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    Stolen Bike


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    Stolen Bike Empty Stolen Bike

    Post by Sabriel 23rd April 2019, 12:02 pm

    The plan had been to Leliana to leave Motor City as quickly as possible after the horror of her driving test but before she could leave, she as approached by the local police force and offered a job. It sounded simple enough and she never could say no so she agreed to do it. The task itself was to find a bike that had been stolen and return to its rightful owner. Unfortunately, the information that she had been given said that the bike was most probably in the midst of a group of thugs and knowing full well how encounters with them usually turned out, Leliana had prepared herself for a fight of some kind. She had followed the trail that they had left and eventually come to a large warehouse with a pair of guards standing outside. They were unwilling to let her in and despite her attempts at agreeing a deal with them, they had instead pulled out a pair of baseball bats and threatened her to leave. So, she summoned Blaziken to her side, who swiftly managed to incapacitate the duo with too much trouble. His long legs easily managed to catch one of them with a powerful Blaze Kick and a few regular blows took out the other. It was not much of a test for him and he stayed by her side as they infiltrated the place.

    By the time that they actually reached the centre of the warehouse, Blaziken had taken out at least half a dozen of the thugs, using his martial skills and by now the stairs were littered with them. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt but they would be out of trouble for the time being. Her flame chicken had become to powerful over time and by now she would say that he was probably her strongest, well, of those that she summoned regularly. The greatest of her spirits were somewhat difficult to manage and Leliana was never fond of summoning them unless it was truly necessary. For today, though, Blaziken had done perfectly well for her, as always.

    In the middle of the main area sat a group of six thugs, with another standing up and telling a story to the others. As soon as she and her spirit started to approach, they all quickly stood up and drew out various types of weapons.

    "I sense a fight," interrupted a loud voice as another spirit chose that moment to appear, much to the surprise of everyone in the room, Leliana and Blaziken included.

    Tyranitar had just made his appearance. Leliana's six foot dinosaur type monster that was never the easiest to control.

    "Leave them to me, I'll take care of these fools," he said with a monstrous roar, before summoning a powerful sandstorm than surrounded the opposition. "Go home, chicken, I'll defend our mistress."

    "Very well," Blaziken answered, before vanishing back to the monster realm.

    Slamming his foot on to the ground, Tyranitar laughed as large shards of rocks stuck up from the ground and impaled the thugs, before charging in to the sandstorm, which increased his damage and destroyed the enemies, easily tearing through them and knocking them all out.

    Leliana was horrified by the event and used her magic power to send him back without a word. To see such barbarity from her own spirits was terrifying and a sight that she never wished to see again. She soon found the bike and carried it away, leaving the unconscious thugs behind her. When they awoke, they would considered themselves incredibly lucky, for it were not for Leliana's act, who knew whether they would have woken up at all?

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