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    The Verdant Mother

    Prince Tendo
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    The Verdant Mother Empty The Verdant Mother

    Post by Prince Tendo 4th March 2019, 8:18 pm

    Lineage Name: The Verdant Mother
    Wielder: Flora Aislinn
    Purchase Proof: Link To Purchase
    Description: The Feywild sometimes called the land of Faerie is a place bright with magic. Those who wander its enchanted roads discover miracles undreamed of in the mortal world. In the Feywild, laws of science, logic, and reason defer to the arts of magic, story, and rhyme. Ordinary animals and objects converse as eloquently as any worldly mortal. Enchanted forests wander across the landscape like herds of roving sheep. Glorious castles perch on mountain spires that touch the starry heavens, and a bold traveler can board a vessel to a fey palace on the moon. Fairies anoint the dewdrops on morning flowers, and in the evening, satyrs play their gentle pipes to lull the world to sleep.  

    Existing as an ancient echo and an intersecting material plane otherwise known as Earthland, the enchanted land of the Fae discharges an immense amount of natural arcane energies. Exposure to these powerful magical energies at these intersecting points otherwise known as gates create miracles. These miracles shape the land and the creatures known as the Feytouched. Exposed to a wonder of the Feywild in a Feytouched forest, Flora Aislinn became fashioned by these natural energies to become a unique existence known as a were-alraune. Essentially, she became a human-plant hybrid transforming into a full alraune under the full moon or when she is subjected to enough stress. It is due to this transmutation by the Feywilds, Flora became bestowed with the manifold of plant-based graces.

    Cosmetic/Plot Abilities
    ❀ Baby Blue Eyes: The child of the Green Grove can soothe the ailings hearts of both friends and enemies to even the land itself. This can be done by freeing the individuals from past pains, healing the inner child, healing relationships, and even developing a bond of trust between Flora and the other person. She is even capable of removing tainted emotions such as anger and hatred. Her presence alone is enough for this occur. This usage of this ability has to be agreed upon if it is to be used on another player character.

    ❀ Bird Of Paradise: Her connection with the mysticisms of the FeyWilds has heightened Flora’s sensitivity to the world around her enabling her to see paths that are ordinarily unseen by others and having a greater connection to the natural world. It even enables her to traverse between worlds such as entering the dreams of others. Anything that she is capable of seeing that deals with other PC such as seeing through disguises or seeing hidden trails must be agreed upon.

    ❀ Datura: The were-alraune is capable of using her connections with the flora of the world to conceal her location or hide by blending in with them or having them cover her. She is still able to locate through magical sensory or individuals with heightened senses.

    ❀ Floral Desire: Flora can summon forth any manner of flora or fungi species that she desires at any given moment. The effects of these plants are simply used as a visual sign or effect. However, the effect of these plants can be different as long as the plot usage of them is allowed by both individuals.

    ❀ Floral Flight: Summoning a large four petal flower on her back, Flora can use the petals as make-shift wings which in turn grant her the ability to glide and fly through the sky. She has great control of her abilities in the air being able to make sharp descents and turns without any problems. Her speed in the air is equal to hear normal movement speed only being increased her speed is buffed.

    ❀ Nature Speak: Flora's strong connection to nature enables her to speak the language or communicate with a myriad of different beasts - both normal and mythical, humanoid creatures, fungi, and plants. In turn, she is capable of understanding them as well. This ability grants her the ability to read and write Druidic as well.

    Primary Abilities
    ❀ Alstroemeria: Fortune, prosperity, and wealth are all the things the beautiful Alstroemeria flower symbolizes in a variety of different cultures. For Flora, it provides her with good luck so she may go through the world with winds of fortune blowing at her back. It translates to her receiving a bonus 100 percent jewel reward whenever she completes a job. The other aspects of her luck are a bit more direct. Once every post, Flora can use magical power equal to the incoming spell to force it to miss her or deal no damage to her.

    ❀ Bay: Success, wisdom, and divination are all symbols associated with the herb known as Bay. In Flora's case, it has blessed her with an innate knowledge of the flora and fungi within the world. It grants her one lineage spell of each corresponding rank (one D-rank spell, one C-rank spell, one B-rank spell, one A-rank spell, and one S-rank spell) along with a lineage signature spell that caps at S-rank. Each spell has to be plant or fungi based on its theme.

    ❀ Cinnamon: Success, action, healing, protection, energy, love, prosperity, and purification are the symbols of the herb known as Cinnamon. For Flora, it provides her with unparallel strength in the form of heightened magical prowess and strength. However, it has made her physical strength less than satisfactory. Her physical strength can never be buffed or increased by D-rank. In exchange, the effectiveness of her spells is increased by a flat 10 damage and increases by 6 until she is S-rank. This caps at a flat increase 40 at S-rank and is added before any other spell damage buffs.

    ❀ Daffodil: Eternal life, new beginnings, and rebirth are all things the alluring Daffodil flower symbolizes in a variety of different cultures. It provides with Flora a far greater health pool than most individuals. Increasing her health pool by an additional 25 percent. In addition, it grants Flora the ability to revive herself after taking fatal damage from a foe. Her body withers away leaving a lone flower in its place. Flora eventually grows a new body from this flower.  It takes one thread for Flora to be revived meaning unless she is brought back through outside magic or resources, she will be unable to do anything until the current thread ends.

    ❀ Lilac: Charity, humility, and innocence are symbols associated with the flower known as the Lilac. It provides with Flora a far greater mana pool than most individuals. Starting at an increase of 50 percent and increasing by 5 percent until Flora reaches A-rank where it caps at a 65 percent increase to her mana pool.


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    The Verdant Mother Empty Re: The Verdant Mother

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 22nd March 2019, 6:18 am

    Heya Tendo, you know me and what I do, so without further delay, my edits will be in this lovely colour


    As an overarching comment, you have 7 effects in this lineage, meaning you can add a total of 3 more if you so desire. Gimme a bump when the edits have been made


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