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    The Riyenas


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    The Riyenas Empty The Riyenas

    Post by Aura 12th March 2019, 10:24 am

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    Wielder: Kenna Terrynhain
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    This lineage is one that unlike the others, Kenna didn't inherit through blood, but was gifted, just like her father before her. The title of Riyenas, a shortened term for Aba.vi.Riyenas, is granted to those who've been chosen as the partner of a dragon, and translates to "The Eternal Companion".

    A Riyenas is known as the "owner of the Dragon Pearl"; this "Pearl" being the very essence and life force of a dragon, and thus a source of unimaginable power. When a Riyenas is chosen, they become the eternal companions of the dragons; a consort, partner, or even soulmate. They are connected by absolute faith and trust, sharing their lives and emotions with their dragon. If a Riyenas were to perish due to illness, injuries, or aging, the dragon will die with them. Due to this, when dragons choose their Riyenas, they usually opt for species with longer lifespans akin to theirs, or even immortal beings. Although it isn't unheard of for a dragon to take a Riyenas with a shorter lifespan, or even decide to never choose a Riyenas at all, it is utmost rare for one to take a human or mortal being as their partner. It's unknown how a Riyenas is chosen, but it's noted that each Dragon seems to have its own way of selecting their Riyenas.

    When a mortal Riyenas does something that angers the dragon, that causes them to become irrational, a dragon will then dismiss them, and soon after they will typically look for a new replacement. Once a dragon's irrationality surfaces by what the Riyenas does, the dragon can no longer think straight nor listen to its Riyenas, for the dragons who choose to have a Riyenas do not belong to the regular order of dragons. They came from a time before dragons were divided by elements; for these World Dragons are a species of their own. Almost extinct, those few that still lived left the inhabited worlds to live beyond the reach of the primal emotions of mortals. The World Dragons, due to being so pure, could be easily corrupted by the strength of certain emotions,

    Unlike dragons, who can't control their essence instinctively, their Riyenas can control and use the dragon's powers though their emotions, but has to be taught. Riyenas are able to create a Dragon Artifact and use it without any consequences to their mind or body.


    Non-Combat/Plot Abilities
    ❖ The True Link || Dragons can track their Riyenas' whereabouts through the symbol, leading an aura to their Riyenas. This allows for Foros to find Kenna anywhere when summoned to her side, even in magic-sealing environments, as their link exceeds magical proportions.
    ❖ Riyenas' Soul Realm || Riyenas and their dragons are able to go in a "Consciousness" realm, where a Riyenas' spirit and a dragon's conscience exist for purification and communication away from their bodies. This allows Kenna to speak to Foros both telepathically, as well as face to face in a spiritual realm the two share.
    ❖ Dragonic Blessing || As Foros' Riyenas, Kenna is capable of ascending their eternal link; she can adjust her appearance to resemble his tastes more, allowing for a fourth FC claim.
    ❖ Foros' Authority || Now a Riyenas of the world dragon Foros, Kenna gains the respect of any other life form through the respect and authority Foros holds, and can thus command them to do her bidding or heed her call, as long as the request is within reason.
    ❖ Like Foros, Kenna becomes more sensitive to the primal emotions

    Combat Abilities
    ❖ Arise, World Dragon Foros! || Kenna is capable of summoning Foros to her side in this world, as an additional combat pet, that has one extra ability which scales with the user's rank up till S-rank.


    And be she but Small,
    she is Fierce

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