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    Phantom Thieves Competition: Act One

    Jennifer Ford
    Jennifer Ford

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    Phantom Thieves Competition: Act One Empty Phantom Thieves Competition: Act One

    Post by Jennifer Ford 10th March 2019, 4:34 pm

    Job Title: Phantom Thieves Competition-Act One.
    Rank: D-Rank (series job)
    Player Requirements: Evil Guild only, 2000 Minimum word count, 3 D-Rank, 1 Man, 1 Woman.
    Job Requirements: Run throughout Crocus, and Steal from the Citizens!
    Job Location: Capital Crocus

    You received a invitation from a group calling themselves the Phantom Thieves, to participate in a competition, with the same namesake as the group. The details within the packet read as thus: "Three men in Crocus have come into wealth... We want you to tackle Mr. Dubois, a wealthy man who makes a fortune on the mental welfare, and or inadequacies of his patients... Or maybe not. Actually not, he takes a meager amount of money from his patients, and we want one thing in particular. His Gold plated fountain pen. Kill him to get it, and you'll be rewarded. Mr. Dubois has taken precautions, however. He has hired Footpads, ex-bandits, and mercenaries. Get past those, and kill him."


    Weak: Footpads (X3): Three footpads corner you outside the Manse of Mr. Dubois, and mean business. They are wielding knives, that deal 1 D-Rank damage. They take 2 D-Rank Damage each to kill.

    Normal: Failed Bandits(X2): These two were bandits who were kicked out of a major bandit company, for lack of willingness to kill. They each are wielding a blunt axe, which deals 2 D-Rank Damage. They take 3 D-Rank Damage.

    Strong: Wolf Pack Mercenary band (X3): These mercenaries come from a well-known Mercenary guild who's known for bodyguard work. These three are wielding Iron swords, which deal 3.5 D-Rank damage, and they only take 2 D-Rank Damage.

    Boss: Mr. Dubois. : Mr. Dubois stands against the desk of his study, waiting for you. He holds his hand up in surrender, and stands there, waiting for response. It takes 3 D-Rank Damage to kill him. He doesn't attack, but will call one Strong enemy to defend him, if attacked.

    Reward: 2K Jewel, and One Gold-Plated Fountain Pen.* (Item gained from killing Mr. Dubois is used to unlock the next job.*)

    Jen had been hanging around the guild hall when something was delivered to her. Opening it cautiously, she found an invitation to participate in a competition of sorts. Jen enjoyed competitive stuff at times, and couldn't wait to get started. So, after taking a little time to get things sorted out, she made her way to Crocus. Getting there took a while, but she was just happy to be able to show off her skills. She hadn't used her takeover form in a while, and she was really hoping to be able to kick things up a notch with this job. When she arrived, she rented a room at an inn, and started planning things out. Over the following two weeks, she managed to learn everything she needed to know about her target. The easiest way for her to get close to him would be to pose as either a patient, or a prostitute. But, that wouldn't be any fun for Jen. She didn't want to be fed, she wanted to hunt, and that was exactly what she would do. The first step was the hard part. She had to take out the guards. After that, she would be able to play her games with Mr. Dubois. The next evening, she found the footpads, taking them out without much effort, and making sure that they didn't get back up. The next evening, she did much the same with the failed bandits. She had no time for those that had failed at such a simple job. On the third evening of the third week, she ran across the wolf pack mercs. These chumps weren't quite as strong as they appeared to be, requiring only a couple good hits each. However, this was where the job got more exciting. This was what she was waiting for, the hunt. She watched as a terrified Mr. Dubois started running, listened as he called for a fourth mercenary from the shadows, which only made things even more fun for her. She licked the blood off her left hand as she waited for another five seconds before beginning her pursuit. She could hear them, could smell their fear, and more importantly, could picture exactly how she was going to kill them. While she could easily just snap their necks, she didn't want to make it too easy for herself. No, she wanted to thoroughly enjoy this kill. Tackling the mercenary from behind, she dug her claws into his face, and started pulling, pulling until something happened that the human body wasn't built for, and watched his head roll away like a bowling ball before turning her attention to Mr. Dubois. He was quick to knock out, but that wasn't the end of the line just yet. She took him back to his private residence, and tied him to his bed, waiting for him to wake. Before he did, she pilfered his pen. When Mr. Dubois did wake, he screamed. This was when Jen had a little sit down with him, before literally ripping him apart with her claws. The job done, she used his bathroom to get cleaned up before heading back to the guild hall.


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