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    Book 2 Chapter 1: A walk down memory lane


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    Book 2 Chapter 1: A walk down memory lane Empty Book 2 Chapter 1: A walk down memory lane

    Post by Ghost 5th June 2019, 2:00 pm


    Ghost was chilling on fairy hills it was a very good day for him. He was nearly a B level fighter this was awesome for him in more ways than one. He had come a long way you see. From fighting demons to single handle taking down an entire low tier dark guild. Ghost was even proud of how he said his homeland twice. The first was when he was sent stopped a wizard from causing a great illness over his homeland. This great deed promoted him to a C level mage. How proud his grandmother would have been of him. The second time was when he saved a group of folk from being a sacrifice.

    This little deed still summoned a demon lord. A demon Lord in which Ghost took him down. That was a sweet fight if he did say so himself.

    Thinking back unto when he fought the demon. It was such a thrilling moment because for once Ghost was outmatched. Almost in every way, however, he would not give in to hate. Using magic he has long since lost the Fairy King was at an odd state of mind. Attacking the Demon from far above he was able to win the fight by striking down at the demon. The demon was one of the deserts it's power on its own was not to be taken lightly. However, Ghost was one to think above the laws of time. He was one to never think of a loss or a defeat. Smiling as he would win the day by summoning his most powerful of spells.

    This left him in a dire state however he did win the fight. He also learned a lot as well. His magic can hold its own against a lot of things. But that fight gave him a lot to think about. For one he could not just outright attack his opponents without a plan. He knew he would start needing to plan things out. Ghost now knows you would need a plan of attack and the plan cannot be to just attack. Ghost would smile as he looked up at the sky. The sun was going down so now was the time to head back home. Home that was a word he didn't use in quite some time.

    Seeing as he left his home from the time realms to come to earth. What made him leave there, to begin with. That was a question he was all too familiar with. Ghost was an odd fellow, to say the least, how did he fumble upon his guild, to say the least, is something of a story itself. Joining fairy tail believing it to be a guild full of fairies such as himself. But boy was he wrong on that note he did meet some very strong people. Really strong to be frank his guild master could rival father time himself. Ghost looked on as he continues to think of his time as a whole lot of nothingness.

    Seeing as he was a wizard who could be even stronger than time itself. Ghost was born the weakest timekeeper in Enos. To think of such a thing is not possible to be nothing more than a fairy tale. But it is true the main reason he left was to prove his worth. To prove he can be a very strong person whose power is one to be feared. Thinking back to the day he first decided to leave the time realm. It was a day he could not forget well the day he came to be. Time was moving at a steady pace then again one year to most people would feel like one day to him. Leaving his home was not easy to do. I mean with him watching over time. Well, he was learning to tell time. But not in the way most would think. That is the other reason he left his home.

    Night time would come about as Ghost took flight spreading his wings. As he was flying he started to recall his duel with Aven. A wizard who is apart of his guild as well. Seeing his power had grown Ghost was sure he was more than able to become an Ace of his guild. However, there was more to it then he believed it to be. That very fight had given him the insight to his own weakness of his magic. With that, he was more than able to grow stronger. Even defeated him fairly quickly as the magic fight was soon over. This was something of an odd defeat. Because if Aven wanted too Ghost just might have been dead. But dang it was a good thing they were well are guildmates.

    But that was the thing if this guy Aven was that strong that dang stronger then Ghost. Plus to make matters worse he was not even an Ace. Then just how strong were the Aces of his guild. Could Fairy Tail truly be that powerful? If So Ghost had a lot more work to do and with little time at that. Ghost would look down to the ground as the wind blew. Lift up his wings to catch the breeze. It was one of his favorites things to do. He would smile as he started to remember his very first mission. So new to the human world so new to using his magic. To use his magic for something that was not time control related. Well, Ghost is still using time controlling magic.

    Granted Ghost was thinking of how he pretended he knew a very powerful spell. His body had a glow. If he remembers correctly he was to be some sort of escort to a rich girl. That was a fun one but all in all, he could have done better. Ghost would start to yawn as he flew back down. Looking around he would see that the town lit up. Soon music would start to play as Ghost looked on. It was a good time to be alive not too much drama. Not so much of a sad face. Maybe a few mad ones but hey that was life. Ghost life has taken him here so far and he did not plan on going back.

    Speaking of going back he started to remember himself fighting a wizard who had reverse spells. Whatever Ghost threw at him he would cause it to fly back at him. What a pain in the rear that was. Speaking of pain in the rear Ghost was knocked down more than a few times as he looked on at the party going on. He would sit on his butt and started to smile. Ghost was still a bit at an odd end. Still thinking of how far along he needs to go. He has gotten stronger that was a fact. But this is child play compared to.the real deal. Soon a grin would hit his face as he started to wonder how strong his GUILD MASTER was. After all, she was a God here or something like that. But what does that mean to have all that power? This same question was asked to him by father time himself.

    That was a strange question he had received, to begin with. No one person could hold such power yet more than one person. Is walking around with a power that could stop a God. This brought him to his fifth mission. A mission that had him fighting for what was powerful and what was considered weak. Wait it was not the fifth mission but his sixth one. Ghost wings would start to flap as he remembers the old man he fought so long ago. The old man had to have been a true warrior seeing as his spirit was still around long after he had died. Ghost was put to the test with that one. Fighting a tree of all things. Speaking of fighting a tree. He still could not get over that dang plant monster he had to face.

    One of his time selves died fighting that beast. Ghost would look up as he balled his first up. Clearly showing signs of anger yet sadness. Was he still this weak was it not worth the wait? Could he become as strong as the gods he knows so much of? Was this his fate to be weaker or grow stronger. Either way, he had a lot to do and a lot to learn. Time was wasting and being a timekeeper time was everything to him. Every second of every day counted. "It is funny now that I think about it. I never really fought anyone that was truly stronger than me. Nobody but Aven that is but it is ok. I will get stronger I vowed on my timekeeper pride I will." Ghost looked on and smiled as he flew off.

    He would look at the clouds in the sky as it reminded him of his time gathering the water from them. This was around his third mission when an old mage asked him to help her out. That was crazy as could be as in giving time. He learned to fly even higher. That should help him out in the long run. He would look down as he flew into the trees below. Laying down he would take an Apple. Then took a bite. Thinking to himself what was next for him.


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