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    Assassination Contract: Mr. Laurence Silverspoon


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    Assassination Contract: Mr. Laurence Silverspoon Empty Assassination Contract: Mr. Laurence Silverspoon

    Post by Deleronark 20th December 2018, 12:02 pm

    Job Details:

    Job, Sign-Up
    Word Count: 529

    The assassin closed his eyes and listened. He could hear the man talking, bragging, his vice like honey, his words like candy. He was once more attempting to get a female to join him in the bedduar. The guy was despicable, everything the assassin learned about the man caused him to cringe. He was vindictive, greedy, and used people as his play thing. This was one hit the assassin was actually going to enjoy taking out. Currently Deleronark leaned against the bar, sipping his drink. He was gathering intel, studying the man, his habits, his schedule. Not for the first time Deleronark had wished for the ability to turn into a girl, it seemed this man would take anything with breast into his room. That would have made the assassins job hundreds of times easier.

    Taking a breath, he stood up, and put a few jewels on the counter paying for his drink and leaving a hefty tip before nodding at the bar maiden. It was time for him to find a stakeout point and get ready.

    As soon as the assassin was out the door he would reach into his being and feel his essence drain as the took on the aspect of a creature of the night. The world around him seemed to slow as he sped up. Suddenly the assassin was no longer there, traveling through the streets and a super high speed he stopped in an ally not far from the man’s estate. Holding out his hand he summoned a black mask before equipping it. His hair would suddenly turn a solid brown, his eyes would become clear, and his scent would change entirely. Taking a breath, the assassin broke into the nearby building.

    Finding a good vantage point the assassin hid himself in darkness and summoned the ‘Black Widow’ a large heavy caliber rifle, almost solid black and pure metal the rifle had no discernable features or markings. However, if one knew how to inspect it, or take it apart they would find that every inch of the internal metal was covered in intricate runes, including the barrel, and the clip. Then reaching into his bag the masked assassin would bring out his silencer. The item was of special make, able to completely mask the magical aura and sound of fire arm it is equipped to. Attaching it to his rifle the assassin took up position, and waited.

    Waiting was always the worst part of the job, yet the assassin knew his opportunity could come in but a second. Taking a deep breath, he watched as Mr. Silverspoon entered the building with a woman attacked to his arm, drooping all over him.

    The assassin waited as he watched their progress through the building, to his master bedroom. Watching with an apathetic gaze the assassin waited as they enjoyed themselves. Suddenly, his gun would start to glow slightly as a magical circle appeared around the barrel, it grew stronger, and larger the more the assassin waited.

    Finally, the opportunity presented itself, as they switched positions Mr. Silverspoon became fully visible, and the target did not put the civilian in danger.

    The assassin pulled the trigger.


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