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    Roaming souls (INV)

    Kaede Hoshi
    Kaede Hoshi

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    Roaming souls (INV) Empty Roaming souls (INV)

    Post by Kaede Hoshi 10th April 2019, 12:19 am

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    _____Kaede's feet lifelessly clicked against the stone lined of the ever populated streets of Magnolia. Her mind was left roaming the vast emptiness left behind after her final shelter of peace was taken. The pain inside her was devouring everything she tried so hard to protect so long and now she was simply an empty shell or a false being of who she was or could have been. Dulled green eyes scanned from behind her glasses to avoid any collisions with the people. It was odd, despite the dead look she held her body remained ever nimble in the simple steps she took.

    _____Her golden blonde hair was tied up in a half attempted fashion causing the right shoulder to be coated in the silken locks that ruffled slightly in the warm noon breeze. Lightly tanned skin contrasted her attire. A black belt collar hid the deep scar around her neck, a jacket loosely held onto her shoulders with red strips crossing horizontal on the inside. A black tank-top revealed her scarred collarbone and shoulders as she walked. Blue jeans seemed to finish her look and as a stronger wind pushed aside her jacket the girl's past or profession was shown.

    _____All along her back side was torn, cut, burnt, and scarred with the past punishments she endured at the hands of the dark guild she lost her parents to. Hands hidden in her pockets to hide the black branding of the guild to avoid getting labeled as the slave she once was or still tried to escape the fate of. But as the woman walked in silence amidst the city she did not seem to notice or care anymore about showing the wounds of her past. Her ears hidden behind her hair took in the sounds around her as she stopped for a moment at a crossroad waiting for the carriages to pass.

    _____She could hear the children playing to the east, a quick glance took in the playground some distance away where the sound came from as it was carried with the westbound winds. The sound of horses and wheels passing before her as she stepped ever so slightly backwards to get more distance from the large animal. Head tilted down just slightly to allow her bangs to fall and cover her eyes and part of her face to avoid the eyes of the people who noticed her reaction.

    _____Nose twitched slightly as the smell of sweets was carried with a second gust of wind. Followed quickly and being heavily overuled by the smell of flowers and perfume as a woman rushed past the still mage who did not seem ready to move yet now that it was clear to do so. But slowly, her frame would peel from her spot and resume the slow and unfocused pace without a destination or reason.

    'Maybe I should not have come here afterall... I don't know what I hoped to gain trying to renter the world that clearly no longer wanted me within it...' - the dark thought echoed into the emptiness of her mind as the broken mage walked more.
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