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    A Foot In Both Worlds


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    A Foot In Both Worlds Empty A Foot In Both Worlds

    Post by Nadarr 6th February 2019, 12:50 pm

    Clearance had just joined the Fairy Tail Guild, However as you slept at the bar enjoying his drink that he ate. While reading a book he didn't feel as in tune with the guild as others. it's as if you still felt like an outsider looking into this killed even though he was for all sake and purposes I member of The Guild. so what is this feeling of isolation come from when this feeling of not quite the longing you stem from. these are all questions he was asking curious to himself about why he would have felt felt this way even though he is a member. he would finish this drink he was enjoying and closed his book. perhaps the city of Magnolia what have some answers. You must be tuckered out if nothing else she would hope that walking with clear as hiding at least give him the answers that he wants or perhaps would help you think more logically about what to do. He would then make for the door and walk out into the streets of Magnolia sighing deeply, little did he know he was being watched and followed as he made his was down the street. As Clarence walk down the street he would take some time to think about the guild itself. it wasn't a bad place by any means out he could tell right off the bat from going inside however there's always that lingering feeling that there is something missing, a disconnect. it really didn't matter he was fine being a member but he wanted to get this feeling of uneasiness and settled and squared away, he had quite a bit of uneasiness he was already carrying he didn't need this one. along with this figure out this mystery might actually help him get acquainted with his Guild mates better if he could understand why they were like they were. However he will keep going at this point. he did stand out a little bit as you walk down the street Still in his ground fur coat that was a little dirty and worn, his face had A bit of dirt on his face as he got strange looks when people still looking like a homeless man to a degree however this was purely by choice he could clean up he can go get a new coat he could do a lot of things to improve how he looked however it reminded him of where he came from so he was fine with it and accepted the looks. He would be walking next to the canal looking into the water, going towards the cathedral looking at his reflection as he contemplated what could be giving him this feeling. Having done….work for the magic council he had known they have went dark before however according to the records they had gone legit and that there evil past was behind them since they are doing mercenary work. There was nothing wrong with mercenary work. Sure they work and do things for money, but there was nothing wrong with that. According to records they didn't do anything to bad, not anything worse than any other guild. He shook his head sighing Deeply. How could he figure this out. That would have to wait however, as clearance would see someone walking towards him. It was a man in a black suit with black sunglasses. He had short black hair and was about Clearance's height as he starts to move closer. How did clearance not notice this… he would turn to walk away, his instincts telling him to leave. how could you not notice I was being followed, he was smarter than this and better than this but it didn't matter Know What mattered was he had to close his distance and get out of there for now. as he turned to leave he saw another man from the other direction walking up to him in a similar attire. it didn't take a genius to figure out these two are together and specifically after him. he started the dip towards an Alleyway when another man dress very similarly walked out from the alley staring him down. he was all cornered by three men in black suits staring at him. His heart started to race as he wondered if the Council found him, or possibly worse and found him wanted him to come back. no he wouldn't go back they would have to fight him if you want him to go back. as I stood there there's an awkward moment of tension, seconds felt like minutes, minutes like hours. time almost stopped for him as he felt surrounded his back to the canal. before finally after what seemed to be forever one of the men decide to speak up and explain what the hell is happening. It was the man standing in the middle. “ we need to come with us all boss wants to talk with you.” he said very plainly as if he was following in order. He stared at him for a moment he didn't sound like council members they would have mentioned that they want to just said the boss. I see shared for maybe a moment too long he finally spoke himself” Who um...who is this boss?” he said keeping his voice low as the men also to him from different directions. He took a moment he could have easily blasted his way out of the situation but he chose not to. “ you'll meet him when we get there let's go” one side pushing him along. he didn't show any sort of resistance now wasn't the time for that he was more Curious at this point so he went with them hopefully trying to figure out who these people were and what they wanted from him. As he would walk down the canal he would look around at all the people who were given them glances but didn't think anything of it it was all of them thinking they are actually thought about it three well-dressed men and a guy who looks like he should be homeless or in this case is homeless not important what is important is it should look weird but no one says you pay them any mind. perhaps they will using a spell to mask themselves or change their parents who knew but no one was stopping them which was more concerning than not. it also gave him the impression that these guys weren't just out to find him they were on a mission to find them they weren't just going to pick up anybody. As we walked you could hear a voice in his head,Coco's voice be exact. he and his actually had a mental bond that