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    Damned Demons' Den!

    Kitalpha Aurence
    Kitalpha Aurence

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    Damned Demons' Den! Empty Damned Demons' Den!

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence 29th April 2019, 4:14 am

    Puffs of condensed air fluttered through the cold morning sky as Kitalpha made her morning laps around the guild's grounds. Her blonde hair had been twisted into a high ponytail and jumped left and right with every step the woman took, always faster, but never less keen on what was going on in her surroundings. Aside from a proper morning exercise to start the day with, Kitalpha considered this part of her patrols as well. Every morning before the break of dawn the blonde warrioress would set out for her run, each lap a bit further away from the main building than the last, all until the sun had properly risen above the mountain’s summit. She did all this while wearing her golden armor in full, adding unto the matter as a part of her training as well. Full moveability in this armor was one of her greatest concerns, and one of the main reasons she barely wore it, even though it was her greatest asset yet. She'd quite literally stumbled upon it while roaming god knows where, and had been gifted a king's legacy to wield; not his kingdom nor its riches, but the greatest treasury he deemed his own.

    The Gates of Babylon were hers to use and command, but Gilgamesh had yet allowed her to unleash the full extend of the treasury through it; for that, she had to be worthy. At first she'd found that perhaps copying his way of fighting might've been best, as some of his memories had been embedded within the armor; find opponents worthy enough to use them against. But in the end, she'd not found any ‘worthy’ opponents, just ones stronger than her that forced her to use the Gates. It was swim or drown in those situations, and drowning was the last thing she actually wanted. So she used it, blatantly. Until she reached a point where the Gates of Babylon had become more usable then her own magic; for the mere fact they were more damaging. So Gilgamesh had put a stop to it, the hard way. Kitalpha could no longer call upon multiple gates at once, and instead was only allowed to pull a single weapon out of it every time; safe for the ones she had collected and added to the bunch. And so the cursed blonde had realised she was just what she was; weak. She had to grow stronger, both for her own sake and Gilgamesh’ honor, for Silver Wolf. And in order to do so, she had to start with herself.

    With that mindset Kitalpha plowed through the freshly-fallen snow as she continued her training, until the sun had risen far enough above the sky for her to call it a day. She'd been here for hours, braving the cold, yet now she stood bent over, hands supporting her weight as she tried to catch her breath. Steam escaped from her armor, the warmth she'd worked up evaporating against the cold mountain breeze. The blonde was panting rather heavily, yet she didn't feel tired or fatigued at all. After a two minute break, she rose again and stretched her limbs, then made her way back to the guild hall. After all these consecutive morning routines, she'd finally managed to find the guild hall without getting lost; something she couldn't say for all those other place she still tried to visit but never arrived at.

    Kitalpha arrived at the same time as the messenger did; a man that braved the mountain once every so often with urgent news and job requests from cities and towns located further away from the guild. Kitalpha greeted the man and followed him along to the job board, enjoying the subtle warmth lingering through the building. She smiled. Perhaps she should hit the hotsprings later on, get the chill out of her bones? [color=#0066ff"Got anything interesting with you today, Stephan?”[/color] The blonde asked, leaning against the wall. The messenger nodded softly and handed her a parchment. “It's from a guy I know from the old days, Agil. We used to be bartenders together, but he managed to make it big and got his own joint called “The Black Cat Lounge”, while I switched careers to this after meeting my wife.” Stephan started, a reminiscing smile on his face. “But lately they've been having some issues with a rivalling bar, and things are getting out of hand like real fast. Poor Agil… since I knew how much this bar means to him, I told him I'd bring the request up to you guys as well. Gotta help a friend out, amirite?” Kitalpha grinned. ”You sure are right, Stephan. As a matter of fact, how about I take this off your hands and deal with it myself?” she suggested, folding the paper in half and putting it away. “Would you really do that?” The messenger uttered. ”Of course! But not alone… I still remember how the last solo run ended… Well anyway, see you around Stephan. And take something to warm yourself before you make your descend again, it's on me!”

    And with that, Kitalpha left the room, making her way towards one of the second floor living rooms, sporting a giant hearthfire. One of the newer members had been known to frequent it a lot, so the blonde figured she would find her there today as well. And fairly well, the person she was looking for was indeed there. ”Excuse me, Lorelei?” Kitalpha said, softly knocking on the wooden doorframe. ”Would you mind having a look at this and tell me what you think of it?” She reached out towards her, the parchment with the job details within her extended hand for the girl to read.

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    Damned Demons' Den! Empty Re: Damned Demons' Den!

    Post by TOGAtogaTOGA 30th April 2019, 10:10 pm

    How long had it been since she left home? Destination Isles. It seemed so far at this point, but, she wanted to put that in the past. Lorelei wasn't really herself when she was dreaming of home, or thinking of home. Mostly because of the innate fear of home that had been instilled in to her. The amount of power she had lost, the friends she abandoned, the terror of seeing them chasing her down. SHe was terrified, she wouldn't tell anyone. Waking up in a fright in her room within the guild, Lorelei would jostle her sheets about, showing an actual emotion on her face for a moment before she realized it was all a dream. Returning to that mostly emotionless state as she crawled out of bed, and looked to get dressed.

    Despite being up on the mountain, in the winter, perpetual winter at that, she would often dress up like she still lived beachfront. Only, her beaches were snowy banks around hot springs every now and then. Still, she did her best to dress up as comfortably as possible. A tank top of navy blue, with the bright white letters reading NAVY across it, a backdrop of a white anchor emblazoned over the top. A pair of black short shorts with a garter belt attachment to both legs, that stretched down to and clamped on to the stockings she pulled up her legs and her feet. Lorelei put on a pair of easy to wear shoes, and lastly, a light grey beach hoodie, letting it drape off her shoulders.

    She walked out of her room, heading out toward the lobby, looking to get some food. As she sat down, looking to enjoy something to eat,a stack of wafles and pancakes mixed together, there was someone that approached her. Oh no. She didn't want to associate with anyone, but, at the same time, she wanted to get to know people. They just had to get over the fact that she had problems showing any emotion other than nothing.

    When Kitalpha approached her, Lorelei turned, fork and knife in her hands and a mouth full of waffles. She gulped, setting the utensils down. Dabbing her mouth with a napkin, she looked at the job poster, then up at the girl, "I think it's a piece of paper." SHe was a little blunt, to be hoenst, she was very blunt. A bit too on the nose this one.

    If Kitalpha asked about what was on the paper, Lorelei would reply about how it looked like a bunch of writing, she thought at least. Then she would need to be asked exactly what she thought about going on the job. Well, more jobs meant more money, more money meant a quicker retirement. It also meant she could get stronger. "Sure, I would like to get some more practice in. I need to get my strength back just in case." SHe said absent mindedly while getting up from her seat, looking at the paper more intently now.

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