkly colorful things were in, and skulls, blood, weapons and death were out. Layla was mildly disappointed, but still game.

    The little slayer sat down with her friends, chatting with them, and checking over her list. Sophie finished the artwork on her first pamphlet first, handing it off to Arcadia.  Feeling she had the best penmanship among her friends, Arcadia wrote out the actual words of the invitation, using a calligraphy pen her friends had brought with them. She also addressed the flying invitations, so they'd know where to go when released. One after the other, Layla and Sophie finished the artwork for the other three invitations, and Arcadia filled each of them in and addressed them.  

    Part way through, Arcadia got a text from Kei with a link to the invite page he had made for the party. She sent her thanks back to Kei after looking over the page and loving it. Little Arcadia was able to call up the guest list she had made, and copy and paste their info into a mass text with a link to the lovely 'Fairy Wonderland' theme invite page, all before she, Layla and Sophie all finished with the flying paper invites.

    Arcadia helped her friends clean and pack up their art supplies, and together they went outside to release the four completed invitations. She a whispered a key word over each to complete their spell, and one a time, the magical invitations fluttered off toward their own destination address.

    She bid her friends farewell, and carried her box of blank pamphlets back to her room in Fairy Hills across the street. Arcadia smiled to the chunk of nevermelting ice on her dresser shaped like a dragon's eye on one side, "Hey, Mom. I'll be out late tonight. Got a big job for the guild! Wish me luck!" She rubbed the top of the unmelting ice chunk for said luck, and scampered back over to the guild hall.

    Arcadia caught up her checklists, and realized, there was nothing else for her to do until things started arrive. For now, everything was in someone else's capable hands.

    The young slayer filled the next couple hours rehearsing songs to sing for the party. She pulled up a couple videos off of lacrima-net, hoping the musical recording lacrima from the theatre company would have some of the same pop songs.  Mostly she worked out the dance moves she want to do while performing.  

    Rehearsal made those couple hours go by seemingly faster, ad it didn't feel that long before she got a text from Kath that Lina's bodyguard wizard was on his way, and that crew from the Magnolia Theatre Company would be by not long after with the set pieces, costumes, props and lacrimas.

    Arcadia slipped back out to her room in Fairy Hills, to get ready for the bodyguard. She changed into one of her normal-sized dresses, much too big for her five year old lookIng self. Lina's bodyguard would be fixing that soon enough, if only for a week.

    Back in the guild hall, Arcadia waited by the grand doors. Thankfully, he came along soon after, working his body morphing magic with little more than a curt greeting before hand.  The effects were instantaneous, restoring Arcadia to her normal 14 year old form. She really wished it would be permanent, but the longest this spell lasted was a week.  

    Thanking and bidding Lina's bodyguard goodbye, Arcadia found it was time to begin setting up for the party. A magic vehicle, belonging to the Magnolia Theatre Company, pulled up. She hurried out to meet the stagehands the company had sent along to to help set things up. Arcadia showed them a small space in front of the guild hall to use as a staging area. All the set pieces and other things on loan from the theatre company were unloaded from the truck and placed there.  

    With Arcadia's guidance, the set pieces, lighting lacrimas and mirror ball lacrima slowly transformed guild hall between the bar and the business desk into a woodland fairy glenn straight out of old legend. The lighting lacrima were floating up near the ceiling and spaced out over the area to bath the whole space in alternating blue and red light. The mirror ball lacrima floated up in the center with one lighting lacrima set to white spotlight mode directed at it. Slowly spinning, the mirror ball lacrima scattered the spotlight into countless white dots covering and moving over most of the first floor.  One could easily imagine them to be little motes of fairy light floating around the guild hall. Having real fairies that flew around keeping the guild hall running help sell the whole 'Fairy Wonderland' setting.

    The costumes and props were stowed behind the bar for later. Arcadia had the stagehands making some fine adjustments to the set piece placements when Sakura's uncle, Riku, arrived with his own staff compliment. The pale blonde slayer had Riku set up behind the bar with the Fairy Tail bar staff getting into action to help Riku's people place the elegant lace tablecloths and candle lacrima he had brought to cater the party. The bar staff concentrated on adding the theatre fairy props to the tables to tie Riku's decor into the 'Fairy Wonderland' theme.  

    Meanwhile the stagehands were setting up a stage area in front of the outdoor courtyard straight across from the grand doors. A couple lighting lacrima focused their light where Arcadia would be singing and operating the musical recording lacrima for the party.  They filed out and drove their van away, promising to return the next morning to pick up everything Arcadia had rented for the night.  

    Finally, everything was set, so Arcadia instructed the bar staff to all get into costume. the pale blonde slayer found flirty fairy dress that looked like it would fit her. It even came with its own glittery wings sewn into the back. By the time everyone was ready, including his chosen kitchen staff brought along just to help Riku with the food, it was time to go greet the guests.

    Last minute touches included sparkles on Arcadia's and the bar staff's cheeks, and one of the bar staff helping Arcadia get her long pale blonde hair up into messy kind of updo. Arcadia stopped by the stage area to set the musical recording lacrima play a song of ethereal bells to help welcome the corporate honchos into Fairy Wonderland.

    The costumed bar staff opened the grand doors, and Arcadia walked out to greet the first arriving guests. She smiled and bowed to each group of guests, having a couple bar staff collect their paper invites or check the guest's iLac to see the invite page.

    As the corporate guests slowly filtered in, other costumed bar staff took the silver trays Chef Riku and his people had set up. They spread out, offering the sushi and other gastronomic delights Chef Riku was known for.

    Arcadia felt pretty happy overhearing a few guests sounding impressed that Chef Riku was here in person. The grand doors were closed after the last guest wandered in, and Arcadia headed up to the stage area. A last minute text from the secretary asked her to introduce the boss who was paying for  all this, so he could give a speech.

    The pale blonde slayer used a track of crashing thunder on the musical recorder lacrima to get the guests' attention, and gave a quick welcome to Fairy Tail along with introducing the big boss. The man got a smattering applause and cheers from his speech dedicating this party to all his corporate compatriots of Magnolia. When he wished them all to enjoy themselves and left the stage, Arcadia stepped back in to sing her first song of the night.  

    Arcadia finished her song with a bouncy little flourish to last dance step. She tapped the musical recorder lacrima to a calmer instrumental, waving to those cheered.

    She'd do sets of one to three songs the rest of the night with calmer lists in between. The guests ate and mingled and maybe ironed out a lucrative deal or two for their companies.  The corporate honchos had the minds more on business than party, so there was no raucous outbursts. The bar staff seemed pretty happy with their tips just the same.  Arcadia did open up the musical recorder lacrima to a few rounds of karaoke toward the end.

    All the guests finally wound their way home a little after midnight. Chef Riku and his staff, gathered their things to take back to the restaurant rather than wait until morning like the theatre company. Riku also took his share of the 200,000 jewel the big boss left as payment with 30,000 jewel tip for Fairy Tail.

    Arcadia and the bar staff changed out of costume after the last guest headed home, and Arcadia parceled out their extra pay.  She also figured out how much she owed theatre company and Lina's body guard and Kath for all their help, separating their shares into labeled bags. All she would have to do in the morning is hand out the bags to their respective owners.

    All in all a very long day, but productive day. Arcadia's head was extra happy to meet her pillow. There was a full morning clean up and jewel deliveries ti look forward to. Fairy Tail's profit she would take to the guildmaster personally.

    Word Count: 4140/2500


    Planning a Party [Arcadia's Ace Exam] 3FQiytD

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