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    An Average Day

    Arsene Mayura
    Arsene Mayura

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    An Average Day Empty An Average Day

    Post by Arsene Mayura 29th January 2019, 9:30 pm

    The Job:

    Richard sighed. Tapping his pen furiously on his desk, he couldn't figure anything out in the pile of numbers before him. There was no way that this account balanced out, despite every claim otherwise. As far as his chief was concerned, they were perfectly on track with the budget. Yet, no matter what angle he approached it from, Richard couldn't piece it together in a way that made sense. The payroll was right, and the revenue checked out, yet none of it pieced together correctly. Defeated, he pushed his chair away. There was a a definite need for coffee, and a break. Trudging to the break room, Richard was stopped at almost every angle. Today was his last day, so it was no surprise. Moving to Magnolia was hard, but his fiance ran a very successful bakery there, and it was too hard on them to be apart so long because oh work. At least, that's what he told everyone else. No one needed to know that he was tired of the office politics, and was desperate for a change of pace. It was his personal little secret.

    Luckily for him, there was already a pot waiting when he got there. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he poured himself a generous cup and started to sweeten it. A firm clasp on his shoulder came next, and the twig of a man shook in surprise, coffee rippling out and leaving little drops on the counter top. Before he could even turn to see the culprit, the hearty laugh at his reaction gave it away. Elliot Gold always got a kick out his reactions, it had earned him the honor of "My Favorite Accountant". Still, despite the stress it brought, Richard would miss the warmth on his shoulder. Letting go, Gold took a seat at the break room table, beckoning for Richard to join him. "You know," the titular president said, "it'll never be the same to take my afternoon coffee without your reactions. I don't know how I'll deal with it." The older man gave him a warm smile, like a grandfather having a heart to heart with his grandson. Richard couldn't prevent returning his own smile as he sat down. "I'm sure you'll figure it out, you got this company to where it was before I was even hired, after all."

    "That's true, but don't let that make you think you weren't just as important here. Honestly, I don't think I'd be here today if it wasn't for you." Gold's eyes scanned the room and entryway behind Richard, seemingly checking to make sure they were alone. Richard, taking notice, leaned in a bit, taking a long swig of his coffee. "Don't worry, I know that. The amount of headache you've given me over the years is proof enough." Together they laughed, a genuine laugh only friends could share. "Today is my last day, but I'll have the books balanced before I go. You had to make my last day the worse though, didn't you? Trying to hide that much of a loss in the books isn't easy." Gold shot him an offended look, almost like a child pouting. "It's not my fault! I swear, they had that dealer on the payroll, there's no way Richmond fairly got that many full houses." Richard put his arms up, pushing out towards Gold slowly and beckoning him to calm down. "Hey, hey, it's ok, I'll figure it out. Just remember going forward, I won't be here to hide the next time you get trounced at the tables on the company's dime, ok?" Gold nodded sadly, standing up and once more clasping Richard's shoulder. "You're right, and I'll miss it. You always were My Favorite Accountant."

    Back at his desk, Richard plowed on through the night, only stopping to refill his drink. He wasn't going to be caught staying late, not on his last day after all. It took a while much longer than he thought possible, but he managed to hide the loses, buried so deep in the maze of numbers it'd take someone a year to notice the missing capital. Satisfied, he packed up the last few objects he had left, and left, saying final goodbyes along the way. He strolled outside, and turned the corner, out of sight of Jameson & Gold for the last time.

    As he left their view, Arsene slid into an alleyway, stopping to change his costume. It had been a  long day, and he really needed a drink after that. Accounting was never his favorite past time, after all. Rejoining the crowds with a new appearance, he patted the small bag at his side, carrying the second copy of Gold's ledgers he'd made for himself today, along the few small things Richard had left in his desk. There was also the small letter inside, stating how due to unforeseen circumstances, Richard would have to leave a day earlier than thought for Magnolia, and apologizing for missing his last day. A note Arsene happened to intercept along it's way, after creating the unforeseen circumstance to make him leave early. After that, getting inside was easy.

    The info broker had known for years about Gold's gambling habits, alongside the others who joined him at the table. He made sure to track down and figure out their accountants not too long after finding out, and kept tack of them since. It was sheer coincidence that Richard was moving around the time that the job popped up, but Arsene intended to take full advantage of it. Who better to get access to the books than the one cooking them himself, after all. With the proof in his possession, it was just a simple matter of turning it over to Richmond Ayres now. Arsene wasn't used to play such meek characters, but he couldn't say he disliked it. Sometimes, playing the Extra was a welcome break.

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