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    Shopping Mall Mayhem

    Victoria Sheridan
    Victoria Sheridan

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    Shopping Mall Mayhem - Page 2 Empty Re: Shopping Mall Mayhem

    Post by Victoria Sheridan 12th November 2019, 11:50 pm

    Victoria was amused by Sarah calling her cute and bringing up memories of their first meeting on Crescent Island, the resort of choice for Earthland's rich and famous. It had been awhile and Victoria had all but forgotten that venture, but the brunette faintly remembered walking on the sand in a conservative one-piece swimsuit and meeting a far less conservatively dressed Sarah. That was the first time the two had met and it was the start of their working relationship in Sabertooth. Victoria reached the top of the stairs to the third floor just ahead of Sarah, who was putting on a brave face despite the discomfort she was experiencing.

    "I'm glad you think so highly of me, Sarah. I mean that. I'm not sure what others think of me and sometimes I'm not sure if I want to know." Victoria assured Sarah that her kind comments about the brunette did not go unnoticed. The brunette did not care much for her image because she was fairly sure that she would die before she reached thirty due to the abundance of enemies she had made. If she died in battle, it was not like she was an irreplaceable mage. Sabertooth could and would find plenty of young, eager mages looking to take up the mantle of defender against the depredations of those who would threaten the world. That was how the world of mages worked... when the old ones retired or died in action, new ones stepped up to take their place.

    Victoria's moment of serious thought was interrupted by Sarah asking what their plan of approach was.

    "Well, if we go in like the Rune Knights and begin getting aggressive right off the bat, that'll scare them off and make us look like the bad guy here. I suggest that we play it cool to start with. You know, walk up to them calmly and not looking to punch their face in." Victoria quietly suggested their approach to Sarah as the pair began walking past the first stores by the stairs, trying not to sound insulting but probably failing. Even though she was raring to run in and grab the offender before they could melt into the crowd again, Victoria calmly led the way past the stores dotting the third floor and slowly retraced her steps to the pillar seen on the security camera. Incredibly, the long-haired woman in the footage was still standing by it instead of making herself scarce.

    The tall woman had long brown hair with brown eyes and wore a casual but eye-catching outfit of a purple hoodie with a purple shirt and a blue jean skirt with white tennis shoes. She looked to be slightly older than Victoria and Sarah. Once she noticed the two mages she did not panic or try to flee. She stood where she was and smiled at them. Victoria was put off by how calm the woman was, but she did not betray this emotion and practiced the calm approach she had preached to Sarah on the way here.

    "Hi there. Do you happen to know anything about a wizard who steals women's underwear with their magic?" Victoria asked the woman carefully since there was no solid proof that the purple-clad woman was behind what was going on. The woman simply chuckled.

    "As a matter of fact, I do. Come closer and I'll tell you." She answered tersely. Victoria raised an eyebrow but approached the potential lead. Something fishy was going on here. The woman raised her hands towards the pair and focused white magical energy into them. When the hands were enveloped in white, she pushed towards the two and their clothes disappeared.

    "I'm the one, but you'll never catch me! I'm too fast for you!" She exclaimed and took off running towards the stairwell the pair had used to get here. Victoria shrieked as her clothes went missing and she was down to her underwear... again. After a few seconds of shock Victoria clenched her teeth in anger and brought up her right hand in a gun shape. She began channeling golden energy into the fingertip of her right index finger and waited until it was complete. After tracking the fleeing bandit with her hand Victoria fired the Taser Spark and hit the fleeing woman in the back.

    The purple-clad woman screamed and fell to the carpeted floor in mid-sprint, where she landed on her face, then began twitching and rolling on the floor in electrically induced pain. Four officers of mall security rushed up to Victoria just as the latter picked up the panty thief by the shirt collar. Victoria really wanted to pound the woman's face in with a fist, but she had promised to turn over the thief alive.

    "Don't worry, she's not dying. She just got hit with a Taser Spark. She's all yours, just like I promised your chief." Victoria told the alarmed mall security officers, letting go of the collar and holding up the bandit by the waist. Two of them grabbed the woman by the arms and began hauling her away as the other two followed closely behind in case the thief recovered and tried to make a run for it. Victoria and Sarah had solved the case of the panty bandit and no one got killed. Victoria walked back over to the hapless Sarah, who had lost her clothing for a second time.

    "Sorry about that, Sarah. Let's get our clothes back and go talk to the security chief about that compromising footage. Then we might go to the sports bar... if you want." Victoria suggested to her hapless guildmate, who had twice suffered the indignity of losing her outfit to the thief. Maybe having the footage "disappear" would put the redhead in a good mood. A visit to the sports bar would likely raise her spirits too.

