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    Post by Sun Yating 3rd January 2019, 9:25 pm

    Job Specifics:

    Yating had made her way to town of Hargeon along with an adorable little panda cub in her arms named Shun. As the girl's head slowly pops out of the post as if it was 3D movie. "We're about to make a splash and sure that their are a lot more happier children in the world. Hope you enjoy the read and maybe even help out the children in need." She winks at the one reading this post before going back into the text based story. The reason for Yating coming to this town is to how raise awareness and money for a charity that she once help to create long ago. Its called Juice Boxes for the Children and they raise jewels to get every single child in the a single juice box or two. Not only due they love the taste of the juice but it helps to bring out their happiness to enjoy their lives even more then before.

    Within the town's square Yating had put Shun down onto the ground gently, shortly afterwards both her and Shun begin to dance side by side. Seeing a cute little panda club standing on just his hind legs while dancing around with someone would be nearly impossible to not awww at what they saw and want to know what was going on. Once there was a large amount of people all around them and clapping it was about time for the real show. While dancing she creates juice boxes that seem to float over to Shun as they all begin to fold and attach to one another, as well as the little panda's body and taking the shape an feel of animal hide armor. So its almost as if he has a second layer of fur. A few moments later Shun's new fur began to drip juice on to the ground all over the place and Yating had stopped while he kept dancing and dripping. Standing still for some time as Yating began to once again make juice boxes that fold, attach to one another, and shaping it into something else out. It seems that she had created a simple bo staff that she now wields in her own hand, as she winks at Shun and he began to twirl around in circles as the dripping juice that normally goes all over the place. Seems that the juice decides to glob up and encases the panda in what looks like is a layer of juice around his whole body.

    Holding out the bo staff in front of herself an began to twirl it around at the same time Yating had created a small juice vortex and Shun jumped right into it. But the panda doesn't seem to me hurt or even swimming it as he when right back to dancing like before, as she lifts the bo staff up while still twirling. As the bo staff moves the vortex of juice moves along with it, then once the vortex is located to just above herself. The juice that was created by Yating begins to reshape into that of a bubble around Shun and she throws the bo staff down to the ground. She quickly began to twirl around the bo staff as the now bubbled Shun began to fall fast to the ground and burst outwards on impact all over the place. The juice had not only went on the ground but onto all over around the two of them along with Yating herself getting covered in juice. Everyone around Shun that seem to be wiping their faces and he  sheds the juice layer of fur, both the armor that was around Shun and the bo staff had disappeared into thin air. As everyone had finally able to see again would happen a pun something sweet in more then one way. On the ground in front of where Shun stud was a message on the ground that made up of juice that seems to some how had been frozen. It read, "Help put a smile on the children of the world by donating to the charity, JUICE BOXES FOR THE CHILDREN!!!" Everyone around the two were all clapping and cheering, as Yating bowed and Shun dropped down on all four paws an bowed his head.

    ~the End~

    Word Count: 716


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