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    Stolen Bike!

    James Steel
    James Steel

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    Stolen Bike! Empty Stolen Bike!

    Post by James Steel 10th June 2017, 3:12 pm

    The Job:

    James didn't have much to do at the time, and happened to be wandering near motor city after he received his passport and left Rose Garden. The city was a dark and mysterious place, not like the lively town of Rose garden with a holiday every other week. He inhaled the thick misty air as he walked down the hazy streets of the town, until he noticed he had walked in front of some run down looking sheriff's office. Out walked a man dresses in leather who was shouting back at the people inside "Can't spare the man power! That's my ride, my livelihood, my bike we're talking about here!" The man angrily marched off down the street and into an alley way. Out of curiosity, James walked into the building where a crew of police men were filing reports, taking calls, and locking up thugs. He over heard the commissioner say "Ugg, It's crime season again. These young punks think they can do what every they want! Well the Motor City PD is gonna show them they got another thing coming!" James walked over to the man and asked "Hey, I noticed a guy who lost his bike walk out of here? Can you tell me what that was all about.?" The commissioner cleared his throat and said "Ah yes, that poor fellow was robed by a small band of thugs. I would have loved to help him out, but we've got our hands full with various other crimes going on as we speak... Hey, your a wizard aren't you. Perhaps you could help that young man out. Here, let me give you the case notes." The man gave James a clipboard with multiple sheets of paper on it. It described the color, and brand of bike. From what he could tell, it was a custom made black bike with no particular brand. Following this information a small list of suspects was listed as well. It wasn't much, but it was something James could go off of.

    James read the first name on the list, it was "Tony Crash", some local with a reputation of petty theft and assault. James had walked around town until he had found the guys address. It lead to a rundown shack of a house next to some fish packing plant. James walked to the front door and knocked three times. Within seconds a man with a tire iron threw open the door, "hey I said I'd have rent next week!" he snarled. James cleared his through and began "Oh no sir, I'm not here for rent, just tracking a lead on a stolen bike. I was wondering if-" "I ain't seen nothing, I ain't heard nothing!" the man shouted. He tried to slam the door, but James stuck his foot in it. He then grabbed the man by his shoulders and yelled "I think you know something buddy! If you don't talk you'll be in a world of hurt! I'm a wizard ya see." a glowing blue metallic ball appeared above James' left hand and the man started "Now I ain't no squealer! But if I were to seal a bike, I would ditch it at Big mike's auto for repairs." James gave a nod and set the man down. "See, no one has to get hurt." James then set off for his next stop, Big Mike's.

    Following Tony's tip, James managed to find Big mike's auto. It appeared to be a simple mechanic's shop with a car wash next to it, nothing special. James walked into the shop the be greeted by a very large dark complected man "Greetings! I'm big mike, how can I help you stranger?" James smiled, happy to see some one cooperating. "Nice to meet you sir, I'm James steel. I heard a rumor that a band of crooks may be in this area. They stole a bike recently, and they may steal again. I was wondering if you heard anything." The fat man sighed "Well, no one was suppose to know about that..." Mike then pulled out a large wrench and tried to hit James on the head, but he jumped out of the way in the nick of time.

    From the back room a Skinnier man walked in saying "Hey boss, the new bike is ready to go!" James lunged across the room with his abilities of flight and kicked the skinny man in the chest causing him to collapse. Mike then griped his wrench and tried to hit James, but the second the wrench connected it was turned into a glowing blue liquid. James then fired a ball of this liquid at Mike, it impacted in his face causing him to collapse. After those two were done with, James walked into the back room where he found the stolen bike laying in a pile of tires. James brought the bike back to the police HQ, and returned it to the commissioner. "Ah, thank you son! one more crime has been stopped because of you." he then gave James a jewel reward of 1250, and sent him on his way. Where will my travels take me next James pondered...

    Word Count: 865


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