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    So Two Lovely Ladies Walk Into a Brothel

    Jennifer Ford
    Jennifer Ford

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    So Two Lovely Ladies Walk Into a Brothel Empty So Two Lovely Ladies Walk Into a Brothel

    Post by Jennifer Ford 17th May 2019, 8:21 am

    @Sarisha Huxx

    Jen had always held a small sense of justice, when it came to certain subjects. This particular case just happened to be one that made her a little moodier than usual. To start things off, the job took her away from the jungle, into the heart of Capitol Crocus. She could tell that it was a rival guild's territory, just by the smell. However, that wasn't the part of the job that had soured her mood. 

    The particular location of the job was a place that Jen had something of a history with. Before living in the jungle, Jen's history had not exactly been clean. She wanted to strangle whoever had the bright idea to send her on this particular job. Still, the trip there gave Jen time to think, to vent, and to figure out exactly what she was going to do once she arrived in Crocus. Finding the place would be easy, and she already had a good feel for just how many mooks there would be. 

    The question in her head was whether or not to hunt down the runners. On the one hand, she'd only be drawing attention to herself, but on the other hand, she really enjoyed chasing after people who tried to run. She loved instilling fear in her targets in a way that was similar to basting a turkey. And, when the last one was ready, it was a most delectable scent that she could smell, regardless of any actual fear based emissions. Given the number of people that her old boss had working for him, she might not even have to lay a finger on the guy in order to take him out. 

    She was both angry and ecstatic by the time that she actually reached Crocus. She had done another job here a while back, taking out a real jerk, Mr. Silver-[explative deleted]. Thinking about that job, Jen wondered if the Rune Knights were still looking for her. After all, she hadn't exactly been secretive in her getaway. Still, this wasn't the time for her to be thinking about the past.

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    So Two Lovely Ladies Walk Into a Brothel Empty Re: So Two Lovely Ladies Walk Into a Brothel

    Post by Medeia 17th May 2019, 11:17 am

    There was another hunter making her way through Capital Crocus. A pink haired woman, standing at almost six foot tall, with a red eyed gaze that could melt the steeliest of souls. There was a presence about her that seemed to give off an aura of fear and despair. Oh, it was not magical, simply the way that she presented herself when walking the streets. Men and women would take one look at her and either change direction or run past her, reactions that she took a great deal of pleasure from seeing, no matter how many times they happened. This woman had become the Goddess that she had always dreamed of becoming and only now, after so much time had passed, did she truly feel completely at one with herself. No longer were she and the Water Goddess two entities in the same body. It was simply her, Sarisha, the way it should have been all along.

    Her task today though had nothing to do with God's or angelic beings but instead removing some of the slime that plagued the capital city. In truth, Sarisha cared little about those who were suffering. In life, you either stood up and took control of it or spent it on your knees, a philosophy that she had taken firmly by the horns. However, the thought of taking out a group of spineless cowards was one that she could not resist and that was what drawn her to taking on the mission.  The monsters that lurked around her guild's base were fantastic sport but they lacked something. When she looked in to the eyes of one of them, she saw rage and anger and as inspiring as that was, it just did not give her the same sense of domination that slaughtering human beings gave her. The look of fear, the quickening of their heartbeat, the pleading to be spared, hell, even the bargaining for their lives sent shivers of pleasure through out her body. She had missed the taking human lives and today would be a chance for her to satisfy her needs.

    More than once during her hunt did she come across a guard or two and each time, the same event took place. A look would be exchanged but that was all. They knew who she was, having heard of her various missions across Fiore. They knew she was a menace but lacked the courage to do anything about it. She had slaughtered many of their kind, including an entire station of them in Lavanitir and despised them more than could be imagined. The temptation just to abandon the mission and attack them instead was strong, requiring all of her self control in order to hold herself back. She had such a short fuse these days and today was no exception, as the unfortunate parasites who were her targets for today would soon find out.

    Oh, this would be a memorable hunt indeed and a dark grin crossed her features as the hunt began for real.

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    So Two Lovely Ladies Walk Into a Brothel Medeia123

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