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    Sunday Brunch With the Elderly (Solo Quest)


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    Sunday Brunch With the Elderly (Solo Quest) Empty Sunday Brunch With the Elderly (Solo Quest)

    Post by BunnyBunny 11th February 2019, 8:09 pm

    [Word Count:589]
    The Job had reminded Bunny of something her grandmother (who had been a bit odd, and only lived until Bunny was 10) would post. So, she took pity on the old woman who had posted the quest and decided to accept. She also wanted the 5000 jewel being offered by the woman.

    Believe it or not, the quiet Bunny had impeccable table manners. Her mother had always found table manners to be something very important. Sit with your ankles crossed, elbows off the table, use the correct fork for your salad, ect. Bunny knew all the rules of etiquette. Growing up, tea time etiquette was her favorite to practice.

    She loved to practice with her stuffed animals that her grandmother gave her. Indeed, her grandmother had been the only one in her family that truly appreciated her. Her looney grandmother would always shower her brother and her with as many kisses and gifts as they could hold. Of course, Bunny's parents would usually only allow the two of them to keep one or two, but Bunny still appreciated it.

    The Brunch was harder than Bunny had expected. The woman kept reminding her of her grandmother. The way she spoke of wizards, and her grandchildren, and her late husband. Everything about her screamed Nana. It made Bunny's memory surface of how she discovered she had magic.

    Her grandmother was moving, so Jake (Bunny's brother) and Bunny (The little help that she was) were cleaning out the attic. Bunny found the songstress spear, which had belonged to Bunny's great grandmother. Nana had told stories about how her mother used to sing with the spear in her hand to help defeat dark guilds and go on jobs. Bunny told her Nana that she had a good voice, and her Nana told her to try and make her brother feel a sensation as her mother had once done to her.

    Bunny jokingly sang into the spear about tickling her brother, and the spear complied. Bunny jumped with joy, holding the spear with both hands. Her brother hugged her, as he had found out that his sister had magic too!! It had made Bunny so happy to know that her voice could make her useful. She remembered how excited Nana was too.

    Bunny wanted to sing this old woman a song too.
    "Sometimes I hear you
    Laughing down the hail
    But I know I can't see you
    You're not there at all
    Sometimes I hold you
    Kiss your sleeping head
    But only in my dreams
    When I forget you're dead"

    The woman gently clapped for Bunny. Bunny was almost crying, thinking of her brother and her grandmother in her words. She thought about what her brother would say. No, she knew that Jake would tell her not to cry for him anymore. It wasn't her fault that their father had pushed him in front when he saw a magic attack coming for him out of the corner of his eye.

    Bunny finished her tea and snacks with the woman, happily smiling and listening to her stories. You wouldn't have known that this soft girl could ever join a dark guild.

    But, as Bunny said goodbye, she was returning to her guild hall.

    A guild hall that she hoped would one day make her strong enough to kill the man that had caused Bunny so much pain. The man that had killed Jake.

    Bunny wanted nothing more than to kill her very own Father.

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