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    Assassination: Island hero

    Grim Reaper
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    Assassination: Island hero

    Post by Grim Reaper on 11th February 2019, 10:06 am

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    _____Alexandra watched with amused eyes at the sight she had created. So many saw the man that was her mark the hero who saved them from a sea monster weeks before. But now as the air filled with the screams and cries of parents as they had been forced to watch the very man slaughter their children and elderly. It was truly a sight worthy of her majesty's approval. Oh how Alexandra wished to be beside her once more, the desire turning into rage she was not permitted rest.

    _____Hands waving in the air as the Hero switched form quickly killing the children to severing limbs with a smile across her face and tears running down his face. The parents yelling for mercy, begging both the former hero and the woman behind him to stop as Alexandra would lower her hands and the hero would keep with her orders as she approached the mother who now had a arm-less child. The woman who sought only chaos pulling the crying parents lips to her own, willing the mouth open before biting the tongue and ripping it out with her own teeth to shut the woman up.

    "Death does not stop, death comes for all those who ruined this world for her majesty... it was not her time... not YOUR choice to take her away from me... SHE WAS MINE! YOU STOLE MY WORLD AND I WILL STEAL YOURS!"

    _____Alexandra would rip the weapon from the hero's hands before spinning the young boy to face his mother leaning to his eye level and pointing to her with the weapon. "You can blame her in the next realm, you can thank her you will be with her majesty... able to rest in peace..." Glaring at the woman, forcing her to watch as Alexandra held the head of the boy and cut his throat open before tossing him towards her. Tossing the weapon back to the hero as he would resume chopping people up while Alexandra used someone's shirt to wipe the blood from her hands.

    "Forgive me... I don't know what came over me... Sir hero... you are free to go back to allowing them quick trips to meet her majesty... once done please follow them as well... I would hate these poor souls to be lost in the darkness of the passing..."

    _____Even though it was not needed Alexandra made the hero nod and go back to killing the last few left alive, her hand getting her dagger as she would offer it to the first adult in the line and forcing them to stab their own heart and twist the weapon, then having the next in line take the weapon and do the same. There was nothing better then a great pile of bodies as you watch the setting sun.

    _____So as Alexandra watched the hero kill himself, the last of the adults give themselves to her majesty the eternal woman basked in yet another sun set. Part deep within her mind wondering when she too could reunite with her majesty, wondering why she was stuck ushering maggots to the life she wanted. Eyes showing anger once more as she growled and ripped the dagger from the last corpse and marched off towards the docks. There was one last mark on her list before she returned to the guild yet again.
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