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    A tedious chore


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    A tedious chore Empty A tedious chore

    Post by Temperance 10th January 2019, 2:07 pm


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    The long line for the passport office continued to stretch as Selina waited with a number in hand she got from the teller desk. This was the most boring task she ever had to do as she waited for her turn. The deal was simple. Obtain a passport to allow travel outside of Fiore.

    Such a thing was rediculous to her. She didn't need permission to go anywhere-- but then again as a thief, she knew she had to play under the radar. That meant doing this tedious task of getting a passport. WHen she heard they were offering them to guild members. The clock continued to tick down on the wall as she waited for her number as she stood there in her casual wear-- her face hidden behind the thick glasses. "Jeez... what a bore", Selina sighed as she stood there.

    "Mrow!" On her back, Hex the cat with her witch's hat on and her ears sticking out from slits in the hat, kept her company. "It won't be too long, but are you worried about THAT?"

    Hex mentioned the small detail as Selina looked to the wall, showing that only "GUILD' members were allowed to receive a passport. "NOt too worried, " Selina said as she took out one of her cards, The Moon Tarot Card. "If you do your part, it shouldn't be a problem."

    The cat gave a happy meow as she took the card in her mouth and quickly scampered off like some stray.

    The line slowly moved and soon Selina appeared at the booth, where an attentive but somewhat bored member of the staff waited. "Name and Guild please." he stated plainly.

    "Lina Fateweaver," Selina said, but soon corrected herself in a ditzy fashon. "I mean 'Selina'. Er, I'm a member of Sorcerer Weekly actually but I double as a member of Aurora."

    It was a lie-- but Aurora was a guild she could easily mask herself as. She had covered some stories about Aurora easily as her reporter alter ego, but also knew how she could fake being among them. THe man soon punched something into his magic-computer but then turned to Selina with a look. "May I see your guild mark, please?" he asked.

    "Ah my mark," she said but was a bit embarrassed as her face blushed. "Well, it's in a very awkward place... you see..."

    "Please show it," he stated again.

    Selina blushed more-- but it was clearly an act, and only helped when she spotted the pointy hat of Hex nearby. The cat was in position and used Selina's card she gave her. The card glowed lightly, its magic pointed to Selina herself.

    Slowly the woman reached up and unzipped her vest. From there, she began to unbutton the top of her blouse. This caused the man's gaze to widen a bit, an obvious response to her undoing her clothing. A few other guys looked as well, and some women who were thinking 'what the hell was she doing?'. Luckily she stopped as she revealed just above her bra against her heart was a 'seeming' mark of Aurora in deep purple. "Is that good, sir?"

    "Y-yes, very fine--- I mean that's fine. Please you may put your blouse back and I can take your picture," he said, clearly trying not to drool.

    Selina quickly zipped her clothing back into place-- but just in time as the mark wasn't a perfect replica. Luckily, the man was so distracted by her body than the mark itself. That, and as she zipped up, the mark quickly vanished as well. The beauty of illusion magic and a certain Exceed's trickery.

    With that, Selina walked away after a not so flattering picture and held a new passport in hand. She looked at the picture, realizing it really wasn't that bad. But it was official, she could use it to leave the country whenever she saw fit. As she walked out the door, the familiar meow of Hex caught her attention.

    "Nicely done, my little partner in crime," Selina teased as Hex hopped up onto her back to hug Selina from behind.

    The black cat meowed lightly as she nuzzled into Selina's neck, clinging to her more like a child on her back than a cat on her shoulders. "How about we go out and get some salmon flavored ice cream. Purr-lease?" the cat purred sweetly.

    Selina just shrugged at the gesture of fish-flavored ice cream. "You're obsessed," she commented but soon walked to go to the store either way.

    THE END.

    WC: 761 -- Obtained Passport

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