cannot be broken and now she's talking in his head meaning and she was somewhere close. so he kept walking playing it off for the best. “What are you doing down there who are those guys and where you going?” he would hear in his head. the men around him seem to have no idea that they were talking so he figured it was safe enough. “ I don't know who these people are and I don't really know where they're taking me by calling a scene right now would be foolish.” he will respond back to her. “Do you need to be rescued I I can just fly in really quickly and get you out of there will be no trouble at all.” she would say quickly. He would just give a sigh and respond to her try not to let them on that anything was happening if she would have lied down he never forgot what they wanted he was curious and I think he knew we had a friend in the air for backup about much more safe about his situation. “No coco hang back for a little bit more fell in guys are up to they don't seem to be up to any good if they specifically found me though do it again just hang back and be my backup if I need it, if you could Scout ahead a little bit and I'll look through your eyes.” he would say back to work “ fine fine but if I think you're in trouble i’m pulling you out” she would save flying off a head staying hydrated but doing a circle around the area why were they walk looking down at the street below. Looking through her eyes at the streets below we started to walk towards the edge of the city though they kept going in circles probably just wait any followers little do they know about the eyes in the sky but no need to mention that, however it only made him more curious what they want with him. After about an hour or so of walking and going in circles as if they were trying to make him confused where he was they arrived at a warehouse near by the docks. he looked up at the warehouse it was just like any of the other ones except he could spend some enchantment on it something to dissuade people from coming inside. “Clarence's as a former Thief I can tell you this place reeks of shadiness I would not recommend going in there…” she said worried about him. “ I know but I don't think I have a choice just keep an eye out out here for anything and keep me posted and I'll have the same from inside yeah?” he would say just standing there thinking talking to Coco forgetting for a moment that he was just standing there. Eventually he will get pushed again towards the door and he would walk inside with the three men as the lights were on and there are several other men working on things. Resume to be a large amount of weaponry and crates of the black Pumas and other things that probably should not be here at all some of what you could tell where it's illegal things as he just looked around at their little operation they had here people working not paying any mind to them as they walked through. He could hear Coco start to talk in his head. “ well look at all the equipment they have... you can get some serious trouble just kind of gear... what cause some serious trouble…” she would say something a bit worried. As she continued to float around outside. Clarence could help with her a lot of this stuff was indeed illegal but there's nothing he can do about it at the current moment. as a walk to the warehouse they want to talk to a staircase that led up to an office overlooking the warehouse. “ go up the boss wants to see you” One of the figures in Black would say very sternly Not feeling like you have much of a choice on the matter he's slowly walked up to the metal staircase going up to the office. As you would walk into the office there is a brief moment where he would look around the office to make sure nothing funny business was going to happen for my he was in here.In the room the walls had what looked to be filing cabinets in them as if it's used to be a old managers office they even had the rust to show him clearly this building wasn't made lays took it over in the occupied it. additionally there was a very large oak desk in the middle of the room with a man behind it the Sun from the giant pane glass window behind them beaming in providing some of the only source of light into the room. there's also a window looking out into the warehouse but the blinds on it have been shut as if he was expecting company also he was otherwise Clarence would not be here. either way he would just stare at The Man Behind The Desk he seemed to be a tall Slender Man but he definitely worked out had muscles on them that could probably easily surpass his own .The man had a buzz cut hair and a scar going down his left eye. like his associates he was also dressed in a suit like out of an old phone movie of sorts. He would take a drag of his cigar he had smoking smiling as he saw Clarence enter the room. “ my boys please come take a seat come take a seat” he said trying to Jolly but he could tell that he would want to get right down to business. with the comfort of cocoa watching him and listening as well he will go walk over to a Oak wood chair that was in front of the desk and slowly take a seat holding his coat shut. There was an awkward air in the room as he sat there staring at him the man would start back smoking a little bit as if there was a small victory party on his head that he got clearance to sit down. “ what is it do you want with me…” he would ask staring at the man. The man went to give a long puff of smoke before answering his question. “Yes Clarence you are the newest member of Fairy Tail are you not?” he would ask glaring at him now trying to go for demeanor of Happiness however there was something threatening about his tone and voice doing his best to hide it however he could not from Clarence. “ that depends on why you're asking?” he would ask staring at the man. “ Coco then began to pipe up as Clarence saw her peek her little head from the window behind the see more “ I wonder why the guy wants to know” she would State before plans to answer over the answer would be given to her. “ I'll cut to the chase then not that I'm afraid of you at all, I'm looking for a bit of a