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    Save the Sacrifices! (Solo)


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    Save the Sacrifices! (Solo) Empty Save the Sacrifices! (Solo)

    Post by Lemony.Boy 24th March 2019, 10:18 am

    Job Description:

    Save the Sacrifices


    Desierto was hot, as usual, with even the morning sun broiling his skin.  To make matters even more uncomfortable, he was undercover among a large caravan of desert travelers.  He had heard rumors of a dangerous slave trader kidnapping wary travelers and was determined to get to the bottom of it.  Amidst the other sweaty, irritable wanderers, he eyed each one of them with suspicion.  There was a woman covered head-to-toe in cloths, accompanied by a pair of bronze-skinned guards who wore only headscarves and canvas harem pants.  He assumed they were her own personal escorts.  Zachariah wore a headscarf as well to keep the sun off his skin, and traded his typical jacket for a sheer cotton tunic.  The caravan was led by several camel for what felt like ten miles in the sand.  Zachariah gradually grew more and more frustrated.  He came across no leads and no suspicious figures, nor did any massive slave ships come to capture all of them.  The vast desert was unforgiving, with stinging, sandy winds and fiery air.  Even standing, Zachariah could feel the sweat drenching through his clothes.  The thin cotton shirt clung to his torso, and his pant legs chafed against his skin.  While he was an experienced traveler, desert wandering was appalling even to him.  The thought of getting lost and trapped in such an extreme environment terrified him.  Zachariah would have passed up this job if it weren’t for the danger facing innocent people.  So, Zachariah followed the other travelers around him beneath the unforgiving sun, wondering where they were headed.  He couldn’t ask, as he didn’t speak their language, but blended in nonetheless.

    As the surrounding caravan slowed down, he looked up and loosened his scarf to see the desert ahead.  In the distance, a gold pyramid lined with cool and luscious green jutted from the dunes.  As they neared the structure, the ground solidified into a brick path.  Tall torches sprouted from either side of the path.  Zachariah paused to squint and examine it further, when a man bumped into his side and shoved him.  Zachariah backed off, but he began to shout at him in a language he could not understand.  He raised his fist and swung it towards Zachariah, who ducked out of the way and socked him in the jaw.  The man recoiled away and lunged towards Zachariah, who suddenly glowed and rapidly jabbed him in the chest.  Before he could land the final blow, they were broken up by the bronze-skinned men.  They shouted in their desert tongue as well, but Zachariah shook his head.

    Frustrated, Zachariah shouted back, “I don’t understand you!”

    The guard suddenly slapped him across the face, drawing the attention of the rest of the crowd.  “Keep moving!” shouted the guard, and suddenly Zachariah could understand.  “You,” he commanded and pointed his finger at Zachariah, “you’re coming with us.”  Consequently, Zachariah’s hands were bound and a burlap sack was thrown over his head.  Finally, he sighed, something interesting.

    He awoke in a wooden cabin with dusty glass windows, the desert flowing like ocean waves outside.  The sand-sailboat skidded over the dunes smoothly.  Zachariah sensed magic nearby, and assumed wind mages were manning the sails.  The same pair of men from earlier, as well as the woman they were escorting, entered the room and removed the gag from his mouth.  All three were without extra cloths now.  Both men turned out to be twins, astonishingly handsome, closely shaven with long red manes of hair.  The woman was older, but tall and threatening.

     “The jig is up, mage,” she stated.  “Tell us where Maccoi is, and we won’t remove your eyes.”

    Zachariah tightened up, surely they’re kidding.  He struggled in the wooden seat he was bound to.  “You must be absolutely insane. I’m searching for Maccoi too!”

    “Do not lie to us,” said the guard on the right with a smirk.  “I’d very much like to keep you alive.”

    Zachariah fired a Prism Dart through his bondages and freed himself.  “I’m from Sabertooth,” he said, and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his guild mark.  “A mage guild in Fiore.”  The trio before him looked at each other curiously and quickly headed outside.  Zachariah hastily followed.  The deck of the sailboat was large enough to accompany the large group of travelers, who all relaxed beneath the shade of the sail.  Four mages on the corners of the deck waved their arms, billowing powerful gusts of wind.  In the distant east, a larger, more intimidating ship approached and loomed overhead.  The sail above hesitated, as the mages all looked on in fear.  Zachariah eyed the others around him and prepared for battle.  Spearheads flew from the slaver, piercing the hull of their smaller sailboat.  The ship crackled and split apart, throwing all the passengers into the hot sand.

