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    Basic Language Class


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    Basic Language Class Empty Basic Language Class

    Post by HaruxHaru 15th September 2022, 6:09 am

    Job Details::

    The loud sound of heavy hands crashing down on a wooden desk suddenly snaps a dozing young man back to attention.

    "Ahem as I was saying, the people of Hosenka pronounce their o a little bit prolonged producing the au sound. Of course, there are certain exceptions to this rule." said the lady wearing bedazzled glasses.

    Jeon knows that this was one of the easy jobs on the mission board. It did not require any hard labor, fighting off legions of hideous beast, or wandering off to the farthest regions of Fiore. He was even expecting a hot young guy to be his teacher. He finds the concept of an attractive man speaking in a foreign language sexy. Instead, he got a plump lady in her early 30's with golden hair wearing a floral dress, ruby red heels, and shining glasses.

    It would have been easy if it were not for the repetitive and monotonous way the linguist was explaining the various difference and similarities between Hosenka and their native language. Jeon just nodded as the teacher rambled on, feigning interest so that the linguist won't stop and cause further delay in the completion of their class.

    "Alright, now let's see what you've learned so far." quipped the linguist in a monotonous tone.

    "Must I have too?" replied the Jeon.

    "If you want to pass, yes. You can consider this your practical exam." said the woman with yellow hair in a nasally voice.

    "Fine, so how do we start?" retorted the black-haired young man.

    The lady smirked as she took off her glasses filled with sparkly beads on top of the wooden desk and started to seductively strut towards Jeon. Once she reached the edge of his desk, the linguist spoke in a monotonous Hosenka dialect "You look so familiar. Didn't we take a class together? I could've sworn we had chemistry.".

    Jeon fought off the urge to laugh as he saw that the linguist was dead serious when she said that. He replied in a sing-song Hosenka language "I don't think so, sorry to break it to you but you're not my type."

    The woman's cheeks blushed red, it was evident that what Jeon said hit a nerve. Although on the bright side, his use of grammar was spot on. Except for the intonation it would have been spot on. Gathering her bearings, the linguist continued with the practical exam and spoke again in monotonous Hosenka "I guess I must have mistaken, I only mingle with men with character and finesse."

    In quick reply in perfect Hosenka, Jeon replied. "What a coincidence, so do I." Then he flashed her a grin, letting the linguist a glimpse of her perfect pearly white teeth.

    The woman was dumbfounded, then her features soften. "That was perfect!" she exclaimed. This was the first time that the lady spoke out of tone. The woman then gave Jeon a small book. "You can use that to expound your knowledge of the language." The woman then handed Jeon a small card and whispered "And this so you can find me if ever you are there, I know a great spot to mingle fine Hosenkan men."

    And just like on cue, the guild's bell rang indicating lunch.

    "It seems our class has ended. I'll be off then." She said with a wink before her figure slowly disappeared into the corridors.

    Jeon was still shocked, he was expecting her to get more flustered but it seems it backfired on him. Well, at least he got to finish the boring class and got a bonus tour guide in the end.

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