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    The Werewolf of Crocus - Ascertaining Dominance

    Kitalpha Aurence
    Kitalpha Aurence

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    The Werewolf of Crocus - Ascertaining Dominance Empty The Werewolf of Crocus - Ascertaining Dominance

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence 6th June 2019, 2:42 pm

    Crocus looked so gentle when the night had fallen. Bustling streets had made way for a select few that dared wander outside during this late hour, their whispers cautious, if they already whispered at all. These days murders had haunted certain outskirts of the mighty capital of Fiore; bestial killings, or an extreme sicko targeting those unfortunate enough to cross its path, so the law enforcers claim… but any trained hunter’s eye knew better than to believe such blatant lies. Bodies horribly torn to shreds, mutilated to the point recognising the victim was nigh-impossible, with claw markings on both bodies and buildings alike. No, this was the work of something far more vile and threatening than a mere killer. This wasn’t even the work of a mere beast. This was the doing of nothing more and nothing less than a werewolf… none other than a rogue alpha. A lockdown had ensued for the outskirts, knowing it to be impossible to order such a thing or even a curfew upon the inner city. They figured it wouldn’t be necessary as long as the threat remained in the lower areas where they could hunt it down for good, yet by doing so had driven it to expand its territory. Sightings of a monstrous beast had scattered among the guards; civilians were told to be cautious, but were kept from the details ensuing it as to keep panic from breaking out, but the law enforcers knew that they alone could not keep this threat at bay. They needed the werewolf dealt with, as soon as possible, and as cleanly as possible… which meant calling on the help of professionals.

    Something looked down upon the streets of Crocus; a hunched silhouette contrasted against the giant white moon depicting itself as a lighted beacon upon the obsidian night sky, paling the light of the stars around it. The silhouette hid itself atop the tilted roof, only slightly visible if one squinted their eyes from down below to look above them, not sure whether they were imagining the presence or whether it was actually there. Yet if they were to stare long enough they could see it move ever so slightly, a soft scraping of claws against roof tiles as it lowered itself closer to the edge. The silhouette disappeared into the darkness cast by the diagonal roof, and from within said darkness flared a pair of crimson eyes, staring right back at the viewer of their person. Kitalpha growled softly and bared her teeth, now fanged rather than the regular human dentures, her hand slightly twitching as she stared towards her target. The man below her startled at the sight of her crimson eyes lighting up and nearly fell over a crate laying about on the cobblestone road, scrambling back on his feet and running for his dear life. The Aurence cursed softly before straightening herself and lessening the wolverine changes of her body. ”Even though we were so precise in not allowing anyone upon the streets tonight, on a full moon of all things, these mortals still wish to push their luck. I swear they have a death wish…” she uttered at the shade near her while scanning the rooftops before them with keen eyes. ”I wouldn’t be surprised if the Alpha would get him tonight… maybe we should’ve used him as bait. Make his mistake a useful one." She commented, dropping herself to a seated position and hanging her head back, her long blonde hair draped across the dirtied tiles. A sigh escaped her lips. ”But of all things… another Alpha. It’s been ages if I recall correctly. The packs living within the Lycan Forests were all Beta’s, but the elders noted of a species much like our own curse; just as strong, but without any sanity as long as the moon is out and full. It’s bravado to make Crocus its hunting grounds is…” She silenced for a moment, mentally scrambling her words before continuing. ”It’s creating a new pack, isn’t it? Because even an Alpha wouldn’t be as stupid as to mark a city as its territory. The chances of being caught would be too high a risk, wouldn’t they, Andreas?"



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