spy to Infiltrate The Guild and I want to get to you before they got their claws into you.” clearance wouldn't show any special promotion but he could all two things now now this guy was on a friend of the guild and also that you probably wanted to do something undermining to them however he would play along at this point more curious why you hated the guild and seeing if it was justifiable. “I am currently not aligned with him oh wait no I am in the guild but they have show me no reason to support them fully yet, so if you can make me a better offer tell me why I shouldn't..” he would pause happy now to see that the man has given him a smile as if he had him right where he wanted, which he did not do any capacity. he would once again hear Coco start to talk in his head “ what are you doing we can't betray The Guild!” she would say and I'm surprised voice considering Clans had made her join the guild and stop stealing. he would soon as van to the exceed. “ we are betraying anybody we're just getting more information as of right now if I would have say anything else I'd likely be attacked and it'll be nothing you can do from out there but now just play who we going to see what we can do….” Coco didn't say anything else but he could see her from out the window give giving him a nod and just watch floating there carefully. “ glad to see I have your attention Clarence you little guild is not what they seem, the mercenary demeanor it's just a facade they have done several things that is on the right hands with land of several years in the council's jail.” you been smoked and leaned back in his chair as parents just listened sign deeply. “ if you help me expose them you have a place in my organization when I take over the city and you'll be getting the world of these creatons. Clarence would simply not a little bit thinking to himself wondering exactly what he meant by illegal things How do I know anything you're telling me the truth?” he would say simply staring at him not wanting to even be talked to him this much but at this point he didn't have a choice so he would only say what he felt was required to make the conversation Move Along. A man giving a long drag of his cigar before reaching into his desk pulling out of file. he would toss it at Clarence from the desk giving him a look up if you run with it I'll kill you. he knew the look well and would just give a small nod before grabbing the file and open it. while he didn't show it he was very surprised at what are you ready to file it traced a lot of the guilds more illegal acts that they did and it says if all those funny feelings that he had about the guild war confirmed right then however he didn't seem too find himself caring. power he definitely knew now why they decided to hide this information as this definitely could be bad in the wrong hands “ who knew Fairy Tail did all this..” Coco would say looking through his eyes wanting to read the file as well. after a moment knowing he couldn't make away with the power yet he would give a smile finally showing some emotion shutting the file setting it on his desk. “ very well I do as you ask it seems like you have a more of a Winning Side than they do anyway and I can get more out of working with you then I can with them. the man grinned me back in his chair. “ excellent go get me a secret of theres as a sign of trust and to put a nail in the coffin and you will have a place in my organization. Clarence would nod and then stand up. “ if it's all right with you I'm going to teleport out of here, that way no one suspects anything.” the man will give a smirk and then nod as he watched Clarence Potter spell book and open it. I see sorry to chant some words dust started to appear. Clarence would then look at the man smiling “sleep” is all he would say is he threw the dust towards the man. his eyes are wide and before he looked delirious and Faded falling asleep on his desk. “What a moron” Coco would say in his head as plants walked over opening the window letting his exceed inside. “ let's just get these back to fairytail for help me search the office for anything else.” he would say as I would spend the next several moments of time searching through the office looking for any more hitting dirt or anything doing a careful search of the office. After searching Coco would turn to look at Clarence” what are we supposed to do with him when he wakes up he's going to be pissed that we're taking these files from him…” she said worried. “ well now that we have all the incriminating evidence on the guild I say we do what I need a good citizen does and call the police on them the old won't be infection on them and it's my word versus them in as long as I have the guilds back on this one which I'm hoping they do want to become the files we should be fine.” she would smile liking his deviousness as he walked towards the window. “ shall we get going” she would not knowing he also grabbed what looked to be envelope full of something. grabbing clarence's back they were done fly off out of the window away from the Warehouse going to find the nearest Rune Knight they can find. Once they found one they would report what they found in the warehouse hiring them if they need to act quickly. the man would not waste any time mobilizing going to the warehouse surprised how quick he went but Clarence as he flew off back towards to guildhall with this envelope. he would have to find a way to give it to the guildmaster however that shouldn't be hard upon to steam ask for her. he would then proceed to explain everything once he found her about what they were transcribing and what was in the context of the file that he had stolen. At the end of the you didn't really care about their illegal acts as they were still doing more just for the world then not and the good outweigh their bad from his opinion however that was only his thoughts I'm sure other people would disagree. but that didn't really matter to him all that mattered to him was that he was able to keep the gold a little safer for his time in it at least.

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