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    Job: Silver Wolf - Basic Language Class

    Zeref Kage
    Zeref Kage

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    Completed Job: Silver Wolf - Basic Language Class

    Post by Zeref Kage 20th May 2019, 1:44 pm

    Player(s) Name(s): Zeref Kage
    Player(s) Guild(s): Silver Wolf
    Player(s) Team(s): N/a (Solo)
    Job Link: Silver Wolf: Basic Language Class
    Player Ranks: D-Rank

    Holding the flier Zeref smirked at how easy this would be, to be paid to sit through a class and learn something of use in the process. Folding the flier up and placing it in his pocket he made his way to where the lecture was to be held in the common hall of the Silver Wolf guild, upon entering his early nature was evident as he appeared as the first to take his seat before the proctor had even made an appearance. Sitting he was interrupted in thought by his inner voice, who decided in the time of relaxation that Zeref required his input. "I like this job, I vote we learn of ancient scripts from the Dragon Age. Perhaps that will help when later deciphering tomes on separating us." A smirk across his face at the idea of finally being of one mind was exhilarating. It was in this moment of personal bliss she entered the room, she was about Zeref's height and fair skinned. She was not tiny but nor was she a curvy broad either, with golden hair and red glasses upon her face. Her name was Liz, but for today she requested the title of Ma'dam. The shocking part of the day was when she sat in front of Zeref opening her satchel and lifting three scrolls, placing them on the table she began to speak. "Today will be simple as we will address the ancient speech recorder in these scrolls. They are known as Dragon era texts, during this era..." and just like that the lesson was off, and even though Zeref desired to learn this text he was instantly bored with her teaching. It was as though she knew every way to completely drain anything remotely interesting from the information she was attempting to spread, this caused Zeref to begin drifting as though he was going be asleep and soon. Every time his head would begin to droop the urge would be fought back and he would jerk his head, the rough movements somehow never alerting the proctor of his weakness to pay attention to her. Then suddenly it changed and became interactive, she turned a scroll facing Zeref and asked for his interpretation of the characters before him. The sudden change catching him off guard as he stared blankly at these foreign characters, his darkness whispering it's knowledge inside his head "When light shines bright, a shadow is bound to be cast. In all the light there will always be dark." The following then Zeref repeated to Ma'dam, who was astonished in the accuracy of his translation. Rolling up the scrolls and returning them to her satchel she spoke with a since of pride for how well she had apparently taught, "You are of to a running start, just keep at it and in no time you'll have the language down pat! Now that's all for today, thanks for joining me in this lesson." She would then lay the pouch of jewels on the table and begin leaving, with the scrolls just as quickly as she had come to the lesson.

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