     Zachariah sprinted to the defense of the weaker travelers, while the mistress of the ship and her men tended to the injured mages.  From the dust, a fat man emerged, shackles in hand.

    “I take it you’re Bladdi Maccoi,” remarked Zachariah.

     “You’re even uglier in person.”

    The man bellowed a deep laugh.  “Such big talk, mage,” he said with a thick accent.

    “I won’t let you take these people.”  Zachariah shouted, and Maccoi frowned.

    “Well let’s see what you’ve got,” he stated, and lunged for Zachariah’s throat.  Zachariah quickly engaged the man with a Lightspeed Beatdown and was untouchable in the desert sunlight.  He kicked the man into the dunes and summoned a Spectral Drill.  It raced through the air and plunged into the ground, but Maccoi had disappeared.  Zachariah warily scanned the battlefield, but felt the ground tremble beneath his feet.  A whirlpool sucked him into the sand and trapped him by the waist while Maccoi leapt and prepared to strike from above.  The air heated up even more, and Maccoi was singed by the Ultraviolent Flash.

     Zachariah heaved himself up and apprehended the slaver with a chokehold.  Though, before he could shackle him, Maccoi picked a knife from his side and stabbed himself in the sternum.  Zachariah quickly released and plucked the knife from his chest, but the damage was done.  A hole opened up in the dirt, and a djinn erupted from within.  Zachariah shielded his eyes, but when the demon lunged for the travelers, he sprang into action.  Mutura of the Sands towered above him, racing hungrily towards the weak travelers.  It bore gold rings among its dark purple skin.  Sharp ivory fangs hung from the corners of its mouth and nine inch claws jutted out from its paw-like hands.  Zachariah ran to follow, but could not keep up with the demon’s speed as it flew.

    “Starlight Surfer!” He called out, and a solid beam of light formed and carried him faster than the desert winds.  The board knocked the demon on the back of the head, luring its attention towards Zachariah.  Zachariah activated both the Lightspeed Beatdown and the Spatial Reflector causing him to glow like a second sun.  Mutura’s fists sailed through the air, but Zachariah slid beneath and planted four Morning Stars at the demon’s base.  They burst and threw the demon into the air, where it spread its arms and stabilized.  Inky darkness spread from its back, blocking out the sun and spreading shadow across the desert.  Though, Zachariah’s light was brighter and cast bright rainbows in all directions.  He summoned another Spectral Drill, and it pierced the darkness and exploded against Mutura’s body.  It plummeted, then flew towards him, fangs bared and claws sharpening as it gained speed.  Zachariah summoned the Starlight Surfer once more and called down the Bifrost Blade.  The colorful blade seemed to slice through reality, leaving a sharp, crystal rainbow in its wake.  Zachariah swung several times at once, leaving glowing cuts on the demon’s skin.  He somersaulted and heel-kicked the demon into the sands.  Light moved out of the way as he fell, leaving bright orbs to hang in the air.  A magic circle opened in the ground beneath them, and the Void Division pinned the demon to the ground.  “I’ll show you darkness!” shouted Zachariah.  He engaged the demon with unreal speed in the brief period of void, when all the photons of light were vacant and left a bubble of shadow behind.  It moved with tortured and limited movement due to Zachariah’s deep slices, and seemed to cry out in pain with each new cleave.

    With a snap of his fingers, the expelled light collapsed onto both Mutura and his blade.  The Bifrost Blade shone like lightning on a dark night, then illuminated the desert as he cut through the demon’s shadowy cadaver.  Purple blood stained the sands, and both halves of the demons body dissipated into smoke, quickly buried by the oncoming winds.  Zachariah deactivated his spells with a relieving sigh, then sagged into the dirt.  The travelers all cheered, shouting rainbow man and lightbringer in heavy accents.  Zachariah picked himself up and smiled as a new sand-sailboat arrived for their rescue.

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