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    Sarah Stone
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    Shopping Mall Mayhem - Page 2 Empty Re: Shopping Mall Mayhem

    Post by Sarah Stone 13th November 2019, 11:55 pm

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    Sarah sighed with relief before pulling Victoria in for a hug, pressing the girl's face into her chest lightly as she spoke. "You know, you really are something else. I'm really lucky to have met you. To be honest though, there's a lot that I need to unpack. I just want you to know that I'm always here for you, no matter what." She winked lightly before she started walking back to the security office to retrieve her clothing, as well as the dress which she hoped that she could return.

    If not, she would simply donate it for some poor girl who needed clothing. There was something of a skip to her step once more. She felt good about how the day had turned out in the end. She felt as though they had done something good for the world, no matter how small the action may have been. After receiving her clothing from a seemingly stunned guard, Sarah got dressed in a bathroom stall. Once she exited the lavatory, she waited for Victoria.

    Sarah's clothing wasn't as complicated as it looked, but she was happy to have it back. Once rejoined, she would turn to  Victoria. "You know, that sports bar idea wasn't too bad. We do have some time before we need to report in, after all." She chuckled lightly as she led the way back down to the ground floor. This had been a good day for her after all, if not a little odd. Sure, some unfortunate things had happened, but at least she got to bond with a guild mate, and help a mall restore what remained of it's dignity.

    "This wasn't exactly the day that I had hoped for, but things could have been a lot worse. After all, it could have been some creepy guy, or someone much stronger than the person we caught." Along the way, Sarah took the opportunity to return the dress she had borrowed earlier. She didn't quite get a full refund, but she was just happy to be rid of the article. "Honestly, if you had told me earlier that I'd be wearing a dress, and chasing down a panty thief, I'd have laughed."

    "You really didn't have to do all of this for me. I could have replaced most of it. But, just the same, I'm glad that we did do this." Upon arriving at the sports bar, Sarah made her way to the back, and sat in a corner booth. "It feels nice to sit down after all that running around we did. Honestly, I'm not really all that bothered anymore that you got to see me like that. I'm not going to lie here, I caught quite an eyeful myself, and I have to admit, I liked what I saw." She smirked as a waitress made her way over to the booth.

    "A bottle of your strongest tequila, and two shot glasses." She couldn't help but allow a wicked grin to twist her features as she looked back to Victoria. "Think you can take me, 'Miss Sheridan'? I'm talkin' shot for shot here." Sarah rarely lost a drinking contest. However, there might have been a select few who had seen her in a drunken state after a loss. One such person was Kenna. However, she had trained herself diligently since then, and was quite confident in her ability to handle her liquor.

    "I personally like my odds, but the real question on my mind is whether you're willing to test them, or me." She chuckled lightly as the waitress returned with what she had asked for. Sarah was really just having a bit of fun here, but at the same time she was curious as to how much Victoria could handle. She poured two shots, and offered one to her before raising the other. "Honestly I've been a ball of nerves all day, as you could probably tell. It's nice to be able to kick back and have a drink."

    "We don't really have to treat it like a contest if you don't want to. And hey, you really did me a solid today. So I guess you could say that I'm kind of impressed with the way you handled things. You're something of a celebrity within the guild, so I was actually kind of surprised when you agreed to come along. Actually, while I was looking through the shops after my little outburst, I managed to stop by a place that sells these really nice figurines, and I thought I might get a couple as something of a thank you gift."

    Sarah reached into her pockets, and produced two bundles of cloth, which she placed on the table. "I know it might not be much, but I really just wanted to show my appreciation, and if I'm being completely honest, you're one of the few people that I feel like I might have become close enough to to call a friend. Actually, that's not quite right. I mean the word friend seems a little week after what you've done for me today. I guess I'm just not sure, no, I am sure...It's just...well...I've lost people I considered close before."

    "Not in a final sense, but the pain is just the same. You see, Sabertooth isn't my first guild. I was a member of Aurora before we got disbanded by the council. I guess I'm just afraid of losing the people I care about again, and I do care about you...more than I do about the others I've spent time with. But like I just don't want to get hurt again, so I hope that you can understand why I seem kind of uncertain about some things."

    "But hey, we're in a bar, we have tequila, we should focus on happy things, like what we've accomplished today." Sarah was a little relieved to have spoken about her problems, but was now a bit worried that she might have scared Victoria off from the idea of being associated with her.

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