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    Stealing from the rich (Job)


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    Stealing from the rich (Job)  Empty Stealing from the rich (Job)

    Post by Kaguya on 28th February 2019, 12:16 pm

    It was a common theme to try, and steal from people that are wealthy. The weak and the poor, likes to see the looks on the strong, and wealthy people faces. The faces that screamed despair. The thought of getting something stolen from them, would prove to be fatal. Once something of value was taken from them, they would immediately lose their marbles. Just the thought of it, sort of made veleno laugh, as he was going to apply for the job. Their was always two sides of the same coin in this situation. One side wants him to steal back his clients poor hammer. The other side got him thinking of stealing from a renown blacksmith. He didn't care for hammers, as it wasn't his kind of weapon. However he wasn't stealing the hammer for himself. He was instead to ask to steal it for his client, if he were to go for the darker, and injustice route. Veleno was hired by someone that wasn't of a high class in this profession.

    He wasn't sure of how he would describe it. He really didn't care, ad he would go, and do what he was hired to do, and expect some good pay out of it. Helen would set out to ca-elum. The place in which the job takes place in. This job he had to do was, just steal a hammer of another blacksmith. It did that really make any difference, as the two would both be stealing from each other. The other had just wanted his stuff back. However, what he didn't understand was that he could simply make a new one. But then again, he did work hard for making it. Veleno would walk around ca-elum in order to look for his client. After some time looking around the streets of ca-elum, he would eventually meet up with his client. His client told him what veleno should do, and expected nothing more out of the job. Veleno had took the dark path, and attempted to steal from the blacksmith of ca-elum.

    Veleno was going to get the money either way, so he should take his time, and clear the task with flying colors. Veleno didn't want to get caught stealing in ca-elum, but he was sure that the magic council wouldn't get wind of it. Ca-elum was far off of fiore, and he had assumed their wouldn't be a clear link. Veleno had spotted the hammer that was near a bunch of other junk that was made. Hiding in the shadows, he began to take the hammer that he was ordered to do. Once he had taken the hammer, he would swiftly try to escape, until he was almost caught by the blacksmith. Before he could confront veleno, he would have already made his escape. The man would try to call for help, but it was already too late, as veleno was already gone. Like a ninja that had disappeared from the smoke. Instead he used his disappearing act, to get away. Once veleno had made it to his client. He would give him the hammer, and got the job done, and over with.  
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    Stealing from the rich (Job)  Xu2gaj10

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