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    Assassination Contract: Mr. Laurence Silverspoon

    Jennifer Ford
    Jennifer Ford

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    Assassination Contract: Mr. Laurence Silverspoon Empty Assassination Contract: Mr. Laurence Silverspoon

    Post by Jennifer Ford 11th March 2019, 6:03 pm

    Job Title: Assassination Contract: Mr. Laurence Silverspoon
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1-2 mages, at least 500 words per person
    Job Requirements: Kill the man. Bonus jewels if you happen to steal the Silverspoon family heirloom.
    Job Location: Capital Crocus
    Job Description: A wealthy, prestigious, and horribly stingy man, Laurence Silverspoon is known and hated by all. His pretentious laugh, his disregard for the lives and wellbeing of others, and his disgusting habit for hitting on defenseless women has put the town on edge. A group effort was made to write up a message to all the dark guilds across Fiore in a desperate attempt to get rid of the man. It doesn’t matter how you do it, or why you’ve decided to take the job, all they want is for the man to be dead and gone. Unfortunately, though, since he is so high up in social status, it may be a bit difficult to get to him, and when he is dead, stash his body without it being noticed. In addition, if you manage to steal the Silverspoon family’s heirlooms (a collection of antique spoons) at some point throughout the mission, and bring them back to the townspeople, they will reward you with extra jewel.

    Weak: Silly Fan Girls
    For some reason, these annoying little rich girls are infatuated with Laurence Silverspoon. Well… They’re probably more infatuated by his money… But that’s beside the point! They’re still annoying and they will get in the way of your mission! Take them out by any means necessary.

    Normal: Sleeping Security
    These guys are just idiots… All they do is sleep on the job. As long as you don’t wake them up, they shouldn’t be a problem at all. But if you do manage to wake them up, they’ll chase after you and throw you out. You’ll have to start the infiltration all over again!

    Strong: Guard Dogs
    The house that Mr. Silverspoon lives in is surrounded by guard dogs. Nobody knows why they continue to guard the house, considering that Silverspoon hates animals and treats them like garbage… But they do… If they manage to catch up with you, they can deal 0.5 D rank melee damage with their bites. Though, if you happen to be good with animals, you could always just give them a treat and some pets and they would most likely stop. They are doggos, after all.

    Boss: Mr. Laurence Silverspoon
    Once you’ve made it into the mansion where he lives, you’ll find none other than the jerk himself! He is pretty useless, to be honest. He knows basic “magician” like magic, which is utterly useless in combat situations, but he’ll probably show it off to you anyways. He does, however know karate, and will use that against you. He’s not very good at it, though, so it will only do D rank melee damage if he hits you.

    2.5k jewels for killing the man, and an extra 2.5k if you manage to steal the family heirloom.

    -- credit to Rin Mayou

    Laurence Silverspoon. This name had been running through Jen's head for the past week. He wasn't anything special. However, his actions had made a poor impression on Jen. This was the type of guy that gave other guys a bad name. He was an entitled rich kid who hadn't had to work for anything. In Jen's mind, killing him would be entirely justifiable, as well as anyone who got in her way. So, when the request came in, she was elated to get to work on this job, swiping it immediately after it had been approved by the guild. She didn't need to do any homework for this job. The client made no effort to request that it be handled cleanly, and Jen felt like getting a little messy anyway. This was the sort of job that Jen had been waiting for, one where she could cut loose, and show the world just what she was capable of. She didn't have any sort of plan, as she made her way to Crocus on foot. She knew that Mr. Silverspoon had a fanbase, and she wanted to make a big mess, to taste his fear, make his palms sweat, and make him run. When Jen arrived in the capitol, she ended up in the middle of a mob of his adoring fans, who had gathered at the gate to his home. She smirked as she made a note of each one. Mr. Silverspoon had been throwing a party in his yard, and the security was letting everyone through. Jen could only imagine their surprise when they found themselves no longer employed. Unfortunately for them, their slumber was one that they would not be waking up from. After the last of the fans had entered the property, Jen made her way into the guard booth, slitting the throats of each guard as they slept, and giving them a special 'necktie'. Next was the fans. Sarah pressed a button to close the gates, before pressing another to release the dogs. They had been starving for weeks, and needed a good meal. Mr. Silverspoon had already stolen away to the interior of his Manor with one of them before the chaos began. The dogs teamed up to rip one of the fans limb from limb before the rest had taken notice of them. When they did, they started to panic. The dogs didn't bother Jen, knowing full well that they didn't stand a chance against her. Instead, much like her, they focused on the fans, who were practically trampling each other while trying to find a way out. They wouldn't find it, as Jen and the dogs shredded each and every one of them. Making her way to the Manor's front door, Jen kicked it open, and made sure that the dogs stayed outside. However, she knew that they wouldn't starve, since they had quite a bit of fresh food. There were now only two targets remaining. Jen heard the sounds coming from Mr. Silverspoon's bedroom, and kicked the door down without much effort, before tossing the screaming nude fan out the window, letting her break her neck. Next was Mr. Silverspoon. His death was something that needed some flair, some presentation. After knocking him out, Jen placed him inside a cage. When he awoke, he was trapped, with one of his dogs on either side of the cage. There was a button in front of him. He was offered a choice. If he pressed the button, the dogs would be killed, and he would live. If he didn't, the cage doors would swing open, and the dogs would eat him alive. Unfortunately, this was a false choice. As he pressed the button, the doors swung open, and, having already pilfered the heirloom from the clothes that were piled next to his bed. Jen walked away to the sweet sound of his blood curdling screams.

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